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A&P 1 - Lab #2 Microscopy Cell Structure Mitosis.

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1 A&P 1 - Lab #2 Microscopy Cell Structure Mitosis

2 Rotatable Head Ocular Lens Objective Lens Arm Illuminator Condenser Stage Base Course Adjustment Knob Fine Adjustment Knob Mechanical Stage Mechanical Stage Control

3 Magnification Total magnification is achieved by multiplying the power of the ocular lens by the power of the objective lens Total Magnification = Ocular Lens X Objective Lens

4 Objective Lens Red Band = Low Power = 4 4(obj lens) X 10(ocular lens) = 40X Yellow Band = Medium Power = 10Yellow Band = Medium Power = 10 10(obj lens) X 10(ocular lens) = 100X Blue Band = High Power = 100Blue Band = High Power = (obj lens) X 10(ocular lens) = 400X White Band = Oil Immersion

5 Follow the Rules! ALWAYS begin on LOW POWER –Once you have the specimen in focus –Move to medium power –Refocus, then you can move to high power Once you move off low power, you can NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use the coarse adjustment

6 Orientation of Specimen

7 Specimen is flipped horizontally & vertically

8 Depth of Field

9 Preparing a Wet Mount Cover Slip 45 O Slowly Lower Cover Slip

10 Air Bubbles - Try Again!

11 Types of Cells There are 2 types of cells: Prokaryotic Eukaryotic (pro- before) (eu- true) -kary = nucleus

12 Prokaryotic Cells

13 Prokaryotic cells -lack a membrane-bound nucleus. -genetic material is present in the nucleoid ALL prokaryotic cells are bacteria, and ALL bacteria are prokaryotic The only place you will find prokaryotic cells in is the KINGDOM BACTERIA AND ARCHEBACTERIA

14 Eukaryotic Cells

15 Epithelial - Cheek Cells

16 The Cell Cycle Interphase Mitosis –Prophase - prepare –Metaphase - middle –Anaphase - apart –Telophase - two Cytokinesis cyto- = cell -kinesis = to move

17 The Cell Cycle

18 Interphase

19 Mitosis - Prophase

20 Mitosis - Metaphase


22 Mitosis - Anaphase


24 Mitosis - Telophase

25 Mitosis - Telophase/Cytokinesis

26 Practice Identifying the Stages of Mitosis Mitosis Select the link below (you must be in slide show mode) If you are unable to view a slide show, you can go to Bookmarks on Ocean Cruiser. The link is found there.

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