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Studying at Hochschule Mittweida University of Applied Sciences

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1 Studying at Hochschule Mittweida University of Applied Sciences
Study without tuition fees. Modern Campus. Short distances. Second largest University of Applied Sciences in Saxony Ms. Saskia Langhammer Head of International Office GERMANY Free State Saxony Mittweida

2 Hochschule Mittweida – University of Applied Sciences
… a very modern state institution … with a history of over 140 years Figures to the University about students 25% foreign students from 50 countries about 300 professors and staff members more than 30 accredited study programmes nationally and internationally appreciated research 90 international partners worldwide in 40 countries Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

3 Studying at Hochschule Mittweida
We award state degrees According to international standards and the European ECTS credit system Our courses are nearly completely modularised and accredited. Degrees and course durations: Bachelor or 7 semesters Master or 4 semesters Diplom (FH) semesters Course list: Ms Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Relations Office 3

4 history graduates 145 years - 75.000 graduates
Foundation as Technikum Mittweida Foundation as Engineering School on university level 1992 Status as University of Applied Sciences Mittweida Mission: Practice Oriented Education / Internationality graduates Graduates - well known and famous personalities like : Hans Bahlsen (1901 – 1959) Cooky factory Bahlsen Walter Bruch (1908 – 1990) TV pioneer with PAL system August Horch (1868 – 1951) Foundation of automobil Audi Kurt Körber (1909 – 1992) Foundation Gerhard Neumann (1917 – 1997) General Electric - Vice President Friedrich Opel (1875 – 1938) Automobil production Opel Bernhard Schmidt (1879 – 1935) Reflector telescop - developer Richard Stücklen (1916 – 2002) President of the Bundestag ... and leaders of companies today in the region of Mittweida as well as successfull careers in the world Ms Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Relations Office

5 6 Faculties and their students (figures from 2012)
- Joint Master of different faculties Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

6 International Cooperations 90 Partners in 40 countries!
France Great Britain Hungary Iceland Ireland Israel Italy Jordan Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Netherlands Norway Philippines Poland Romania Russian Federation Sweden Slovakia Spain South Africa South Korea Switzerland Turkey Ukraine USA Uzbekistan Vietnam White Russia Argentina Austria Belgium Brazil Bulgaria Cambodia Chile China Cuba Czech Republic Denmark Egypt Finland Europa is the most important region in our international activities. 60 partners in 25 European countries Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

7 Bachelor Degree Programmes
Applied Mathematics in Digital Media (6) Biotechnology / Bioinformatics (6) Business Administration(6) Applied Computer Science (6) Electrical Eng. and Information technology (7) Energy & Environment Manag. (6) Information Systems (6) Information Technology(7) Mechanical Engineering (6) Media Informatics & Interactive Entertainment (6) Mechatronics (6) Media Management (6) Media and Acoustical Eng. (6) Mobile Media (6) Physical Engineering (6) Real Estate Management and Facilities Manag. (6) Social Work * (6) We strongly recommend to persue Bachelor studies in German before entering a Master´s programme to obtain the necessary vocabulary for the Master´s study programme. (6)  number of semesters Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

8 Master Degree Programmes
Business Administration Applied Mathematics in Digital Media Electrical Engineering Industrial Management Information and Communication Science Mechanical Engineering Mechatronics Molecular Biology / Bioinformatics Laser Technology Social Work * Social Management * Place of studies: Roßwein Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

9 Study opportunities for foreign Students
Full time studies in Bachelor, Master or Diploma courses Preparatory course at a Study College to pass the German language examination instead of 1 or 2 years studies at home 1 to 2 semesters as „exchange student“ attending lectures and seminars working in laboratories / institutes as internship writing final thesis using our equipment and modern library - Summer Language Course 2 weeks in Sept Language course German 2 hours / week Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

10 Preparatory courses at the „Studienkolleg“
DSH German Language examination DSH with a result of at least DSH-2 FSP Qualifying examination for the fixing of the aptitude of foreign applicants for the admission to study at universities in the Federal Republic of Germany (Feststellungsprüfung) TestDaF with a result of at least 2x TDN 4 and 2x TDN 3 (14 points) DSH course EUR (1 semester) TestDaF exam: 175 EUR FSP course EUR ( 2 semesters) We also recognise: C1 examination of the Goethe Institute Ms Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Relations Office 10

11 Double degree programmes for foreign students
Partners: Dneprpetrovsk National University in Ukraine Odessa State University of Economics in Ukraine German-Kazakhstan University in Almaty/Kazakhstan Moscow Institute of Entrepreneurship and Law, Russia Jiangsu Teachers University of Technology in China College of Mobile Telecommunications in Chonqing, China Scheme: Studies at home Studies at Mittweida Degree from both universities Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

