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AVON U15s 2009-10 All about us! And old players continued.

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2 AVON U15s 2009-10 All about us!


4 And old players continued

5 The Coaches

6 Shires League Avon u15s have had a fun season they have played in the shires coming 3 rd in their box. Losing to Hampshire (who came 1 st at the final) and Dorset (who came 6 th at the final).

7 South West League The u15s also played in the south west. Many of our new players played in this tournament. They had some great games and played with a growing confidence. Overall the u15s came 5 th but gained valuable match experience. CORNWALLDORSET

8 South west team against Somerset





13 We couldn’t do it with out the supporters and the Taxi drivers!

14 Tactical advice Tea making skills Taxi service Supporters Calming nerves

15 Anna has won 3 gold medals in level doubles 2 silver and a bronze in singles at u15 bronze events. She has won a silver medal in level doubles at U15 silver event. Anna also came runner up in the level doubles at the south west regional championships. This together with selection for several u17 matches and for ICT Anna has had a successful season.

16 Saskia probably our most cheerful team players has achieved success this season, winning a silver medal in the singles and 3 gold medals in level doubles in badminton England u15 bronze tournaments.

17 Henley started this season a grade one gold player. These are always going to be difficult tournaments to enter as the best players in the country are always there. Henley has battled well winning his box at one U15 gold. He has played several matches for the U17s and was selected for ICT.

18 Jess has had a very successful season she has regularly reached semi finals at U15 badminton England gold tournaments. She has won an U17 silver tournament which has meant she has been upgraded to U17 Gold. Jess reached the semi finals of the singles in the U15 nationals and the semi final of the level doubles in the U17 Nationals Jess was also selected to represent England in the Quadrangular. Contributing to England's successful win. She won an individual silver medal reaching the final of the mixed doubles beating the no 1 Welsh pair in the semis.

19 Winning England team

20 Luke has had some success at BE tournaments this season several times he has just missed out on going through his box. Louise has also done well in local tournaments coming a very credible second at the Taunton tournament Keep up the good work.

21 Colours are awarded for playing for your county 3 times: Sarah McRitchie Aidan Gibbons Still an U13 this season Beth Woolley Matt Chapman Sam Gale Stanley Hughes Rob Yard Kirby Ngan who is only a U12 Megan Foreman still an U13 this Season. Louise King

22 Our last session we held a fun doubles tournament. Partners where chosen at random and handicapped according to experience. The winners were Jess and Sophie





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