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Department of Medicine Annual Review to Faculty September 21, 2011.

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1 Department of Medicine Annual Review to Faculty September 21, 2011

2 New Faculty and Promotions 2010-11

3 Appointments 2010-11 SectionFaculty MemberRank (anticipated) GIMPeter Cahn, Ph.D.Associate Professor GastroenterologyAudrey Calderwood, M.D.Assistant Professor GastroenterologyAnsu Norhona, M.D.Assistant Professor General Internal MedicineTheresa Cheng, M.D.Assistant Professor General Internal MedicineKate Lupton, M.D.Assistant Professor GeriatricsChristine Liu, M.D.Assistant Professor Hematology/OncologyGeorge Murphy, Ph.D.Assistant Professor IDEdward Jones-Lopez, M.D.Assistant Professor PulmonaryTing Hsu Chen, M.D.Assistant Professor RenalLauren Stern, M.D.Assistant Professor Clinical EpidemiologyUyen Nguyen, D.Sc, MPHResearch Assistant Professor Clinical EpidemiologyYan Yan Zhu, Ph.D.Research Assistant Professor CardiologyAnqi ZhangInstructor IDBasha Shaik-Dasthagrisaheb, PhDInstructor RenalSandeep Ghai, M.D.Instructor RheumatologyRong Han, Ph.D.Instructor

4 Promotions 2010-11 SectionFaculty MemberRank EndocrinologyCaroline Apovian, M.D.Professor EndocrinologySayon Roy, PhDProfessor Hematology/OncologyVaishali Sanchorawala, M.D.Professor PulmonaryDavid SparrowProfessor GIMAntonio LazzariAssociate Professor CardiologyJared Magnani, M.D.Assistant Professor CardiologyMichael MazziniAssistant Professor EndocrinologyAngela Leung, M.D.Assistant Professor EndocrinologySara Pietras, M.D.Assistant Professor GastroenterologySharmeel Wasan, M.D.Assistant Professor GIMTara Dumont, M.D.Assistant Professor GIMRenee McKinney, M.D.Assistant Professor GIMLaura Wung, M.D.Assistant Professor GeriatricsWon Lee, M.D.Assistant Professor Vascular BiologyXiao Yong Tong, M.D.Assistant Professor

5 Department of Medicine Annual Review 2010-2011

6 Faculty Distribution by Rank RankTotalWomen (%) URM’s (%) Professor9523 (24)4 (4.2) Associate Professor8431 (37)5 (6.0) Assistant Professor204106 (52)8 (3.9) Instructor5635 (63)1 (1.8) Total for all Ranks439195 (44)18 (4.1)

7 Bridge Funding 2010-11 Robin Ingalls, M.D., Infectious Diseases Xuemei Zhong, Ph.D., Hematology-Oncology Carolo Serra, Ph.D., Endocrinology

8 Pilot Awards 2010-11 Bench Susan Perrine, M.D. Hematology-Oncology Robin Ingalls, M.D. Infectious Diseases Vishwajeet Puri, Ph.D. Endocrinology Paola Massari, Ph.D. Infectious Diseases Caryn Navarro, Ph.D. Genetic Biomedicine Clinical Lisa Ganley-Leal, PhD Infectious Diseases Caroline Apovian, M.D. Endocrinology Alok Kapoor, M.D. Hospitalist Allan Walkey, M.D. Pulmonary Marie McDonnell, M.D. Endocrinology Sharmeel Wasan, M.D. Gastroenterology

9 Evans Junior Faculty Merit Awards 2010-11 Tracy Battaglia, M.D., General Medicine Section Andrea Coviello, M.D., Sections of Preventive Medicine and Endocrinology Naomi Hamburg, M.D., Cardiology Section Ross Summer, M.D., Section of Allergy, Pulmonary and Critical Care

10 Evans Scholar Awards 2010-11 Vasan Ramachandran, M.D. - Professor of Medicine and Chief of the Section of Preventive Medicine and Senior Investigator at the Framingham Heart Study.. Joseph Vita, M.D. – Professor of Medicine and Associate Chief for Academic Affairs in the Section of Cardiovascular Medicine in the Department of Medicine.

