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Christmas Advent Calendar Click on the numbers to see the surprises!

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2 Christmas Advent Calendar Click on the numbers to see the surprises!

3 12345678 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

4 Holly is a popular decoration at Christmas time and is often used to make Christmas wreaths. The thorns and berries are said to represent the thorny crown and blood of Christ

5 2345678 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

6 Candy canes were first made in Germany and represent a shepherd’s crook. The white and red stripes are meant to represent Jesus’ purity and blood.

7 345678 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

8 Stockings holding presents date back to St. Nicholas’ time, when three young girls hung their stockings over the fireplace to dry.

9 45678 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

10 Fir trees have been decorated, usually with apples and other fruit, since the 16 th century in Germany. A picture of Queen Victoria and her family gathered around a tree made them popular in Britain

11 5678 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

12 Songs have been sung to celebrate Christmas for many, many years. In the 19 th century writing Christmas carols became more popular and some of the carols you sing at school were written then.

13 678 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

14 The three wise men who came to visit Jesus are also called the Magi. Their names were Caspar, Melchior and Balthasar.

15 78 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

16 In China houses and streets are decorated with traditional Chinese lanterns at Christmas time.

17 8 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

18 Rudolph is the name of the reindeer who leads Santa’s sleigh. The story ‘Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’ was written in 1939 by an American called Robert L. May.

19 9101112131414 151617181920 21222324

20 Bells are often mentioned at Christmas because the ringing of bells is a tradition that dates back to old Pagan festivals.

21 101112131414 151617181920 21222324

22 In Ireland candles have religious significance at Christmas time. Candles burning in windows show that the house has room for Mary and Joseph, just like the stable.

23 1112131414 151617181920 21222324

24 A Christmas wreath is circular. It has no end and no beginning. It is said to be everlasting, like our love for Jesus.

25 12131414 151617181920 21222324

26 In Sweden the person who delivers gifts at Christmas is a gnome called the Tomte.

27 131414 151617181920 21222324

28 In Norway the person who delivers gifts at Christmas is a goat like creature called Julebukk.

29 1414 151617181920 21222324

30 Giving Christmas cards is a tradition that was started in Britain in 1843 by a man called Sir Henry Cole.

31 151617181920 21222324

32 Gingerbread men and gingerbread houses are popular at Christmas time in parts of Europe.

33 1617181920 21222324

34 In South America, celebrating the manger, which they call the presepio, is the most important part of Christmas celebrations.

35 17181920 21222324

36 Mary and Joseph had to travel from Nazareth to Bethlehem to pay taxes. They had to pay them in Bethlehem as this was where Joseph was from.

37 181920 21222324

38 In Poland Christmas is often called Gwaizdka, which means ‘little star’. Celebrations do not start until the star appears.

39 1920 21222324

40 Decorating the tree with glass baubles became popular about 1500 years ago. It was also around this time that the first tree lights were made.

41 20 21222324

42 The Virgin Mary is the Patron Saint of Spain and they start their Christmas celebrations with a feast celebrating her.

43 21222324

44 When the Christmas story was first heard in Japan many people were surprised that Jesus slept in a cradle as most Japanese babies slept in bed with their parents!

45 222324

46 In the city of Rome in Italy cannons are fired on Christmas Eve to show it is the start of the Christmas Holiday.

47 2324

48 Mistletoe became popular at Christmas in Scandinavian countries. Kissing underneath it is supposed to bring you good luck all year.

49 24

50 We now call St. Nicholas Santa or Father Christmas, but he has many names around the world including ‘Pere Noël (France), Svaty Miklaus (Czechoslovakia) and Sinterklaas (Holland).



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