12 International Cosmopolitan Club COSMO „Strangers become Friends“
The COSMO Club is an organisation of German and international students. Over the past 10 years it has been a symbol of international and intercultural tolerance. The Club helps foreign students to feel home at the university and to get to know our beautiful German country. Each semester it arranges an interesting programme of different leisure activities, field-trips and international parties organised by German and international students. The COSMO Club offers a mentoring programme for foreign students. Joining the COSMO Club is the best possibility to become friends with students from all over the world right here in Mittweida! Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

13 Central Service Facilities
Library more than books, E-books 400 scientific journals completey computer based lending computer pool with many catalogues, scientific databases, free internet access for students! Network and Communication Centre administration of user accounts with very modern and safe network infrastructure login for PC pools account for every student Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

14 University Media Interaktive Plattform
99,3 Radio Mittweida the university´s radio station for Mittweida County MW digital the university´s TV station for Mittweida County Novum the university´s newspaper for Mittweida County Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

15 Research - We hold leading positions in special research fields.
Research influences the teaching process and its quality. Research requires modern equipment and laboratories. Research supports project work, creates subjects for final works. Our research institutes: Application Center Microcontroller Applikationszentrum Multimediatechnik & E-Learning InnArbeit - Zentrum für innovative Arbeitsplanung und Arbeitswissenschaft Institut für Automatisierungstechnik Institut für Technologie und Wissenstransfer Mittweida Labor Embedded Control Laserapplikationszentrum Mitteldeutsche Journalistenschule Zentrum Biokinetische Medizintechnik Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

16 Research Institutes Bildungsakademie Mittweida e.V.
Förderkreis Hochschule Mittweida e.V. Förderverein Laborwerkstätten-Hochschule Mittweida e.V. Gesellschaft zur Förderung der Informatik und Wirtschaftsinformatik an der Hochschule Mittweida e.V. Institut für Technische Akustik und Umweltprozesse e.V. Laserinstitut Mittelsachsen e.V. Management Institut Mittweida e.V. Medieninstitut Mittweida e.V. Sächsisches Institut für methodenübergreifende Kinder- und Jugendlichenpsychotherapie e.V. Sensorikzentrum Mittelsachsen e.V. Soziale Projekte in den neuen Bundesländern e.V. Transferinstitut für Marketing und Management e.V. Wirtschaftswissenschaftliches Forschungsinstitut Mittweida e.V. Zentrum für Förder- und Aufzugstechnik gGmbH Akademie für multimediale Ausbildung und Kommunikation AG (AMAK) Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

17 Studentenwerk (Student Union)
Studentenwerk Freiberg is your partner for: student accommodations meals grants promotion of social services and cultural activities Office at Mittweida: Hall of Residence, Am Schwanenteich 8 D Mittweida The International Offices supports you in this matter. Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

18 Sport offers Please join our sports activities to balance the daily workload: Aerobic Badminton Basketball Bodybuilding / Fitness Canoeing Chess Dancing Jogging Karate Rowing Soccer Shooting Table tennis Volleyball Why sport at a university? to obtain key qualifications like capacity for teamwork , communications skills and to train the integration potential als to keep and better the health als for participation in contests to make the University known in Germany Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

19 University Town Mittweida
LOVELY SMALL CITY with inhabitants 800 years old - located at the river Zschopau and surrounded by forest The University is situated in the city center. Leisure activities: sport centres / cinema / well kept old parks / town museum / private space museum. Supermarkets and small shops, bars and restaurants around the university. Train connection to the airports Dresden and Leipzig as well as to the German capital Berlin. Quite place to study, individual place to find friends. Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

20 Why to study at Mittweida?
You will be enabled to reach leading job positions! Accredited study programmes based on international standards International partnerships and scholarships Your career starts without practice shock! Honorary lectures from the industry Absolut modern equipment: laboratories, many computer pools, library with lots of books, scientific journals and databases You save your money! No tuition fees. Low living costs. Short distances – no need to use public transport. You save your time! Finish your studies in the regular time. Individual supervision No waiting time in central student facilities Favourable train connections Concentration on your studies AND attractive leisure activities Small town feeling in Mittweida / big cities like Chemnitz, Dresden, Leipzig, Berlin with lots of cultural offers not far away. Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

21 Head of the International Office Head of the International Office Ms. Saskia LANGHAMMER Student Adviser Ms. Marion DIENEROWITZ Where are you ??? Saskia Langhammer, Head of International Office

22 See you soon at Hochschule Mittweida!
Saskia Langhammer, Head of the International Office

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