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Marcy’s Major Gifts Makeover

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1 Marcy’s Major Gifts Makeover
Making an Artful Ask!

2 The Artful Asker Marcy Heim, CFRE, is an author, speaker and coach for those transforming the world through philanthropy. Her direct and entertaining style reflects over twenty years of in-the-trenches, major gift fundraising and management success where she and her team raised millions by creating the genuine relationships she promotes in her popular sessions. "Empowering Development Ambassadors” is Marcy’s book on major gift relationship-building and the role of both methods and mindset in success. Marcy Heim, CFRE Founder & Principal

3 Session Goals The power & joy of philanthropy
Why people give/the Words we use The Cycle of Successful Relationships – overview Making an ask & WRITE your ask! Throughout – Our MINDSET!

4 “What’s the cause? Can’t you just give? Must there always be a cause?”

5 Philanthropy: A Definition
From the Greek word, philanthrapia, meaning love of humankind. The effort or inclination to increase the WELL-BEING of all through the giving of one’s time, talent or money for the GREATER GOOD. Community Foundation of Greater Wood County

6 Why Do People Give? They believe in your mission and want to make a difference ***** They are asked They believe you are stable & ethical They want to honor someone/thing They want to extend their values They have a high regard for the staff and the volunteer leadership They want to belong to something and help their community

7 Reasons That Do Not Play a Big Role in Creating A Joyful Giver
Guilt/Strong Arm To meet our numbers For Recognition Promotional Materials and Proposals To Reduce or Avoid Taxes

8 Universal Vision “You want to compose a good world – it is an honorable and noble profession.” – Maya Angelou Let your vocabulary reflect your attitude!

9 And every day, it is your choice.
Why you are you here? Our role, responsibility and opportunity to make the world a better place. And every day, it is your choice. Limiting Beliefs

10 “We become what we think about!”
Earl Nightingale The Strangest Secret

11 Declarations about Raising Major Gifts
My cause is worthy of people’s investment We are a sound and accountable organization We make a difference and I am proud of what we do People love to give me money! By giving to my organization, my donors experience the joy of philanthropy! It feels GREAT! I delight in hearing about gifts to other organizations I love to give to my organization myself

12 "Our beliefs can move us forward in life, or they can hold us back.“
Examine Your Beliefs "Our beliefs can move us forward in life, or they can hold us back.“ Oprah “I’ve heard this before”

13 Let’s Get The Money! hit up put the arm on … The bottom line loaded
milk … should give … ought to give … owes us Contacts per month get into his/her pockets pick the low hanging fruit What about? Prospect Suspect Follow up Strategy Move you Pitch Close Qualify Dream Make a difference Gift Consider Impact/Hope Meaningful Exciting/Passion Sustaining/Enduring  Possibilities/Imagine What to you think? Opportunity to invest Thank you/Gratitude 13

14 Why are the words we use so important?
Our words define who we are to others, how we feel about ourselves and how we choose to be seen by the world.

15 BUT…It’s more than just the words you use… you need to really mean them.
Marcy Heim

16 WRITE THIS DOWN! Philanthropy is the Mystical Mingling of a joyous giver, an artful asker, and a grateful recipient Douglas M. Lawson (1936)

17 The Artful Asker Cycle of Successful Relationships©
Begin the Conversation Creating the Joyful Giver Engagement Additional Interest maybe Consider Shared Values & Interests A Donor Story Making the Artful Ask Show Creativity yes Invoking the Grateful Recipient acknowledge NO ©2010 The Artful Asker LLC, cell: Used with permission from Don Gray /Douglas Lawson 17

18 The Math of Major Gift Work
For each major gift (>$25K), you need three prospective major givers On average, a major gift is closed after 9 meaningful contacts, or between 6 mos-2yrs Thus to get 5 new major gifts requires 3 x 9 x 5 = 135 meaningful contacts.

19 5 Laws About Money Money likes clarity. Telling your personal story. Blaming, tangents, broadcast approaches. When you aren’t clear, you don’t connect, Clear values, message, impact Money comes through people …so it’s never about the money. Money is the vehicle that connects shared values Money likes certainty. Opportunities for Giving. This is what this amount will do. Money likes consistency. The key to more & larger giving. It is not an event, it is a flow-a relationship you can count on. Money likes systems.(not winging it) Rain barrel directs to impact

20 Beginning the Conversation
Think about people like you---who share your values and interests Be VERY clear on why you champion, invite and invest – money likes clarity Make connections between opportunities to give and givers’ interests with your needs Share your story– anywhere and anytime!

