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Home of the Fluid-Savr®. Model 15-D Dual Bags with 100 Micron Filters Vac gauge monitors bag Air Controls for pump speed.

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1 Home of the Fluid-Savr®

2 Model 15-D Dual Bags with 100 Micron Filters Vac gauge monitors bag Air Controls for pump speed

3 1200 Unit 1200 Housing with 1 micron element Y Strainer Hi-Lo Safety Switch By Pass Valve On – Off Switch Pressure Gauge Pump and Motor

4 Less Contamination More Efficiency Longer Tool Life = Idea go /

5  Fluid Filtration Systems, Inc. (FFS) makes a variety of sizes of coalescers to recover coolant.  FFS also builds a variety of filter systems to recover oils, coolant, and water. These two systems are very often used in conjunction to enable total recovery of all fluids.

6 Model 5-3B 3 Magnets 100 Micron Bag Fluid Savr® Supply ½” Air Pump feeds Fluid Savr® 3 Magnets each housing & 2- 5/10/25 Multi-Layer Bags for particulate removal Air Control & Needle Valves control pumps 1” Air pump feeds particulate housings Vac Gauge on both sets of Bag Filters

7 Unit pulls thru two(2) filters and pushes thru two(2) filters using the 1” air pump for up to 35 GPM flow.

8 Model 15 Fluid-Savr® mounted on 1200 gal. tank split for dirty – clean side. Clean side is cycled thru two(2) bag filters to continuously clean

9 More Profit Idea go /

10 DB-3-20 Dual Bag with three(3) 1M Finals using 20GPM. Pump primarily used to clean diesel fuel.

11 DB-4-12 Unit has light to alert time for filter service.

12 Idea go /

13 Suction Inlet Bag Housing using 5/10/25 Micron bag and 3 Magnets 1” Air Pump Return to sump

14 Vac gauges to monitor bag service Fluid Savr® Bag Housing 100 Micron Bag & Magnets 2-5/10/25 bags with magnets ½” Air Pump supplies Fluid Savr® Air Regulator-Air Pressure Gauge & needle valves to control pumps 1” Air Pump

15 Model #5 Pump & all controls 350 gal. tank Oil Outlet Clean Coolant Return 2 – 100 Micron Bags Supplies Fluid Savr®

16 Clean Side Back-up Pump Pump to supply Model 15 650 Skim Pak Skimmer Low level float control Dirty Side Air Regulator & Needle valve for pump control (controls on opposite end for Fluid Savr®) Pump with 4 -5/10/25 M bags & 3 Magnets each housing Continuous cycling clean side Model 15 Divider Dosotron Chemical Injector

17 Oil Side flows continuously to container Level Control Adjustments Clean coolant returning to sump

18 All controls & gauges 1” Air Pump 100 Micron dual bags monitored by vac gauge Clean coolant return Oil Return (one on each side) 4300 Skim Pak Skimmer



21 Sight Glasses 480V Heater 3 – 1 Micron Filters Hi/Low Safety Switch & pressure gauge On/Off Switch 12 GPM Pump & Motor Vac Gauge Monitors Bag 1 – 100 Micron bag on suction

22 Vac Gauges monitor bags Air Regulator-gauge and needle valve for control of pumps Clean coolant returning to sump Level Control Oil continuously discharges to barrel 4 – 10 Micron Bags with magnets for particulates 2 – 100 Micron Bags 1 air line runs complete unit


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26 PO Box 1026 1029 Vail Avenue Durant, IA 52747 Office: (563) 785-4976 Toll Free: (877) 785-4976 Email: Web: CONTACT INFORMATION Fluid Filtration Systems, Inc.

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