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w w w. b y t w a r e. c o m NATIVE VIRUS DETECTION FOR THE iSERIES powered by McAfee Executive Presentation.

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2 w w w. b y t w a r e. c o m NATIVE VIRUS DETECTION FOR THE iSERIES powered by McAfee Executive Presentation

3 Our customers have understood the value of virus scanning their PC data from iSeries' operating system, OS/400, for years. Im happy that we now have a native solution, provided by a world-class anti-virus company and a well-respected iSeries Solution Provider," said Patrick Botz, Lead OS/400 Security Architect, IBM eServer iSeries. "Scanning PC data at the file server allows companies to ensure that their PC data has been scanned with the most up-to- date DAT and signature files. Hosting the virus scanner on the system where the data is stored will make scanning easier and less complex to manage. With StandGuard Anti-Virus, administrators will have a higher level of confidence that appropriate PC data scanning is actually being done with less administrative overhead. In the words of IBM lead OS/400 Security Architect, Patrick Botz...

4 A native IBM iSeries server-based virus detection solution Scans, detects and removes more than 75,000 known viruses Powered by Network Associates McAfee Security virus detection technology Introducing StandGuard Anti-Virus

5 The Perfect Host The iSeries can host viruses

6 The iSeries is designed to be compatible with other Windows servers A virus can spread thru the IFS the same as Windows operating systems Once a virus spreads to the IFS, PC clients can be repeatedly re-infected Viruses can be embedded in the Integrated File System (IFS)

7 WebSphere You are using the Integrated File System (IFS) iSeries Client Access TCP/IP Java Applications Growing Number of iSeries Applications Domino Operations Navigator

8 Computer Economics has tracked the economic impact of computer virus and malicious code attacks for several years. Computer Economics determined that the economic impact of the virus attacks on information systems around the world amounted to $17.1 billion in 2000. Computer Economics, Inc., August 14, 2001 Viruses can seriously affect your companys bottom line!

9 75,000+ known viruses floating around today New virus threat occur each week New viruses are being designed to target corporate enterprises The threats will never go away

10 Performance It takes a PC hoursor even daysto scan the IFS. The PC must transfer all of the data over the network, which degrades overall network performance. PC Scanning Software is Not An Option

11 Security A PC requires a mapped drive to the root file system with *ALLOBJ authority. This level of access leaves the entire iSeries file system exposed to anyone with access to the PC. If the PC gets infected with a virus, that virus gains access to every file on the iSeries. A PC also transfers all of the data over the network, which exposes the data to anyone with a network sniffer program, a variety of which are readily available on the Internet. PC Scanning Software is Not An Option

12 Stability A number of problems with a PC-based scanning solution can stop the scanning process entirely A lost connection when the iSeries is restarted (IPLd) A pop-up warning message Lost power; etc. PC Scanning Software is Not An Option

13 Mail Scanning Firewalls Virus scanning on your clients Want to know why? Go to Other methods that wont prevent viruses on the iSeries

14 We need a solution that is Faster More secure And more stable Native iSeries Scanning Software is Essential

15 Incorporates the latest McAfee scanning engine: Scans within compressed files. Decompresses and scans files compressed in packages such as PKZip,.LHA, and.ARJ. Detects and cleans macro and script viruses. Detects and cleans encrypted and polymorphic viruses. Detects and cleans new viruses in executable files and OLE compound documents. Detects and removes Trojan horses, worms, and many other types of malicious software (malware). Upgrades easily to new anti-virus technology. StandGuard Anti-Virus is Powered by the Leader

16 Green screen and iSeries Navigator plug-ins Additionally, StandGuard Anti-Virus includes:

17 StandGuard Anti-Virus ensures you always have the latest protection against current virus threats by automatically downloading virus definition files from McAfee. Automatic download of virus definitions (.DAT files)

18 StandGuard Anti-Virus keeps itself up-to-date by downloading new features, fixes and enhancements from Bytware. Automatic download of software updates and fixes

19 Built on Bytwares proven experience with iSeries administration, security and automation, StandGuard Anti-Virus was designed from the ground up as a secure, automated Anti-Virus solution that prevents headaches, not gives you new ones. Built-in scheduling features for scanning and updating

20 StandGuard Anti-Virus can retrieve virus definitions and program updates from either an FTP server, or a shared local network path. Network-enabled

21 Messages are logged to the message queue AVMSGQ. A copy of job logs can be saved to the AVOUTQ output queue for more detailed logging information. Events can be recorded in the AVJRN journal for a permanent and unalterable record of activity for the most demanding security requirements. All changes made to StandGuard Anti-Viruss automation files are recorded in the AVJRN journal. Extensive logging capabilities

22 As important as it is to install anti-virus protection on your server, it is equally important to know when problems occur. Important events that you need to monitor: StandGuard Anti-Virus detected and removed virus If virus definition files could not be retrieved If a scan ended abnormally, or did not run at all Get the Message

23 StandGuard Anti-Virus is part of the StandGuard Security Suite offered by Bytware, Inc., including StandGuard Network Security and StandGuardAudit. Bytwares understanding of todays real threats combined with their StandGuard Security and Messenger Monitoring/Notification solutions is proof positive that Bytware, Inc. is a serious player and leading provider of real security protection needed in todays modern environment. Real Security Protection for Todays Modern Environment

24 w w w. b y t w a r e. c o m for more information, visit us online.

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