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Aztec- Mayan- Incan The World in 1500

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1 Aztec- Mayan- Incan The World in 1500
What are the big superpowers of the day and why should I care? Aztec- Mayan- Incan

2 Our World The big idea is for you to know how much the Europeans changed the world in the 1500s but first... You have to know what that world was like in order to understand that big change the Europeans wrought

3 Our World We will discuss the major trade, political forms, and society of: * Ottoman Empire * Mughal Empire * Safavid/Persian Empire * Chinese Empire * Songhai Empire * Aztec, Mayan, Incan Empire

4 AMI Aztec Mayan Incan

5 Aztec -Mayan-Incan Geographically isolated from the rest of the world - that is important when it comes to the Era of Exploration

6 Aztec -Mayan-Incan Socially advanced with large, well developed empires, systems of trade, and networks

7 Aztec -Mayan-Incan Agriculturally advanced with extensive networks of food production They invented corn - they cross bred grasses until they created one in Europe at corn before Columbus! Incans used Quinoa which is a type of grain that carries a strong dose of protein - long distance runners use it.

8 Aztec -Mayan-Incan Aztecs - occupied Mexico
capitol city of Tenochtitlan very large population, temples, markets, and palaces worshipped Quetzalcoatl advanced mathematics and calendars metalworking, pottery, weaving fierce military- warriors top of society

9 Aztec -Mayan-Incan Mayans - occupied Yucatan peninsula (El Salvador today) skilled engineers and architects writing system based on pictures or “glyphs” religion based on multiple goods and agriculture astronomy experts

10 Aztec -Mayan-Incan Incans - occupied western strip of South America (today, Peru, Equador, Bolivia, and Chile) capitol was Cuzxo worship sun and moon Emperor had absolute power advanced irrigation systems

11 Aztec -Mayan-Incan Used llamas (not horses - no horses in North or South America...that will be important later) Spoke Quechua- excellent system of roads and communication though never developed writing - used quipu - series of knots on parallel strings produced ceramics, textiles, metals. Very advanced in medicine, developed anesthetics and performed brain surgery

12 Why You Should Care? Even with all the advancements these sophisticated, well-developed societies had, they will not become the dominate powers of the world. You job will be to recognize why.

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