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The Southwest A big rig tour….

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1 The Southwest A big rig tour…

2 Map of the Southwest

3 Monument Valley The largest reservation in the United States
Flat-topped hills in the area are called mesas Little rain falls in the area which keeps the land dry, creating a desert People and animals who live in the region have to adapt, or change in order to survive

4 Video: The Long Walk (short)
Navajo Indians Inhabited areas of the Midwest Were forced out of their land by the U.S. by forces During the 18 day “Long walk”, at least 400 died The plantation faced raids, tribe conflicts, and famine The Navajo were eventually relocated to their own reservation Video: The Long Walk (short) Video: The Long Walk 1 of 4 Video: Navajo Song

5 Three Sisters Millions of years ago layers upon layers of sediments that wore down slowly revealed the natural wonders of Monument Valley today.

6 Phoenix, Arizona Video: Water Distribution The three A’s
Phoenix is known as America’s hottest city Temperatures can reach 115 degrees in the summer! More people moved to Phoenix with the invention of the air conditioner Aqueducts in the region are large pipes that carry water long distances Sixth largest city in the U.S. The three A’s Air Conditioning Automobiles Aqueducts Video: Water Distribution

7 Hoover Dam, Arizona A dam is a wall built across a river
Reasons the dam was built: It controls flooding along the Colorado river It stores water It makes electricity for the surrounding areas Built during depression (provided jobs) Video: Hoover Dam Video: Water Power

8 How the Hoover dam was built
Video: Construction of Hoover dam Times: Tunnels-4:50 Concrete Pouring-8:00 Complete Dam- 15: Lake Mead 21:00 Video: New Hoover Dam Video

9 The Grand Canyon, Arizona
A canyon is a deep, narrow valley with deep sides The Grand Canyon has been formed over many years by the erosion of the Colorado river and wind The canyons is a mile deep in some parts and 277 miles long! Video: Grand Canyon

10 El Paso, Texas & Ciudad Juarez, Mexico
A border is a line that people agree on to separate two places The border between the U.S. and Mexico is the Rio Grande river Juarez is home to many U.S. factories where workers are paid much less than American workers The factories are called maquiladoras

11 Carlsbad Caverns, New Mexico
A cave is a natural hole found under the earth A cavern is a large cave Bats inhabit many of the caverns The largest room in the caverns could hold 14 football fields! There are more than 85 caves in total Video: Cavern Tour

12 Video: The Alamo Deconstructed Video: Battle for North America
San Antonio, Texas A mission is a settlement where priests teach the native people a new religion The Alamo is San Antonio’s most famous mission Texas declared independence from Mexican rule in 1836 In the Alamo a small band of rebels fought a large army of Mexican troops Video: The Alamo Deconstructed Video: Battle for North America Video: The Alamo

13 Math trivia If there were 6,000 troops sent to crush a rebellion of 188 Texans, how many troops would each Texan have to kill in order to win the fight? (Estimate) 6,000 Mexicans divided by 200 Texans means they would have to kill more than 30 Mexican troops EACH!

14 Austin, Capital of Texas
A Capital is a city where the government of an area is located States governments have three branches in the same way that our national government does

15 Three branches of government
Legislature- Makes the laws and controls spending Executive- is headed by a governor, and this branch makes sure laws are carried out Judicial- judge people who are accused of breaking laws, and judge if laws are good laws

16 Guthrie, Oklahoma This city was settled in a day
Original Sooners This city was settled in a day On April 22, 1889 the first person to claim a piece of land would get to own that land Some settlers entered the land sooner than they were supposed to earning them the nickname “Sooners” Modern Sooners Video: Far and Away

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