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OHV Trails Conference 2007 Partnerships and Volunteer.

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1 OHV Trails Conference 2007 Partnerships and Volunteer

2 Who is AZOHVC? Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition (AZOHVC) is a non profit coalition made up of clubs, organizations and businesses from the OHV community in Arizona. We try to fill in the gap for agencies with partnerships, volunteer labor and writing grant applications. State wide, we are involved in many aspects of the planning of OHV trail systems. We work closely with the State Parks OHV program, Forest Service, State Land Department and BLM on Partnerships, Grants, trail inventory, trail evaluation/designation and most recently, trail maintenance, trail rehab and trail signing/ mapping.

3 WHY Form Partnerships? Why form a partnership? Budget cuts and the War have drastically cut funding. New Projects and maintenance have been dropped. The Partnerships bring much needed labor, and in some cases dollars to bridge this gap. Without the partnerships, Land resources degrade and many recreation activities could be lost or severely cut back. Partnerships help build bonds and friendships where us versus them may have existed before. Gives / creates a better cense of ownership and pride in recreation /user groups.

4 Lets Find a Partner! * Finding a partner isnt always easy. Some Agencies simply do not have the personnel to do the extra work a partnership requires. Others may see it as just to much work and red tape. A small number will fear repercussions from partnering with any group for playing favorites. *Dont let these issues stop you from perusing partnerships! A GOOD idea is hard to kill.

5 Lets Find a Partner! You may have to sell your idea to more than one person at an Agency or present your partnership proposal several times before you succeed. Most Agencies have trail or route planning in place that helps manage recreation and land use. This planning can be used to get ideas for a partnership proposal. * These could include erosion damaged trails repair, rehab, trail sign repair or replacement, fencing. * You may want to start small and get to know you Agency partner. Adopt a Ranger program can introduce you to a specific person to build trust and allows you both to scope out each other. *Cleanups and other small projects will also allow you to figure out the proper procedures to follow and insures success in larger future ones!

6 Lets Find a Partner! Projects can have more than one Partner! * Big projects may need multiple partners to complete * Non Traditional sources of money, other user groups, and multiple agencies can work together to accomplish some mighty big projects that would otherwise not be possible. CATP: Central Arizona Trails Partnership

7 Forming a Project Dont come to the table with only one type of project you are willing to do. KEEP an open mind. Again, start small and work up! Agencies usually have projects they would like to do but have more pressing items or are short the dollars and personnel. When talking about projects, sell your groups expertise. Are there welders or fabricators in your group? Have you done fencing before or trail work? Access to special equipment? Welders, power post hole digger?

8 Forming a Project Example : Your group would like to do trail repairs and signs on the Tonto national Forest. Youre a on the Ground kind of group. The Tonto is currently going thru route designation and is not sure what trails will remain open. So they are not doing any on the ground trail work until the designation process is completed. But if you ask the Ranger at this district what type of On the Groundprojects were needed, he would tell you about the fencing and gate on the Groundprojects that are ready to go and will protect the burned areas on his Forest. ***Once you have a good working relationship with an agency, you can suggest projects or repairs that they may not be aware of or were on a wish list of future projects.

9 Sample Projects Information Kiosks are one excellent group project for any type area.

10 Sample Projects cont. This is an adopt a ranch partnership with AZ Game and Fish and the Rancher. Dont take on a project you are over your head on! You want to have a successful project you can Complete ! Make sure you have work for all who attend. Fast way to loose volunteers!

11 Sample Projects cont. Alto Pit Trail 620 project As part of the Williamson Valley Alto pit travel plan, this project built a 50 multi use trail as part of the Forest planning to connect Recreation areas fragmented by urban development. This is a very advanced partnership that required a large investment in agency time to organize proper paperwork and agreements. Not for those in a hurry!

12 Sample Projects cont. Tonto Cave Creek District Existing route trail signing project. This was a Polaris TRIALS grant project that replaced damaged and missing sign on the South side of Bartlett Dam road trail system.

13 Sample Projects cont. Tonto Cave Creek District Existing Route/trail signing Project * This was a Ride Now matching grant to the Polaris TRAILS grant program. It allowed us to purchase and install signs in the Complex and Bart Fire areas where trail signs were destroyed in the fires.

14 Funding Funding cuts have impacted dollars available for Land Agency Work. Federal Funding cuts and the The War in Iraq, have drained most capitol improvement fund. Agencies have to look elsewhere for funds but many dont have the personnel to write grants.

15 Funding Traditional Sources of Funding: RTP (federal recreation trail program) Heritage Fund (State of AZ) OHV Gas Tax Fund (State of AZ) NFFF (National Forest Foundation Fund)

16 Funding Funding Cont. Non-Traditional Sources of Funding: *Game and Fish for OHV projects and hunter access *American Motorcycle Assoc. (AMA) *County *Tread Lightly Grant program Manufacturers Grant Programs *Polaris T.R.A.I.L.S OHV Grant program *Motorcycle Industry Council (MIC) *Specialty Vehicle Institute of America( SVIA)

17 Funding Funding Cont. Manufacturers Grant Programs Ford Motor Co. Hummer Grant program BF Goodrich Trails grants **Dont Assume because someone doesnt have an Official grant program That they will not support a good project.

