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The Power of Creating Outcomes Leadership in Action.

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1 The Power of Creating Outcomes Leadership in Action

2 Our workforce is aging. One out of eight Americans working today (13%) is over 55 years of age and this segment will balloon to 20% by 2020. By 2030, while 51 million new workers enter the workforce a staggering 76 million workers will enter retirement. Source: The Jobs Revolution


4 The Bottom Line By 2010 there will be a 10M person shortage vs the open jobs By 2020 that climbs to a 19M person shortage Finding and keeping the RIGHT talent for our company will require stronger leadership than ever before

5 Leadership Actions Think daily about your significance Build relationships with people Choose to be courageous Embrace accountability Create outcomes Creating outcomes creates a legacy

6 Think about your significance First, where does significance come from –Your title? Your office? Your parking spot? Are you really important? –Consider your contributions –Consider your strengths Do not underestimate negative effects Understand that influence provides power

7 Build relationships…period First, know that leaders need to be LIKED! –Who do you work hardest for? –Who can ask a favor of you? –Who will you go the extra mile for? Find or create common ground When you get to the top of the mountain will it be crowded? –The sherpas of Everest

8 Joe Staff Member Pay to the order of My Leader In the amount of ???????????????????????_ ????? Joe Member For: Contributions 12345 If your employees wrote you a check for what you contributed to them, how much would that check be?

9 Choose to be courageous The fork in the road –Work presents choices –What you choose matters Consider the kiddie cam –Question: what would you do if a classroom of 2 nd graders was watching on a camera The character crisis around you –Society promotes avoidance – doing what is politically correct

10 Embrace accountability The world says: –Make a great effort – effort really matters Leaders say: –Accomplishment matters Embrace the idea that we will all be rewarded based on our accomplishments and not our effort There is no reward for effort built into nature - - why do some expect it at work?

11 Create outcomes Society and workers look to others to create their outcomes –Generation of new workers that expect the company to provide the outcomes Leaders self manage their way to outcomes Are outcomes a: –Decision we make? –Fate based on the decision of others? Multiply your outcomes – teach others to self manage 1. Self Diagnose 2. Self Start 3. Self Correct

12 Creating outcomes creates legacy Legacy is the ultimate accountability Is legacy: –Our history –Our future If legacy is a result of outcomes then we must: –Accept accountability for the legacy –Decide what we want it to be - NOW

13 Exercise Take a piece of paper out Take ONE minute to think of the top three things that will be said about you at your retirement dinner Question: will the speech be a long one? Question: how many people will be sad? Question: do you like what they are saying about your or would you like it to change?

14 Leadership in Action Pitfalls of learning about leadership –Leadership seems easy in theory –Leadership seems to have a low cost –Leadership seems like it should self perpetuate itself Bonuses from acting on the learning –We experience the growth –We experience the success –We learn from mistakes –We benefit from the accomplishment

15 Summary Leadership begins by leading yourself Moving from management to leadership requires the skill of creating outcomes Applying our personal best creates a positive outcome Effort does not equal accomplishment Leadership theory and leadership thinking is much easier than leadership action Leadership in Action creates the legacy your want to have

16 Recommendations Talent is Never Enough, by John Maxwell The Leadership Pipeline, by Ram Charan The Leadership Challenge, by James Kouzes & Barry Posner

17 Thank You Dave OBrien Predictive Index Arizona 480-423-5222

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