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Pennwood Middle School. Conduct Policy page1 Is the same throughout the district Is officially adopted by the Board of School Directors Is based on Respect,

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1 Pennwood Middle School

2 Conduct Policy page1 Is the same throughout the district Is officially adopted by the Board of School Directors Is based on Respect, Responsibility, Courtesy, Safety, and the Importance of the Learning Process Is in place to help ensure that all students are treated fairly - by the school and by each other Return signed form from back of book on Tuesday

3 Conduct Policy Continued Page 1-2 Not an exhaustive list Expectations in loco parentis respect for personnel, property not to interfere with learning to treat others in the same way that you would like to be treated. to be responsible for your own behavior whether by yourself or in a group to help students solve problems

4 Pennwood United! We are a school that is…. Respectful Kind Responsible Thoughtful We help others and always have a positive attitude!


6 Attendance page 2-5 Required by law to attend school Excuse cards – legal document and must be returned in 3 days Sign In in office when late to school Doctor ’ s note required after 3 days Leaving early - parent MUST come in to school to pick you up, bring note to school, blue card Educational Trips – only 1 a year and you need to bring in a note to get a Blue Card (5 days only) NOT permitted to stay after school if unsupervised

7 Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco, Electronic Devices page 6-9 No prescription or over the counter meds No Drugs, “Look Alike Drugs” or Drug Paraphernalia Cell phones – OFF & IN LOCKER or confiscated Tobacco/electric cigarettes- fine $128.00 & suspension for possession eReaders – may be used but only for reading purposes (No Games or Music!). SUSPENSION - POLICE - FINES - POSSIBLE EXPULSION or ALTERNATIVE SCHOOL

8 Endangering Acts page 9-13 Physical Attacks Fighting Weapons Threats Laser pointers False Alarms/911 Calls School Buses Safety Violations RUNNING No skates, skateshoes, skateboards, scooters Theft (gym) Vandalism Graffiti – 3 rd degree felony Hall Tickets/SDR School Discipline and/or the Police

9 Search and Seizure page 16-17 No expectation of privacy in lockers or other storage areas Personal search at anytime with reasonable suspicion Canine search – lockers, classrooms containing personal belongings (not students)


11 Dress Code page 5-6 Inappropriate clothing is prohibited No hats, headcoverings, bandanas, or sweatbands No tank tops, belly shirts, spaghetti straps, halters, shrinks, or off the shoulder shirts No shower shoes, flip-flops, all sandals must have a strap (safety) “ Securely fastened to the foot ” No excessively revealing, short or tight clothing No tattered, frayed, holes, or slits All Shorts and Skirts are to be mid-thigh NO writing on backside of shorts, pants, and sweatpants NO Pajama, lounge pants, or sleepwear Underwear must be completely covered Belts must be in the belt loops

12 Dress Code page 4-5 Outdoor clothing (coats and heavy jackets) go into your locker when you arrive to school. No headsets or Ipods at all in school (put them in your backpack before you enter) Parameters 1 st Incident: Will need to change clothes (parent contacted) 2 nd Incident: After school detention and change 3 rd Incident: 2 hour detention and change Administrators make all final decisions

13 School Behaviors Disruptions or disrespect will not be tolerated! This includes to : Teachers Peers Guest Teachers Aides Custodians Student Dining Room Staff Secretaries…… Anyone who is in the building!

14 Harrassment/Bullying/Cyberbullying pg. 13-15 Intentional electronic, written, verbal, or physical act Directed at another student(s) in school or on school property. Interferes with education, creates a threatening environment, or disrupts the operation of the school Computer/phone use should always appropriate Do not retaliate Let an adult know at school or at home or use the Help Box. Don’t be a VICTIM! Recommendation to parents for Cyberbullying is to contact the police.


16 Lockers You may decorate the inside of your locker, but no balloons. Cell phones should be in your locker and turned off. Always remember to lock your lockers. Stickers should not be placed on your locker. Designated locker times.

17 Student Dining Room 6 people to a table Everyone is responsible to clean on a rotating basis (tables and sweeping of floor) Cleaners remain after sections are dismissed Use an indoor voice -no screaming or shouting No running, pushing or cutting in lines Please recycle accurately Sign out and get permission in order to leave SDR Tickets

18 Lateness There is only 3 minutes between classes You must be prepared and in class on time Bring necessary materials to lunch for your Expressive Arts and/or PE class.

19 GUM Gum has never been allowed at Pennwood Failure to comply is direct defiance

20 Miscellaneous No open drink containers (bottles, H2O, coffee, etc) or food outside of SDR – not in halls, lockers, classrooms (allergies) Cameras – not appropriate for hallways, classroom, etc. NO postings unless authorized & initialed NEVER tape postings to glass


22 Resource Period Arrive on time by the bell Come prepared to work quietly You must have a PASS in order to go to another teacher’s classroom for assistance Get your pass during the class period where assistance is needed -- NOT BEFORE RESOURCE PERIOD Bring a Reading Book with you every day!

23 Extra-Curricular Activities Athletes are held to higher standards of behavior Activities are a privilege, not a right (for spectators and for athletes) You represent the school, coach, parents, and yourself Discipline may lead to loss of privilege Academic eligibility is required

24 Community Service Get involved in school activities Participate in our community service projects Show respect, take responsibility, be proud of who you are, be kind to others Have Pennwood Pride!


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