21 Creating Joyful Givers
Make communicating with others a priority – newsletters, website, etc. Telling the story! Board/volunteers play a key role here for their own 1:1 connections & to connect staff – Money comes through people. Consistency. Let the relationship evolve – Grandchildren syndrome Create EXPERIENCES – big and small to be involved and see first-hand the impact (Invite) Talk/listen about what you need – get to dollars/impact Money loves certainty.

22 Making an Artful Ask Make an ask only if you are comfortable in doing so Arrange the ask call for staff Agree to be a “member” of the asking team Serve as the testimonial regarding the organization Discuss the impact a gift will have on your organization Be a role model for a similar level of giving Show strong support for organization’s mission/priorities Support a potential giver’s inclination to support another project

23 Being a Grateful Recipient
Steward the gift, donor and a culture of stewardship – Money loves systems. It’s all about demonstrating IMPACT Be genuinely grateful, Listen for any concerns or questions Deepen and continue the personal relationship. Money love consistency. Thank people whenever appropriate and in a variety of ways – not 10 form letters Be creative and watch for the sparkle. Listen for new interests in your organization

24 The Artful Asker Cycle of Successful Relationships©
Begin the Conversation Creating the Joyful Giver Engagement Additional Interest maybe Consider Shared Values & Interests Making the Artful Ask Show Creativity yes Invoking the Grateful Recipient acknowledge NO ©2010 The Artful Asker LLC, cell: Used with permission from Don Gray /Douglas Lawson 24

25 The Artful Asker Cycle of Successful Relationships©
They agree on the value of our organization/mission. They agree with the vision of our leadership. They see that private support is needed for this project to happen. We have a relationship built on trust and have talked through all the concerns they have about giving methods and the project. We have talked about different specific components and giving levels and found a project that accomplishes their dream. Begin the Conversation Creating the Joyful Giver Additional Interest maybe Consider Shared Values & Interests Making the Artful Ask WOULD YOU CONSIDER… Show Creativity yes Invoking the Grateful Recipient acknowledge NO ©2010 The Artful Asker LLC, cell: Used with permission from Don Gray /Douglas Lawson 25

26 Major Issues in Asking What are the important linkages?
How much do you ask for? Who makes the ask? Where is the best location to make an ask? What do you send out ahead of the call? When is the timing right? How do you make an artful ask? Common pitfalls in making an ask? What do you say when….responding to objections. How do you follow up? What do you do if the answer is “no”? Or YES!

27 Review the Cycle to Date
Make it ‘Right” Motivation and values, knowledge, decision-maker, concerns, preferences for involvement, giving and stewardship.

28 Research and Discovery
When is the timing right? What is the right amount? Who makes the ask? Where is the ask made? Listen for signals: Listen, Listen, Listen Ask thoughtful questions Develop a “touch” for knowing Remember: this is an art, and a science Ready…aim…aim…aim…aim

29 How Much do you Ask For? Using your 6-9 meaningful contacts, you have assessed the potential through your conversations personally and through involving others in the action plan for the donor. You believe you have found a fit with the giver’s interest and capacity. Talk about dollars to accomplish a certain impact and listen, listen, listen In cultivation, review costs today. Ask for somewhat more than the person’s estimated ability. Most people are flattered. Discuss the form of the gift, the payment period and possible combinations of outright and deferred.

30 Who makes the ask? The development professional generally “speaks the ask.” A high ranking administrator. A volunteer or board member. An “expert” on the project Who should be part of the team to visit with David about his gift?

31 Where is the Ask Made? home Wherever the potential giver is most comfortable Avoid noisy restaurants Avoid quiet restaurants Best places: donor’s home, with spouse. Pay attention to setting; make it classy office campus restaurant ?

