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Det sjunde inseglet The Influence of Religious Art Michelle Tvete.

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1 Det sjunde inseglet The Influence of Religious Art Michelle Tvete

2 Most famous Swedish director One of the greatest of all times Most Academy Awards (for foreign director) Over 60 films (features & documentaries) Worked over 6 decades Stage director & screenwriter Ingmar Bergman

3 Woman’s director Explores metaphysical issues Themes/motifs: death, mental & physical illness, love, religious faith, alienation Settings: bleak and stark using Swedish landscape Ingmar Bergman

4 1966 Persona 1965/I Don Juan (TV movie) 1964 All These Women 1963 The Silence 1963 Winter Light 1961 Through a Glass Darkly 1960 The Devil's Eye 1960 The Virgin Spring 1958 The Magician 1957 Wild Strawberries 1957 The Seventh Seal 1955 Smiles of a Summer Night 1955 Dreams 1954 A Lesson in Love 1953 Sawdust and Tinsel 1952 Secrets of Women Limited Filmography

5 The Seventh Seal

6 Adapted from his play Wooden Painting Budget US $150,000 35 Days Won Jury Special Prize (Cannes) The Seventh Seal

7 CAST Max von Sydow – Antonius Block, knight Bengt Ekerot – Death Gunnar Björnstrand – Jöns, squire Nils Poppe – Jof Bibi Andersson – Mia, Jof's wife Åke Fridell – Blacksmith Plog Inga Gill – Lisa, blacksmith's wife Erik Strandmark – Jonas Skat Bertil Anderberg – Raval, the thief Maud Hansson – Witch Inga Landgré – Karin, Block's wife Gunnar Olsson – Albertus Pictor, church painter

8 The Seventh Seal CREW Gunnar Fischer—Cinematography Lennart Wallén—Editing Erik Nordgren—Music Manne Lindholm—Costuming P.A. Lundgren—Production Design Allan Ekelund—Producer

9 "And when the Lamb had opened the seventh seal, there was silence in heaven about the space of half an hour" (Revelation 8:1). Title-Silence of God

10 Religion & Art


12 Albertus Pictor (Täby kyrka)




16 Michael Wolgemut “Dance of Death” (1493)

17 Bernt Notke's “Danse Macabre” (1460)

18 Notke’s “Lübecker Totentanz” (1463)


20 Dance of Death

21 The End

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