11 Clinical Program 2010-11

12 Clinical Productivity

13 Ambulatory Activity 2010-11 Access and Visits

14 Goal - Improve Infrastructure in Ambulatory Clinics Strategies: Clinical Dashboard for faculty Disseminate “best practice” information to Clinic Directors IT Analyst associated with each clinic practice Reconfigure practice operations to improve performance

15 Goal - Improve Infrastructure in Ambulatory Clinics Strategies: Standardize clinic schedules/expectations Patient Centered Medical Home Implementation in Primary Care More robust reminder system for reducing No Shows

16 Goal - Increase Marketing and Communication Coordinate with Community Health Centers Annual Survey of Consult Satisfaction Piloted eReferral portal Piloted direct access scheduling with Health Centers Improve communication of referrals to requesting providers Marketing Primary Care and Comm Ave practice

17 Goal – Reduce Inpatient Mortality All mortalities on the inpatient service reviewed Key areas identified: 1.Sepsis mortality reduction 2.CHF mortality reduction 3.Anticoagulation management Initiatives: 1.Twice daily rounds by attending and resident 2.No barrier to ICU admissions 3.Triggers for attending notification O:E ratio decreased from 1.4 to 0.9




21 Inpatient Redesign Call schedule modified to accommodate new ACGME work hours Teams more geographically based July 1, 2011 Focus on multidisciplinary rounds and care teams Focus on bedside teaching

22 Goals for 2011-12 Clinical Enhance patient and provider satisfaction Improve practice infrastructure and support Implement Medical Home in Primary Care Increase clinic access to 80% of new pts<15d Improve marketing of clinical practice Enhance efficiency Enhance referral process Improve financial performance of practice

23 Research Program 2010-11

24 Research Accomplishments 2010-2011 ESTABLISHED DOM Research Team that includes V. Chair for Research, Director of Research IT and Chief Administration, and Director of Research Administration OUTLINED plan to review current space assignments and funding information by section/unit – ongoing ESTABLISHED baseline data for all research metrics as identified in DOM Strategic Plan WORK with BUSM Core Billing Office to achieve full revenue collections for DOM supported Cores.

25 RESEARCH FUNDING Department of Medicine (excludes VA, RWMC and NEIDL) Source: Monthly reports provided by BMC and BU as follows: Proposal_Awards_Med (BMC), MEDAffiliated.xls (BU) and MED.xls (BU)

26 Evans Center for Interdisciplinary Biomedical Research 32 co-PI interdisciplinary publications 13 funded grants and one PPG Participation by 27 graduate students and 19 post-doctoral fellows Over 150 Faculty Two new courses: Biological core technologies and Nanomedicine New R25 award with Drs. Faller and Goldberg on Cancer Nanotechnology

27 Activities of Department Research Cores Core usage increased in 2010-11 (relative to 2009-10) 76 to 100 P.I.’s 7,800 to 20,000 hours 24 grants submitted (14 in 2009-10) using cores New core for Biostatistics Continued support of Bioinformatics and Clinical Research Resources Office of the CTSI

28 Goals for 2011-12 Research Program Complete space survey Begin space re-allocation based on programmatic needs and performance metrics Evaluate/implement Metabolism core Fully implement Research IT core Expand bioinformatics core Further develop interdisciplinary research Evaluate status of functional genomics at BUMC

29 Education Program 2010-11

30 Education Program 2010-2011 New Residency Training Program Director: Gopal Yadavalli, M.D and three new Associate Program Directors: Catherine Rich, M.D., Craig Noronha, M.D., and Sheilah Bernard, M.D. Implemented 3+1 resident rotations and Journal Club for Medical Educators Weekly Academic ½ days during residents’ ambulatory week Medical Student evaluations of core clerkships including geriatrics now highest rated overall

31 Medical Residents’ In-Training Examination Results (percentile of national benchmark)

32 Goals for 2011-12 Education Program Expand clinical reasoning initiative Improve hand-offs Achieve full compliance with ACGME regulations and have successful site visit Enhance research and international experiences Enhancing faculty teaching and evaluation skills to meet ACGME requirements Refine Graduate Program in Molecular Medicine

33 Faculty Development and Diversity Program 2010-11

34 Faculty Development and Diversity Accomplishments 2010-2011 Launched interdisciplinary longitudinal mentoring program for early career faculty Offered 23 lunchtime seminars for CME credit Distributed $33,731 in grants to 27 faculty for career development training Hosted networking dinners for women, minority, and LGBT faculty Reviewed resumes and met individually with faculty to discuss promotion

35 Administrative Goals 2011-2012 Support conversion to BU Works and Lawson General Ledger Generate accurate and timely Section financials and document variances >5% Convert to a web-based budget system Optimize clinical revenue Increase DOM research core revenue Improve clinical coding compliance Improve staff engagement

36 Department of Medicine’s Expense Categories 2010-11 CategoryExpense Section Support (recruitments, formula, deficits) 9.52 m Incentives and Awards (clinical incentives, >90%, bridge, pilot, Evans Faculty Awards) 1.86 Education (GPMM, VA, VC Educ) 0.47 Research (includes cores, ECIBR) 2.67 Central Administration (includes billing & collection) 5.36 Departmental Operating Surplus (Deficit) 0.63 m

37 Summary Trends over past five years Research, Clinical care, Education, Administration The year ahead Keys to our success Excellence Team Service Communication

38 Inpatient Medical Service

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