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Ecology for Kids Review.

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1 Ecology for Kids Review

2 What genre is “Ecology for Kids?”
“Ecology for Kids” is informational text. It gives facts and details about a topic.

3 What is the main idea of this selection?
The main idea of the article is that we need to preserve and protect all of Earth’s ecosystems.

4 Name four ecosystems named in the section titled “Ecosystems.”
Four ecosystems the article names are forests, lakes, swamps, and deserts.

5 Why does the author call the decisions that need to be made about protecting the environment a “delicate balance?” It is a delicate balance because sometimes difficult decisions need to be made. For example, how many trees should be allowed to be cut down in a rainforest so that we can have the resources we need, and the forest can still thrive.

6 What is the main idea of the section “An Ocean of Resources?”
“An Ocean of Resources” discusses how to use our oceans, while at the same time preserving and protecting them.

7 What would be a reason for banning fishing in certain areas of the ocean?
Some areas of the ocean have been overfished, putting certain species of fish in danger. Banning fishing in these areas will protect these species.

8 What does it mean when it says that the sea provides riches other than fish?
Fish are an important resource, but the sea provides other resources such as salt, iron, copper, and fossil fuels. The sea can also be used for transporting people and goods. It may also be a source of energy in the future.

9 Which layer of the atmosphere protects us from the Sun’s radiation?
The ozone layer of the atmosphere protects us from the Sun’s radiation. Some chemicals have been banned to protect this layer.

10 What can YOU do to protect the Earth?
turn off lights and electronics when not using them. save water do not pollute recycle use solar powered electronics

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