32 Rehearse/Role-play WRITE OUT the ask Practice the ask
bestow honor/praise show organizational pride be considerate; ask for consideration state specific amount state specific purpose Be quiet WRITE OUT the ask Practice the ask Define roles of team members and role-play the call

33 Is this an Artful Ask? Joe, you are one of the most successful and highly respected leaders in our community. Your service on our Board has been instrumental to our success in creating and expanding our Garden project. We know you understand, in addition to the beauty, what an important teaching tool this is for us. Would you consider a gift of $50,000 to establish the Joe Smith Garden Outreach Program endowment? bestow honor/praise show organizational pride be considerate; ask for consideration state specific amount state specific purpose Be quiet

34 What are the Common Pitfalls in Making the Ask?
We talk too much Ask sounds cold or inconsiderate We use words like “should” and “ought” We ask apologetically and are embarrassed Eye contact breaks down The ask is rushed We break the silence too soon after ask is made

35 Respond to Objections Institution or Organization Based
Project/Program Fit or Implementation Dollar Amount is a Challenge Reflection and Consideration

36 Project/Program Fit or Implementation
Concerns regarding impact and importance Outline addressing concerns in plan for follow up determined at the “ask” visit Take project concerns in steps – 'Will check and get back to you.’ Shows thoughtful consideration. Address concerns and details in a Memorandum of Agreement or Pledge Document. “Can I share with department?” for follow up of specific concerns. Address concerns in follow up phone calls and correspondences from key people Take care not to create the fit inappropriately. (in other words, try to create a program to meet their interests that’s not in your priorities)

37 Dollar Amount is a Challenge
Too much “That’s a lot of Money!” Sounds like you are wondering why we need that amount in order to do X Gifts over time Annual now with endowment from estate Mix of both annual and endowment Annual only Has just made another gift Start next year (or at some point in the future) Annual this year or even beyond “Sounds like you want to do this but we need to talk about ways to do this.” “I can share how others have handled this.” Agree to do gift in estate Wonderful! Later visit re experiencing during lifetime Partner with others (planned giving staff/member of Board)

38 Respect and Gratitude Seldom will you close a major gift on the asking call Plan ahead for following up Establish the next step Be considerate, thank the person, be grateful

39 What Do You Do if the Answer is “YES”?
Make sure all appropriate people say “thank you” Design a creative plan to continue saying “thanks” Continue visiting the giver and listening for next opportunity Keep working the Cycle!!!!! BE GRATEFUL! Yippee

40 Multiple asks The annual fund is still the annual fund accomplishing all it does. Planned gifts provide amazing options for your major gift donors. Donors support causes/projects/programs of interest to THEM. In other words: DON’T ASSUME…. YOU KNOW WHAT YOUR DONOR IS INTERESTED IN. THEY WILL BE OFFENDED BY THE ANNUAL FUND ASK. THEY WILL GIVE YOU LESS IF THEY SUPPORT SOMETHING ELSE. THEY NEED YOU TO CONVINCE THEM. THEY WILL BE OFFENDED BY MULTIPLE ASKS.

41 Adages about Asking (all true)
You almost never get the gift you do not ask for You must earn the right to ask You must balance the art and the science You must focus on serving your donor Nothing is more rewarding than the results and impact of an “artful ask”

42 Lack versus Abundance Lack is metrics driven, Abundance is metrics supported Lack says either/or, Abundance says BOTH Lack sees obstacles, Abundance sees opportunities. Lack says “I already know this”, Abundance says ”There is always more to learn” Lack is fear, Abundance is Pushing past fear Lack is being a victim, Abundance is taking responsibility

43 Take back the power and knowledge that you create everything in your life…and everything that is NOT in it.

44 Write your Declarations
Exercise Write your Declarations Affirmation – a positive statement asserting that a goal you wish to achieve is already happening. Declaration – to state an official intention to undertake a particular course of action or adopt a particular status.

45 Challenge/Declaration
I’m just don’t get the breaks Either I will be successful or have enough time for my family Rich people are greedy pigs He will say no to this ask She really doesn’t want to meet with me about giving I don’t really know how to talk about all the options Declaration I create my life I can have both a successful career and time for my family I model and respect rich people People love to give me money Our college is worthy of her investment I promote the value of gifts to our cause with passion and enthusiasm

46 Summary of Important Points
Respect and honor your donors. As you deepen your relationships, be true to shared values and have honorable goals. Employ metrics to serve the relationship-building process and to help you organize and record the information needed for you to best help your donors accomplish their giving goals. What is measured, grows.

47 Summary of Important Points
Set numerical benchmarks based on your mix of job responsibilities, years in development work, life experiences, tenure at this institution and donor base demographics (travel, age, etc). How far ABOVE these will you aim? Set benchmarks that challenge you to manage your time well and put in an honest day’s work. Focus on building the relationships and serving the donor and the money will follow.

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