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Welcome to the 2014-15 Junior Hawks Travel Team Parents Meeting 13 August 2014.

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1 Welcome to the 2014-15 Junior Hawks Travel Team Parents Meeting 13 August 2014

2 Agenda Welcome & Introductions Board Members Other Key People Key Dates Summer Ice Schedule Registration Try-Outs Cross Ice Boards New Jerseys

3 Agenda Policy Reminders / Changes Game Limits Sponsorships / Peelers Dues Volunteer Policy Lines of Communication Q & A

4 Introductions Board of Directors 13 Voting Members 3 Levels 4 at each Level 1 Coaches Representative 3 Non-Voting Members Warrior Treasurer Jr Hawk Treasurer Secretary

5 Board Members Squirt Level Tim Bartz Ben Buckley (Vice President) Mick Haddeman Ben Kutz Pee Wee / Bantam Todd Burch Dave Lamb Justin Metcalf (President) Sean Morrissey

6 Board Members High School Level Craig Cowell Darin Johnson Ken Shock Jeff Starbeck Coaches Rep – KC Doland Warrior Treasurer – Carrie Schott Jr Hawk Treasurer – Kaara Latusick Secretary – Amy Schaefer

7 Other Key People Squirt Lead Coach – Darin Johnson Pee Wee Lead Coach – Kelly Schoonover Bantam Lead Coach – KC Doland Webmaster/Tournament Director – Jen Seifried Special Events Coordinator – Tony Ruden Apparel Manager – Nikki Terhune Registrar – Lisa Schwickerath Sponsorships – Wendy Smith

8 Key Dates Summer Ice Schedule was Emailed. Available on the Calendar on First Year Travel Players cost is $40 No Cost to Returning Players Travel Team Registration Register with USA Hockey First (Cost is $48) Players Must be registered by September 5 th Coaches & Managers register after try-outs

9 Key Dates Try-Outs Squirts Sep 23 rd 5:30pm – 6:30pm Sep 24 th 5:30pm – 6:30pm Pee Wees Sep 23 rd 6:40pm – 7:40pm Sep 24 th 6:40pm – 7:40pm Bantams Sep 23 rd 7:50pm – 8:50pm Sep 24 th 7:50pm – 8:50pm

10 Try-Outs Try-Outs Cont. Try-Out Fee $25 Stay and Play – goes towards your dues Otherwise non-refundable Playing Above Age Must notify Coaches Rep – KC Doland 2 weeks in advance on intent May only try out 1 age level above Coaches and Development Committee have final say

11 Try-Outs Try-Outs Cont. Prior to try-outs you need the following: A copy of your 2014-15 USA Registration Registered with WYHA Medical History / Consent to Treat Form USA Hockey Liability Waiver Form

12 First Practice Prior to First Practice: USA Hockey Player Conduct Form USA Hockey Parent Conduct Form Copy of Policy Acknowledgment Form Copy of Birth Certificate

13 Cross Ice Boards & Jerseys Cross Ice Boards Used for House League Mite Jamborees Travel Cross Ice nights $17,800 ($10,625 WBH; $5,000 Trust Fund) Jerseys ($105/set + $20 for Socks)

14 Policy Reminders / Updates Game Limits Squirts 25-30 Games Pee Wees 30-35 Games Bantams 35-40 Games Tournament Games = 1 Game Friendship Games = ½ Game

15 Policy Reminders / Updates Sponsorships / Peelers Protected List Current Form 100% Towards Dues Non-Refundable Extra may be donated to another player May be used for Peak Performance May be used for Jerseys

16 Policy Reminders / Updates

17 Travel Dues 2014-15 Season Squirt - $850 Pee Wee - $900 Bantam - $950 Sock & Jersey $125 Due 01 November 2014 Post Dated Checks Board Approval Cashed Dec 1 st, Jan 1 st, Feb 1 st NSF or cancelled = Immediate Suspension Policy Reminders / Updates

18 Refunds Submitted in writing to the Board Only for Medical, Change of residence, etc. Disciplinary = No Refund Oct 1 st – Oct 31 st = 75% Nov 1 st – Nov 30 th = 55% Dec 1 st – Dec 31 st = 35% Jan 1 st – Jan 31 st = 15% Feb 1 st – End of Season = No Refund Sponsorship / Peeler Money Non-Refundable

19 Policy Reminders / Updates Volunteer Policy Essential for Success Single Player $300 Check Required 15 Volunteer Hours Total 10 Game Time 5 Non Game Multiple Player $400 Check Required 20 Volunteer Hours Required 15 Game Time 5 Non Game

20 Policy Reminders / Updates Game Time Game Clock Penalty Box Score Sheet Home Tournaments Non Game Time Board Member Committee Member Manager Fundraising Any other volunteering approved by Coach

21 Lines of Communication 1 st Line is your Team Manager / Coach 2 nd Line is your Board Representative 24 Hour Rule Separate your emotions from the best interests of their child’s sports development. The intent of this rule is to move an emotional and confrontational discussion away from the presence of the players, and to allow the parties to “cool off”. Parent Code of Conduct Player Code of Conduct

22 Q & A Questions?

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