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SpiroCross AX series ISM 2010

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1 SpiroCross AX series ISM 2010

2 Background SpiroCross XC (steel) range developed and introduced for Cascade systems 2007/8 3 in one: Perfect Hydraulic balancing, deaeration and dirt separation. Succesfull direct sales in many countries, indirect sales via OEM (Nefit, ACV, RMX) Expect strong growth of cascade solutions Q: is there a market for a Junior SpiroCross

3 Mostra 2010 Yes, there is a market

4 Existing competition Caleffi
Hydraulic separator, 548 series 1” to DN 150, all steel units Separation by multiple mesh plates supply includes 4 couplings and insulation Balancing primary and secundary circuits in general heating systems

5 Existing Competiton Giacomini R1461 Hydraulic separator 1”to 2” steel only Separation by Mesh tube supply includes 4 couplings and insulation Mainly floor heating and hybrid solar systems

6 Existing Competition Pneumatex Zeparo Universal ZUC
Full Brass do it yourself kit made up of 3 parts ¾” to 1½” threaded only 10 bar, 110C Pneumatex helicoil separation element Balancing in smaal double circuit heating, cooling, solar systems

7 Existing Competition Other
Other small hydraulic balancing only systems Meibus, Magra, RBM,Ferro, various OEM privat labelled, etc mostly simple steel welded units not designed for high performance balancing no active separation high pressure drop Low cost cr….p

Quiet laminar flow provides the correct environment for micro bubbles to rise Quiet laminar flow provides the correct environment for dirt particles to sink Quiet laminar flow provides optimal flow & return separation Spiro tube bundle Turbulent flow When water makes contact with the Spirotubes a local turbulent stream is being caused. The unique construction of the Spirotube causes that a part of the water is bent away vertically up. Through the high resistance of the Spirotube in vertical direction a quiet laminar stream appears at three points which causes the present (micro)bubbles to rise and dirt particles to sink. The laminar flow in the middle of the SpiroCross gives the fluid the opportunity for optimal mixing. The collected air is blown off through the earlier described valve construction and the dirt particles van be removed from the installation by briefly opening the dirt release valve.

9 Application and Market
Domestic or Commercial ?? Can be both Large villa’s small appartment blocks (3-6 app) small commercial applications eg local primary schools, libraries etc Floor heating cirquits Hybrid solar with boiler systems

10 Target Markets Geographical Italy, Spain, France (regulation)
Germany, Belgium, Netherlands UK? Export countries?, Scandinavia? US? OEM: Floor heating and Hybrid Solar-Boiler makers Installers: domestic tending to take small commercial jobs Initial market potential: 1000 – 2000 pcs/yr

11 Selling the AX series The Product
Proven concept: Based on succes of XC series and vast experience in brass air and dirt separation Compact, limited space rqd

12 Selling the AX series The Product
Continuous leakfree dearation Excellent Balancing no mixing of primary vs secondary circuits Continuous dirt separation with easy flushing

13 Ranking the Stars Design & Mtl Balance perform De-aer & dirt Pricing
Install AX-series ++ + Caleffi - Giacom ? Pneumatex -- + magnet ---- other

14 Ranking the Stars (1¼“) Dimen-sions Temp ˚C Pressure bar Flow at 1m/s
kW ΔP AX-series “perfect” ++ 0..110 0-10 3,6 m³/hr 85 low Caleffi taller - 4 m³/hr 90 high Giacom OK Pneumatex smaller + 2 m³/hr 56 other Taller & thicker - 0-6 or 0-10 various ?

15 Selling the AX series Positioning: Typical high performance, high Quality product -> leverage the Brandname

16 USP’s Brass design, robust & no corrosion
Easy installing due to flexible couplings Arms positioned close together Easy flushing without system shutdown Guaranteed for the lifetime of the boiler (max 20yrs)

17 USP’s Performance Even at high flow rates Three in one means
Best balancing performance Mixing of the primary vs secundary flow <2% Virtually no pressure drop, <1% Excellent deaeration and dirt separation Three in one means Cost reduction in material and labour Less space required in plant room

18 Owner Benefits Energy saving due to optimal balancing
air and dirt removal Improved System performance and reduced call-outs

19 Sales and distribution
Typical wholesaler product But…. may occasionally be used in direct sales on Commercial projects (UK, Be, NL) Pricing: competitive vs Caleffi, Giacomini, Pneumatex Insulation as separate item Order qty: 1 (to start with), lead time 3-4 wks Available as of end June 2010

20 Pricing Netto in Euro Product AX Caleffi Giacomini Pneumatex 1 “ 195
187 230 202 1 ¼ “ 210 218 275 253 1 ½ “ 268 384 288 AXT 21 incl excl

21 Incl Press release, flyers, hot-spot - well received -
Market Introduction Launch at Mostra March 2010 Incl Press release, flyers, hot-spot - well received -

22 Market Introduction Roll-out as of July:
Press releases Information to agents, wholesalers, etc Support material: implement in brochures, demo-units, spec sheets etc Website, news item, banner AX series Advertisement AX related direct mailing SpiroCross presentation incl energy saving arguments and balancing theory

23 Introduction Tools Advertising Mailing Flyer

24 SpiroCross presentation
Energy saving supported by measurement Balancing theory Competitor analysis Pressure drop Balancing perf

25 SpiroCross AX series…. Go out and sell-it

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