18 Funding Funding Cont. Here are just a few who have donated equipment or dollars to worth while projects: CamelBak outdoor equipment REI out fitter stores Cycle Gear OHV stores Ride Now OHV stores Apache Honda OHV Dealer The Pit OHV repair shop MB Group Home builders and developers

19 Funding Funding Cont. HOW DO YOU APPROACH SOMEONE FOR SUPPORT? IDEA: Approach Business that profit from the use of Public land. WHAT IS YOUR GROUP INTO? Mountain BikesHikingATVs **Peruse the Business that supports your recreation. Odds are the ATV business would be less likely to support a Horse back Riding project.

20 Funding Funding Cont. HOW DO YOU APPROACH SOMEONE FOR SUPPORT? IDEA: ***Have a catch phrase or a easy to remember statement that gives your potential sponsor a reason to consider supporting your project. Example: We at AZOHVC work on lots of motorized trails, so we approach business that are involved with OHV sales in some way. NO TRAILS, NO SALES is short and easy to remember and it shows how NOT helping could affect business. Whether the project is keeping trails open, or mitigating damage from use, their support will help your project and their business.

21 Funding Funding Cont. Have a written plan *Even if your project is just an idea, have a written proposal with maps and or pictures for what you want to do. *Dont assume everyone knows about your recreation or its need for support. Pictures, maps and even news articles can give a visual. *If the business or organization doesnt have a formal Grant program, use a form from some one who does as a starting point for yours.

22 Funding Funding Cont Grants *Hit the Web! *Attend a Grant work shop State Parks has motorized and non- motorized grant workshops each year *Talk to others. Talk to your local Land Managers and other clubs and organizations for suggestions and help!

23 Volunteers ***Dont assume if you dont have cash to bring to the table that you will find NO partners! Your volunteer time can be as good as money! Your time can be applied as a match for Funds under some grants.

24 You and Your Partner OK, You now have a partner, a project and hopefully some funding. ******Before a shovel of dirt is turned or a sign is in the ground …… MAKE SURE THE PAPERWORK IS DONE! Nothing will kill your project faster than not having all the proper documentation required to do the work.

25 You and Your Partner Paperwork and Documentation Have a check list of needed documents in project file. This could include: 1)Is your NEPA documentation current or cover you for what the project encompasses? 2)Does your project require an Archeological study? 3)Proper paperwork for Volunteer agreements done? 4)If special equipment is required, does operator or person performing task have needed training or certification? #3 and 4 are very important to protect both land agency and volunteers alike.

26 You and Your Partner Paperwork and Documentation Why all the fuss? How about a parody on a John Wayne Flick? Let me tell you now, your fault, my fault any bodies fault ……….Im going to sue your pants OFF Dont let this happen to your project!! Make sure you have a copy of ALL your agreements, NEPA or other documents completed and in the project file! Dont assume this has been completed. ASK questions, beware of what is required, your partners……… that way.

27 Agency Supervision How much Supervision do you need? For Agencies- *Dont assume your volunteers know or understand Agency rules and regs. For you, type of project will dictate how much supervision YOU require. For new partnerships…….LOTS * Neither of you know what the other is capable of doing or how well the tasks for the project can be preformed.

28 Agency Supervision Example: Just a little *Cleanups, service projects Depending on how dispersed, a clean up is a good place to learn about your partner and requires much less supervision. Once proper safety equipment was determined and objectives were explained and demonstrated, Ranger was able to move to another group.

29 Agency Supervision Example: Big time *Maintenance, construction or mitigation. Big projects that involve equipment or trail work need direct supervision. Whether to layout where work limits are on the ground or how equipment is use. These projects require a big personnel commitment from Agencies.

30 Good Luck ! Working together to manage recreation is the real goal. Planning, preparation and patience will help you succeed in your partnership!

31 CONTACTS Contacts: Arizona Trail riders (MC) Arizona Off Highway Vehicle Coalition MIC ( Motorcycle Industry Council) Polaris TRAILS grant program Jeff Gursh (AZOHVC and ATR) Arizona State Parks OHV program

32 Trail Equipment All equipment has the potential for damage if used incorrectly or in untrained hands. In trail maintenance and building……… LESS IS MORE! Move small amounts of ground, disturb as little as possible, use caution in sensitive soils or vegetation areas. No substitute for training or experience!

33 TRAIL EQUIPMENT SWECO trail tractor Ideal all round trail machine. 48 inch articulated blade Steel Tracked Small size allows trail work to stay on the trail Diesel powered and well made/dependable

34 SWECO Example Over grown 50 inch trail 20 yrs since worked on Side sloped sloughed in 3 foot deep rain erosion Limited resources i.e. $

35 SWECO Example : *First pass moves loose rock into erosion channel *second pass brings soils and compacts. *trail drag on ATV finish Grades. 10 minutes to accomplish

36 EQUIPMENT ATVs or UTVs *Great work horse for carrying loads or transporting equipment. *Different sizes for different applications Shown: Polaris 500 with sign rack and trail drag

37 EQUIPMENT Trail Tractor Small size allow for smaller trail access. Can Bucket soil to location. Trenches and pulls / narrows larger trails.

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