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We use command and prohibition in our daily conversation, it also can be practiced when we are teaching our student ( teaching and learning activity)

2 COMMAND ( Kalimat Perintah )
Example : Open the door ! / Open the door, please ! Close your book !/ Close the book, please ! Write down your answer on the white board ! Put off your jacket ! / Put off your jacket, please ! Throw the rubbish on the right place ! Raise your hand, please ! Look at me ! Do it by your self !

3 COMMAND Kalimat perintah ( command) di awali dengan Verb infinitive ( V1) / idiom Contoh V1 : Contoh idiom : Open Sit down Close Put off Send Write down Throw Look at Raise

4 PROHIBITION (Kalimat larangan)
Example : Don’t sleep in class ! Don’t forget to do your homework! Don’t come late again ! Don’t speak by yourself ! Don’t cheat in examination ! Don’t leave me alone !

5 PROHIBITION Untuk kalimat larangan ( perintah larangan ) di awali dengan “ Don’t + V1

Command and prohibition bisa di awali dengan non verb ( adjective, noun, or adverb ) dengan menambahkan “be” sebelumnya Example: Be a good student ! Be here on time, please ! Be careful on the road ! Be a nice girl ! Be a diligent student !

7 Next… Example : Don’t be lazy ! Don’t be a sleepy !
Don’t be late again ! Don’t be sad ! Don’t be a lazy student ! Don’t be a naughty boy !

8 Let’s practice

9 Handling guest Greeting Offering help :
Can I help you ( Sir/ Madam ) ? What can I do for you ( sir / madam ) ? Can I do something for you ? 3. Situational Responses Can I meet Mr. koco, please ? Have you made an appointment before ?

10 Have you called him before. Of course, let me accompany you
Have you called him before ? Of course, let me accompany you. Of course, Mr. koco is in his room Mr. Irfan is in IT room, IT room is on the second floor beside the mosque. You can go straight from here then turn right, you can see the mosque and the IT room is…..

11 next Administration room Go straight / go ahead, then turn right, the Administration room is on your right side

12 next I would like to meet Mrs. Anik Mrs. Anik is teaching right now, she is in room 25. Please wait for a moment/ a while/ a minute, I will call her Wait for …… minutes until break time.


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