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Europeana content priorities September, The Hague.

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1 Europeana content priorities September, The Hague

2 Audio Visual Material A key priority for Europeana over the next three years. 10 times more likely to be clicked on that items such as text.* Makes up less than 3% of the Europeana database 614,871 audio visual records *


4 Increasing Audio Visual Material We would like work with you to further increase the amount of audio visual material available via Europeana. Gauge the level of digitisation you are aware of within your networks. Identify new sources of audio visual material. i.e sound archives. Can you help us, do you have material?





9 With Europeana Portal API you can: Search and display Europeana collection items on your website and/or applications Customize what and how search results are shown Develop your own apps, including mash-ups with other APIs and datasets

10 Implementation example 1: Federated search PIONIER Network Digital Libraries Federation DISMARC

11 Why implement? Enhance your users search Access Europeanas content within a familiar environment Develop new and exciting ways for interaction with your meta data Examples include interactive installations, mobile devices apps and tagging games Increase content re-use and return visits An engaging user experience builds loyalty and help reach new audiences

12 Interested? Register for an API-key @EuropeanaEU Europeana LinkedIn Group

13 Thank you! David Smith

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