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Karyotypes. A picture of someones chromosomes Centromere.

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1 Karyotypes

2 A picture of someones chromosomes Centromere

3 Normal Karyotypes Has 46 chromosomes for humans Arranged in 23 pairs

4 Female Sex is determined on the 23 rd Pair. Both chromosomes are X chromosomes X

5 Male * Sex is determined on the 23 rd pair. *One chromosome is X and the other is a Y chromosome

6 Trisomy 21 – Down Syndrome Extra Chromosome on 21 Total of 47 Chromosomes

7 Symptoms: Flat Face Small Broad Nose Upward Slanted Eyes Moderate to Severe Retardation Some Medical Problems (Heart Defects) 90% of cases come from the mothers egg.

8 Down Syndrome Karyotype

9 Trisomy 13 – Patau Syndrome Extra Chromosome on 13 Total of 47 Chromosomes

10 Symptoms: Cleft lip or palate Close-set eyes -- eyes may actually fuse together into one Decreased muscle tone Extra fingers or toes Mental retardation

11 Patau Syndrome Karyotype

12 Klinefelters Syndrome (XXY) Extra Sex Chromosome X Total of 47 Chromosomes

13 Symptoms: Tall Stature Sometimes Lack Facial Hair More Breast Tissue than Normal Small Testes Sterile

14 Klinefelters Syndrome Karyotype

15 Turners Syndrome (X-) Missing an X chromosome on 23 rd Pair.

16 Symptoms: Infertile Lack Ovarian Development Short Stature Short Webbed Neck In 75-80% of cases, the fathers sperm is missing the X chromosome.

17 Turners Syndrome Karyotype

18 Androgen Insensitivity Syndrome (AIS) Genetic make-up of an XY male Develop as a Female Resistant to Androgens –the hormones responsible for male sexual development * EX: JAMIE LEE CURTIS

19 2 Types: Complete AIS: –1 in 20,000 births –Prevents development of Penis and other male body parts. –Look like females, have no uterus and no menstruation.

20 Incomplete AIS: –Both male and female characteristics –Has a vagina, but no uterus or cervix –Enlarged Clitoris –Testes in the abdomen or unusual places

21 XYY Syndrome Occurs on 23 rd pair, extra Y Very Tall Extra Acne during Adolescence Sometimes develop Learning Disabilities

22 XYY Syndrome Karyotype


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