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Property for Sale El Tucan. Blue Print The property is 10,902 Square meter. The road entrance for the property is part of the total extension. It has.

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1 Property for Sale El Tucan

2 Blue Print The property is 10,902 Square meter. The road entrance for the property is part of the total extension. It has an elevation from the main road of approximately 40 meters. The main entrance to the property is located at the main road. From this point on, there is a private access to the main houses 160 meters long and 4 meters wide uphill. There is plenty of wild vegetation and some fruit threes (mango, Jocote and oranges).

3 Location Ciudad Colon is a dreamy, seemingly 19th century small town. Some 20 minutes from the edge of the city, and worlds apart. Home of grand, endless coffee plantations, the U.N.s University for Peace, and people living their quiet lives. Somewhat warmer and drier than the city and the golden places of Escazu, it is a best-kept secret of those who know Central America. Close to all of the amenities of the First World, yet still very Costa Rican, and rural. The property is located on the east side of San Jose, Costa Rica, in a town named Ciudad Colon, Canton de Mora. 20 minutes away from San Joses downtown. 10 minutes away from the mayor shopping mall in Costa Rica (Multiplaza). 7 minutes away from the mayor and most exclusive office complex (Forum). Other facilities like, Hospital, schools, Gyms, groceries stores, supermarkets, theaters and all other basic needs are no longer than 5-15 minutes drive. For its close reach and its beautiful weather, Ciudad Colon is considered one of the prime location for the next generations, as Costa Ricas population grows. The east side of the country is well known for its warm weather during the day, and a refreshing breeze during evenings. Rain is less intense than the west side of the country and even though, vegetation remains fresh and green all year long. During the last 7 years, the population growth is been heading to the east side of Costa Rica. Escazu, a high-medium class neighborhood, is been growing and expanding their limits to the east. Ciudad Colon is very close to this limits which has pointed as the next best place to live in.

4 Facilities Own supply of water source. Two mayor electric gates to enter the property. One at the street limits and another one at the entrance of the houses. All electrical, telephone lines and cable facilities are underground. Each house has 2 available phone lines. TV Satellite or cable availability, from major local providers. A central telephone systems (by Panasonic) connect each house for internal communication without the need of making paid phone calls. All electrical and telephone services are directed to a central unit for better convenience and maintenance. Bottom and up gates can be open by a touch phone trough the same Panasonic telephone system. Internal roads are build with concrete. External illumination system with poles surrounding the mayor living areas. Each house has its own underground septic tank.

5 Houses Details & Specifications The property includes 4 houses already built and finished. The houses are 2 years old. They were finished at the end of the year 2001. From the exterior, the 4 houses look very alike. In the inside there are some little difference from one to another. This is considered the location and each main entrance. Squared meters are similar for each house. Approximately 250 m 2 of living space. This does not include the garage space and a small barbeque area on each house. All the houses include 1 st class wood finishing for doors, kitchen and bathrooms cabinets. Second floor includes 1 st quality Teak parquet. All ceramic tiles are Italian and Spain 1 st quality. Solid construction with reinforced concrete and blocks, to be able to meet all local earthquake standards. All windows are in light brown anon daze aluminum with security locks and mosquito nets. All four houses include full security alarm systems on major areas with two key pads Tinted windows.

6 House #1


8 House #2


10 House #3


12 House #4

13 The Property

14 All houses for sale include the following items: –Curtains on all bedrooms, living room, office, bathroom and breakfast area. –Bathroom cabinets. –Kitchen cabinets. –Lamps. –Security systems on all houses. –A 6x8 square meters pool will be installed at the convenience and location of the buyer. Includes pool with ceramic tiles, filter and supplies for the first month of operation. Lighting not included. Financing is available by present owner. Term and conditions as follows: –10 year term. –Up to 30% of total value. –Interest rate set at Prime Rate + 4.5%. –Rate will be fixed for the first 12 months and from then on, it will vary according to the fluctuations of the Prime Rate. The interest rate will be review and adjust quarterly. –Interest and principal payments payable on a monthly basis in United States of America currency.

15 CONTACT ME: Phone: (506) 235-6669 Facsimile: (506) 241-5364 Mobile: (506) 391-5088 Michael (506)

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