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E- Twinning Project.

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1 E- Twinning Project

2 Muriel Caruana - Teacher
HELLO from MALTA I am an Information Communication Technology Teacher Our School is Maria Regina College Middle School in Naxxar Malta. Ages of our students are 10 to 12 year old I like travelling and Photography.

3 Kurt Vella My name is Kurt Vella and I was born on the 1st November I am from Mosta, Malta. I go to Naxxar Middle School and I’m in Class 7.7 .I have various hobbies such as:Drawing,Electronics,technology, Karate and gaming. My favorite games are Minecraft and Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Future Soldier. I have a sister named Francesca. She is seven years old and usually in her free time she likes to draw and read. I have two pets which are a Persian cat named Kitty and a zebra finch bird named Pippo.This is my

4 Hi my name is Tamzin gauci I am 11 years old nearly 12
Hi my name is Tamzin gauci I am 11 years old nearly 12. i have 2 sisters and 1 brother. I have a really good best friend her name is maya. she is a lonely child. I LIVE IN SAINT PAULS BUT MOVING SOON TO Mellieha. my favourite colour is green and blue . My school is maria regina middle school. Its great. By Tamzin gauci

5 My name is Neil! I’m Neil and I’m 11 years old. I have one brother who is 8 and I have a sister who is 4. My Hobbie is karate, reading and listening to music on my mp3. I also like to watch TV and play computer games. Send me on my so we can

6 Hi my name is Maya Zara Cassar.
Im 11 years old I am from Malta and I live in Mellieha . My best friend is called Tamzin Gauchi she is 11 years old too she has 3 brothers and sisters I have no brothers or sisters . My mum and dad are hair dressers they have 3 shops named Jigami and an academy named Jigami Academy . what is your name ???? Would you like to get in touch with me ? If yes then this is my . I will talk to you soon . BYE !!!”!!!!

7 Hi. I’m Giorgio Grigolo and I’m 11 years old
Hi ! I’m Giorgio Grigolo and I’m 11 years old. My birthday is on the 21st November. I live in Naxxar, North of Malta. I like techno music and my favourite band is named Daft Punk. I am also mad on videogames and two of the videogames I like are World of Warcraft and Minecraft. My best friends are Federico and Kurt. I don’t have any brothers or sisters neither pets. I love the Harry Potter as I saw all the films one hundred times and read all the books. My favourite colours are blue, red and green. I’m also half Italian! My

8 Kirsty Mifsud My name is Kirsty and I’m eleven
years old. I live in Mosta, a big and busy town in the island of Malta. My hobbies are playing the guitar, singing and playing computer games. My favourite school subject is maths. My address is :

9 FEDERICO OLIVERI Hello. My name is Federico Oliveri. I go to Naxxar Middle school. I live in Naxxar. I have a brother, Josef, a sister,Desiree. My parents both work as police officers. My hobies are playing on the computer, reading, listening to music and going out for walks.

10 Daniel Borg Hello my name is Daniel Borg I am eleven years old . I live with my mum .I live in Mosta Malta. I go to Naxxar school it is very beautiful. I like my teacher . I have a lots of friends . My best friend is Kurt Vella. Last year we did everything together. That is for now.

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