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A Solution Offering for Educational Publishers Introducing.

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1 A Solution Offering for Educational Publishers Introducing

2 solution architect Publishing Practice Mgr at Jacquette Consulting 15 February 2011 2Jim Cain, TOC 2011 Jim Cain

3 Content created in silos Limited reuse of content Difficult to offer new products Difficult to manage development New delivery channels No centralized repository Today’s Challenges 15 February 2011 3Jim Cain, TOC 2011

4 Build products from learning objects Maximize reuse potential Minimize manual rework Increase efficiencies Improve collaboration Deliver new products Tomorrow’s Opportunities 15 February 2011 4Jim Cain, TOC 2011

5 Content must focus on educational objective Content must be granular Content must not be duplicated Content must be centralized Workflow must be efficient Bridging the Gap 15 February 2011 5Jim Cain, TOC 2011

6 Reusable software components Integration of authoring, content management, workflow and publishing tools Culmination of 2.5+ years implementing an integrated system for an educational publisher What is ? 15 February 2011 6Jim Cain, TOC 2011

7 Learning object repository  Instruction, assessments, digital assets, glossary terms Instruction-based authoring templates Best-practice workflow templates Approved learning objects stored as XML Learning objects aggregated into products Automated publishing Basics 15 February 2011 7Jim Cain, TOC 2011

8 Learning Objects Educational Objective Assessment Questions Instructional Content Review Content Video Audio Glossary Terms Graphics Metadata 15 February 2011 8Jim Cain, TOC 2011

9 Product Maps 15 February 2011 9Jim Cain, TOC 2011 Learning objects mapped to products Single map generates multiple products Reuse learning objects in multiple maps

10 Jim Cain, TOC 201110 15 February 2011 Single-Source Publishing

11 Centrally manage learning objects and all other assets Reuse content across products  Learning objects, glossary terms and other assets Reduce time and cost to generate products Enable delivery of new products Benefits 15 February 2011 11Jim Cain, TOC 2011

12 Thank you for attending! 15 February 2011 12Jim Cain, TOC 2011

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