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Advent in Deutschland.

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1 Advent in Deutschland

2 Was ist Advent? Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before 25. Dezember. This year it began on 27. November. It begins the countdown to Weihnachten.

3 How is it celebrated? Der Weihnachtsmarkt
Booths and stalls are set up in the cities’ markets where you can buy everything you need for Weihnachten. They have many different products including: der Kranz, der Adventskalender, der Lebkuchenmann, der Tannenbaum, die Musik, die Pläzchen, Stollen, usw.

4 Der Kranz Der Adventkranz ist ein Kreis mit vier Kerzen.
One is lit every Sunday until Christmas. Flower shops begin preparing weeks before. They are made out of and decorated by a number of products.

5 Der Adventskalender Every day beginning on the first day of December, you open up a door to find some sort of picture, phrase, and even sometimes candy behind the door. There are 24 doors on the Kalender.

6 Der Lebkuchenmann Just like the Lebkuchenherz, the Lebkuchenmann is a holiday tradition. They can be bought at the markets already decorated or you can make them at home to add your own special touch.

7 Lebkuchen You can also find a number of other items created out of Lebkuchen. das Lebkuchenhaus der Lebkuchenstern der Lebkuchenweihnachtsbaum

8 Der Tannenbaum A German Christian tradition, nearly everyone in Germany takes home a tree, live or artificial. The tradition is strongly linked to the Germans. With many theories reaching back to the 7th Century. Today’s tradition is more linked to the Protestant movement in the 16th century in Germany.

9 Der Weihnachtsbaum The trees were originally decorated with fruits, candies, candles, paper and wood ornaments. Today, candles are still used on trees in Germany; however electric strings of mini lights are used in the United States. Ornaments now include garland, tinsel, wax, plastic and glass items.

10 Die Musik Schmück das Haus O Tannenbaum Stille Nacht
Deck the Halls O Tannenbaum Oh Christmas Tree Stille Nacht Silent Night O kleines Städtchen Bethlehem Little Town of Bethlehem Glockenklang Jingle Bells Herbei, o ihr Gläubigen Oh Come All Ye Faithful Freude der Welt Joy to the World Weisse Weihnacht White Christmas

11 Die Pläzchen Almond crescents (Vanillekipferl) Aachener Printen
Butterplätzchen Springerle Spitzbuben – filled Lebkuchen Coconut macaroons

12 Stollen Stollen is a sweet bread with dried fruits and nuts
NOT like our fruit cake.

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