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Revitalize Your Business HRASM – April 14,2009. 1. A Time of New Challenges Falling or stagnant sales Prices under pressure.

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1 Revitalize Your Business HRASM – April 14,2009

2 1. A Time of New Challenges Falling or stagnant sales Prices under pressure Extreme cost cutting Sinking morale Managers lack experience to lead now So companies stop forward movement Leads to weakened companies

3 4. Case Illustration The Revitalization of a Dying Company Unitel – A Trauma Company Falling revenues & market share Poor quality High costs Good people leaving Losing $1MM per day! Low Morale

4 2. Adjust our Mindset 1.Reality Check See the Real World – and operate in IT How? 2.Have New Eyes 3.Shift our Consciousness

5 3. Get Attitude 1.Shift Perception - To Opportunities, not just Problems 2.Cultivate Purpose & Passion - to generate the Desire to succeed 3.Fan the flames of Expectation - We CAN do this!

6 Unitels New Mission Statement 1.Deliver superior products and services to customers over the highest quality network at competitive prices; 2.Become one of the finest companies to work for in Canada by providing a work environment where employees can achieve their best; 3.Provide good returns to shareholders; 4.Contribute positively to the communities in which employees live and work.

7 5. Five LEVELS of Management Focus 1.Financial – Protect, Improve Cash Flow e.g., * Reduce expenses * Postpone expenses * Postpone investments in the business * Staff reductions * Working capital improvements * Drop unprofitable products/services, markets – and customers

8 Five LEVELS of Management Focus 2.Operations - Improve Business Processes Improve HOW we do business: * Take out costs * Speed the process * Increase value to the customer -> Reduce cost structure

9 Five LEVELS of Management Focus 3.Customer Focus – Provide greater customer value * Stay close to the customer * Improve existing products/services * Serve changing/emerging needs * Go after new customers -> Maintain/Grow Revenues

10 6. A Human Economics that is changing the Game 1.Industrial Age 2.Information/Technology Age 3.Relationship Age -> How create Competitive Advantage in each Economy?

11 Competitive Advantage in the INDUSTRIAL Age From excellence in… Low cost raw material source Large market share Economies of scale Streamlined operations Low labor costs & high output per man-hour Access to & low-cost financial capital

12 Competitive Advantage in the INFORMATION Age Access to great information & technology Innovation & creativity Rapid commercialization – time to market

13 Competitive Advantage in the Relationship Age Network of employees, customers, vendors who…. Are committed to a common Purpose Share common Values Respect and Care about each other

14 Five LEVELS of Management Focus 4.People – Build morale and relationships * Inspire employees * Involve employees * Strengthen relationships Customers & vendors too -> A motivated and dedicated team

15 The Sorry State of Unitel Employee Morale: 1994/5

16 Five LEVELS of Management Focus 5.Management – Take it to a new Level HOW we manage the company * Leadership practices & development * Decision-making process * Communication * The Management System -> Supercharge Management

17 7. The Noble Enterprise and its Five Pillars Noble: possessing, characterized by, or arising from superiority of mind or character or of ideals or morals. - Merriam-Webster Online dictionary A Noble Enterprise is built with a superiority of Character and Ideals - not just of Mind


19 Pillar 1: Greater Purpose 1.Multiple Stakeholders: - not just return to financial shareholders 2.Inner, Non-material needs - as well as the traditional outer, material needs. E.g., Desire for - self-actualization - to find purpose and meaning in life - to serve others 3.Build Greater Purpose into all parts of the business


21 Pillar 2: Ethical Values 1.Act nobly with values like integrity, respect, and faith in peoples potential 2.Build business relationships infused with nobility. 3.Build ethical values into the way the company makes decisions, sets policies, measures whats important and rewards its people.

22 New Values for Unitel/AT&T Canada 1.Integrity 2.Respect for people 3.Customer service 4.Teamwork 5.(added by the CEO) Prudent risk-taking


24 Pillar 3: Human Growth 1.Noble Enterprises invest in the most valuable resource – the Human Resource 2.They aim to expand employee capabilities, not just maximize their current output …to achieve superior long-term profitable growth 3.Growth = professional and personal -> So that the company strengthens and can capitalize on both its Intellectual Capital and Spiritual Capital



27 Pillar 4: Freedom within Structure 1.All companies want to EMPOWER their people. 2.But How do you do this? - Pep Talks? - Incentives? 3.Often overlooked -> individual freedom. 4.Noble Enterprises find ways to provide that freedom (within an overall structure) -> to encourage people to use their talents, to innovate and to take prudent risks.



30 Are we SEPARATE – or ONE?

31 Source: NASA

32 Pillar 5: Unity Mindset 1.Noble Enterprises see and manage the WHOLE - as well as the SEPARATE pieces 2.Success requires more than great individual efforts. Thus, Noble Enterprises foster a Spirit of Oneness, in which people achieve more together 3.Noble Enterprises create and manage community, built on common ethical values and shared purpose, which extends to customers & vendors as well as employees 4.In this way, Noble Enterprises harness the power of Collaboration – not just of Competition


34 How a Noble Enterprise Succeeds It sets its sights high regarding its mission in serving the world…… It creates & nurtures its relationships with customers, employees, shareholders and the wider world. It takes actions that uplift people, drawing forth and utilizing the best energies of its employees and others. It provides an environment in which employees flourish, expressing their deepest purpose & passion in service to the companys purpose – and growing personally. It is led by Noble Leaders who bring their high character to work in service to all constituencies.

35 The TURNAROUND of Unitel/AT&T Canada LDS Network Quality

36 The TURNAROUND of Unitel/AT&T Canada LDS Revenue Growth

37 The TURNAROUND of Unitel/AT&T Canada LDS Employee Morale: 1995->1998

38 The TURNAROUND of Unitel/AT&T Canada LDS Market Value of the Company

39 8. What POWERS the NOBLE ENTERPRISE? Traditional Answer: Outer Actions - The Right Strategy - Executed well -> Just DO it!



42 8. What POWERS the NOBLE ENTERPRISE? Not just Outer Actions But also Inner Energies & their Flow … which come from… Human Spirit


44 Conclusion On Leading a Company Revitalization: None of this is hard work. Its important work. It takes discipline. It takes focused efforts, but its not hard. Its fun work when you see what the purpose is: making employees better, making companies better Bill Catucci, CEO, Unitel/AT&T Canada

45 UPLIFTING People and Profits - Especially in Tough Times Thank you! Dar Gillett Noble Business Solutions

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