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Guatemala and El Salvador Shipping Agency June, 2005

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1 Guatemala and El Salvador Shipping Agency June, 2005

2 HOLANDESA DE COMERCIO Guatemala CIA. HOLANDESA DE COMERCIO, S.A. 13 Calle 2-60, Zona 10 Edif. Topacio Azul Of.1401 Guatemala, Guatemala Phone: Fax: El Salvador HOLANDESA DE COMERCIO, S.A. DE C.V Avenida Revolución y Calle Circunvalación No. 101, Local 3, Colonia San Benito, San Salvador, El Salvador Phone: /5 Fax:


4 Holandesa de Comercio Over 30 years as Shipping Lines’ agent Offices in Guatemala & El Salvador Experienced staff, specially oriented towards Customer Service Large experience in all markets Professional M&R handling (reefers, repairs, etc.) Offices in both ports Santo Tomas de Castilla and Puerto Quetzal.

5 Holandesa de Comercio is member of a Corporation: SERVICIOS PORTUARIOS. – Private Container Yard 42,000 square meters, 1,000 sq. meters warehouse (Puerto Quetzal -pacific coast). CARGA GLOBAL, S.A. (NVOCC) – Cargo Agents Worldwide – Guatemala and El Salvador

6 MANUFACTURING – Koramsa –One of the largest Maquila plants in Central America, over 10,000 employees. Levi’s, Gap Manufacturer. PUBLIC & PRIVATE CONSULTING – IDC Consulting - Investment, Development Corporation. REAL ESTATE DEVELOPMENT Las Pilas, El Naranjo (200 hectares in Guatemala city).

7 OUR VISION To get to be the first option for clients in Central America in the handling of containerized cargo from/to different destinations with the highest quality standards and effectiveness.

8 OUR VALUES Service Quality Loyalty Innovation OUR PHILOSOPHY The client - our partner, our friend. To create long term relations, for mutually benefit.

9 Capacity of transshipment containers by road from the Pacific to the Atlantic ocean and vice versa. High standards of Technology - 100% EDI ready & Internet based communications (own domain). Optimum use of special software, Documentation, Equipment control & tracking, etc. Our staff in Guatemala and El Salvador is organized on different departments: Administration, Operations, Customer Service, Documentation and Sales, all of them searching for the same goal. Excellent service and customer satisfaction.

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