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Driveshaft installed. Bits and pieces – new oil seal.

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1 Driveshaft installed

2 Bits and pieces – new oil seal

3 Engine hoist from Bayfield Garage

4 Tie the driveshaft to keep it in place

5 mozzetto

6 Grease the splines

7 #9 on the hook – hoisting the engine to set it in place

8 Meant for a Chevrolet V8 I’d say

9 Right driveshaft assembled and ready to install, the motor is mounted to the frame

10 See – it’s in.

11 View from the rear, right driveshaft still to be installed

12 Clean the ends and mount the ground strap

13 Under the lights

14 Right driveshaft – wedge in the mozzetto to allow it to move up and down the shaft

15 You’ll need a small light to be able to see to line up the grooves in the crankcase where the driveshaft goes in

16 A flexible light for dark spaces

17 Return the hoist to the Bayfield Garage

18 Right driveshaft installed – a lot of groaning and grunting while you lie on your back

19 Cables and wires to be installed next

20 Sunshine in the door

21 Original cappuccio’s ( rubber bellows over the shifter cables)

22 Ready to fill with 900ml of SAE 30 oil

23 Reverse cable and clutch cable installed

24 Hook up the gear change linkage

25 Original distributor – new parts

26 New points.15-.18 gap and new condensor – use a screwdriver with a magnetic end

27 Insert a rod to set TDC – through the two holes and into a groove in the pulley

28 Install the coil and coil wires – the black is the negative

29 Install the distributor so the points are almost opening at TDC – final adjustment can be made with the slide

30 Main cable to the dynastarter had worn through the casing exposing a copper wire which would ground out if it touched metal – electricians tape fixes that

31 Coil to spark plug wire

32 Plastic sleeves over the wire clamps protect the wiring, clean them prior to installation

33 They’ll look like new

34 Wire holder sheaths installed to protect the wiring

35 Cable ends going to the dynastarter are dirty and corroded so file them clean before installation.

36 Nice and shiny and ready to install

37 Dynastarter wires installed and tucked into their protected holders

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