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The Joy of Sentences Simple Compound Complex Compound-Complex.

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2 The Joy of Sentences Simple Compound Complex Compound-Complex

3 Simple sentences Are about primarily just one thing Can have commas Can have multiple subjects and verbs EX: The dog is brown. EX: In the morning, you will eat bread. EX: Sue and Mary bought and sold some tickets.

4 Compound Sentences Comprised of two independent clauses (have a subject and verb) Can be joined in three ways With a comma and a conjunction With a semicolon With a semicolon, conjunction AND a comma

5 For Example Susan bought some milk, and Joe bought some cookies. The dog wanted some meat; the cat ate her catfood. The sun shone brightly; however, the rain came in the next day. The boy took a picture, and developed it at home.

6 Complex Sentences Made up of an independent clause AND a dependent clause (remember, dependent clauses have a s/v, but they cant stand alone) If the dependent clause starts the sentence, follow it with a comma. If the independent clause comes first, no comma.

7 For example When the Georgia Bulldogs win on Saturday, Ms. Smith will be very happy! Ms. Smith will be very happy when the Georgia Bulldogs win on Saturday. I love ice cream, because it is yummy.

8 Avoiding Clause Confusion Dependent clause FunctionExample Adjective clause modifies noun or pronoun tells what kind, which one, how many, or how much Adverb clause modifies verb, adjective, or adverb tells where, when, how, why, to what extent, or under what conditions Noun clause acts as subject, direct object, indirect object, object of preposition, or predicate noun

9 Types of Clauses Adjective clauses – Are dependent clauses** that follow the nouns or pronouns that they modify Often begin with who, whom, whose, which, that **Remember, a clause has both a subject and a verb

10 Examples… The girl who broke her leg came back to school today for the first time. FIND the Clause…tell me what it is modifying In the morning, the teacher that is giving all the kids Fs will be fired.

11 Adverb Clauses A dependent clause** that is used as an adverb Begin with subordinating conjunctions such as… after although as as if where becauseBeforeif Sincethanthoughunless Untilwhenwheneverwhile

12 Complex Examples While the band played their music, the couples slowly danced on the floor. The team that won the Little League World series is from Columbus. We will swim when the sun comes out. My favorite book, which is a classic novel, was made into a film.

13 REVIEW Simple…have commas after prep phrases Compound…two ICs joined by a comma/conjunction or a semi colon Complex…IC and a DC…if DC comes first, then follow it with a comma. If the IC comes first, then no comma. CP-CX Complex sentence joined with a compound one

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