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Welcome to Year 11 Revision and Exam Preparation Evening.

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1 Welcome to Year 11 Revision and Exam Preparation Evening


3 Start with sharing the successes Already have fantastic results achieved in: English 30%+A*/A – 99% A*/C Maths 50%+ A*/A – 100% A*/C Engineering Diploma 50% A*/A (record results in all three!)

4 Start with sharing the successes Now is the time to ensure that success is equalled in the subjects that have their main examinations this summer.

5 Tonight is about: Clarifying arrangements for the rest of the year. Support in planning revision at home. A particular focus on the use of Classroom Monitor Final tips and advice

6 Some dates for your diary. Last day of Spring term – March 30 th Easter Holidays – 2 weeks Start of summer term – April 16 th First Exams – May 14 th Just 6 school weeks away Last exam June 27 th

7 The remainder of the year. There will be no official ‘study leave’ Students will attend all classes as normal for revision whilst the early exams take place. At a certain point during the exams, common sense will prevail and students will be sent home. They will receive a revision programme for any exams that remain. Students officially leave after their last exam. Assuming they behave well, there will be a end of year trip / activity organised by the Year 11 student council.

8 What is the key to a stress free exam period ? Early Preparation !

9 What is the key to Good Results ? Early Preparation !

10 Parental support with revision & exams. Practise Active Revision Encourage Notes Time management Stress management

11 Question number 1 from parents How long should my son be revising for?

12 Simply to offer an answer Two hours / night (school day) Four hours / day (weekend) Most Homework being set is now revision. The secret is to make sure that the hours put in are high quality and profitable.

13 An equally important question How can we help plan their revision?

14 Planning revision Choose which style of plan suits you best: Wall Planner Diary igoogle Make it public so that everyone in the family can see what is being planned.


16 Using your calendar / planner 1. Add the exam dates 2. Add in key events that can not be moved e.g. Swimming club, Mum’s birthday treat etc. 3. Schedule in your revision in 30 min. spells. 4. Rotate subjects around. Focus on those that need the most improvement. 5. Plan long term. Do not try and cram it all in just before 6. Utilise Classroom Monitor

17 Creating the right learning environment. A room that is away from the drama of the rest of the family. Could be at granny’s or a neighbour’s. Natural light / good lighting prevents tiredness. A table / desk is actually far more comfortable than sitting on a floor or bed.

18 Creating the right learning environment. Ensure that all the right equipment is available. (pens, paper etc.) Encourage them to have a bottle of water on the desk. Having music on quietly can help, but not the radio or a brand new album. Certainly not TV.

19 You should hopefully end up with a situation like this.

20 “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” It will also make Jack so fed up that he will either become exhausted or give up. Therefore provide plenty of non revision activities.

21 “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.” This can vary from just joining the family to watch the football to an afternoon out shopping.

22 Keeping fit and healthy. Encourage them to eat a good balanced diet including plenty of fruit and vegetables. As mentioned before, drinking plenty of water keeps the body fresh.

23 Keeping fit and healthy. Nor is it any good to be stuck indoors all day. At least once a day encourage them to go for a good walk or ride on their bike.

24 An important role for parents is to ensure that their child gets the balance between quality revision, exercise and free time.

25 This can be achieved by being aware of their revision plan, monitoring it carefully………. And then providing small rewards as motivation.

26 Is studying as a group a good idea ?

27 Studying with friends can be really productive……. But staying focussed becomes much harder. Therefore it is really important to monitor regularly what exactly is taking place.

28 Should parents get involved with helping their child revise ?

29 YES. Even if the subject is not one you are strong in, being there to ask questions, help create notes and discuss ideas can be a great help. But be careful………

30 Not to go overboard by… -Telling them what or how to revise. -Undermining their confidence when things don not go well. -Or exerting too much pressure.

31 What is the worst type of revision? Without doubt just sitting there reading a text or exercise book, even if you are taking notes, will have little impact.

32 So what is the best type of revision? Practice papers Focussed exam questions Structured note formatting with purpose On line tests and revision aids. Assessment for Learning – Marking your own or your friend’s work / practice questions.

33 How to help at exam time. Keep your own copy of their exam timetable and double check that they are going in at the right time on the right day. Ensure that they leave with plenty of time. Try to keep home routine as natural as possible.

34 How to help at exam time. Make sure that they have all the right equipment. A good quality pen (gel) makes writing far neater and less tiring. Ensure they are in full school uniform and that the mobile phone is left at home. (one beep and they will have to be removed from the exam)

35 In conclusion….. Good quality preparation. =

36 Calm and relaxed for the exams. = X √


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