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PowerBuilder 11 Overview

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1 PowerBuilder 11 Overview
Jim O’Neil Principal Systems Consultant Sybase, Inc.

2 Agenda PowerBuilder roadmap PowerBuilder 11 feature overview
SySAM licensing Upcoming PowerBuilder events

3 PowerBuilder Roadmap Version 11 released in June 2007
11.1 Maintenance Release available November 14, 2007 Delivers on third-phase of PowerBuilder’s .NET initiative Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

4 2008 PowerBuilder 11.2 2008 PowerBuilder 11.5 2009 PowerBuilder 12
AJAX support for Web Forms Applications EAServer .NET Client Support Miscellaneous fixes 2008 PowerBuilder 11.5 Core .NET enhancements Native DataWindow updates Updated database support Miscellaneous fixes 2009 PowerBuilder 12 .NET in IDE WPF/WCF support at design and run-time Fully managed code at deployment Complete .NET interoperability Language Independence Application Connectivity Multiple Platform Support Power And Performance Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

5 PowerBuilder 11 Feature Overview
IDE enhancements User interface enhancements Database connectivity updates Web Service DataWindow source .NET deployment .NET Web Forms applications .NET Windows Forms and Smart Client applications .NET Web Services .NET Assemblies

6 IDE Enhancements 10 Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

7 IDE Enhancements Resizable dialog boxes

8 IDE Enhancements Updated menus and toolbars

9 IDE Enhancements System tree Current target highlighted
Script decorator Double-click enabled

10 IDE Enhancements Project painters Common tabbed metaphor
In-place editing Post-build actions Run/debug action

11 IDE Enhancements Output window tabs Default Errors Warnings
Search results Unsupported features

12 IDE Enhancements Retain DataWindow retrieval arguments 11.1

13 User Interface Enhancements
10 Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

14 User Interface Enhancements
Window properties Transparency Animation

15 User Interface Enhancements
DataWindow Use Ellipsis Property

16 User Interface Enhancements
TreeView DataWindow for Web applications

17 Vista Support 11.1 Maintenance Release
Deployment and development support 32-bit and 64-bit support (Vista Business Edition) Administrator privileges required to install and run Manifest file support for end-user applications Some caveats JSP targets not supported (due to lack of support for HTML editor) Calendar controls (Microsoft Common Controls) not fully supported Windows Help file support not included, but can be added manually PDF printer driver configuration - SaveAs(PDF!,….)

18 Database Connectivity Updates
10 Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

19 Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise (ASE) 15
New interface supports version 15 and later SQLCA.DBMS = “ASE” (DLL name PBASE110.DLL) Requires Open Client 15 ASE 15 feature support Identifier names up to 128 characters Scrollable cursors New integral data types Identity column support Updated SYC interface supports some features of ASE 15 11.1

20 Microsoft SQL Server New native driver interface
SQLCA.DBMS = “SNC” (DLL name PBSNC110.DLL) Supports SQL Server 2000 and 2005 Relies on SQL Server 2005 native client installation SQL Server 2005 support Multiple active result sets (MARS) Bypass validation during encryption Snapshot isolation level DBParm support SPCache: Cache stored procedure parameter descriptions Previous native driver Host and AppName parameters reinstated

21 Real Application Cluster (RAC) support
Oracle 10g Real Application Cluster (RAC) support RAC is an optional feature to support seamless failover when a single database is deployed across a hardware cluster PowerBuilder support HANotification DBParm on enables notification Transaction object DBNotification event fires when server down Event return value determines next action 0: initiate failover other value: stop processing current command and return error Statement caching (DBParm: StatementCache) 11.1

22 Informix 10 New native driver interface
11.1 New native driver interface SQLCA.DBMS = “I10” (DLL name PBI10110.DLL) Supports IBM Informix Dynamic Server Requires Informix Client Connect 2.9 for runtime Improvements over previous driver Support for Unicode databases (DBParms: Client_Locale, DB_Locale, and StrByCharset) Support for long table and column names, up to 128 characters Statement caching support (DBParm: StmtCache) Column encryption support (DBParms: EncryptionPass and Hint)

23 iAnywhere MobiLink Support
Sybase technology providing session-based synchronization between a main database and multiple remote databases New PowerBuilder built-in object support MLSynchronization – abstract base class for MLSync object MLSync – wraps call to dbmlsync.exe to perform synchronization and respond to callbacks SyncParm – structure used to set properties for the MLSync object obtained from default or customized synchronization options window SyncProcessType – enumeration indicating direction of the synchronization

24 Web Service DataWindow Data Source
10 Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

25 Web Service DataWindow
New Data Source option Retrieve and update Uses .NET Framework Web Services DataWindow Tuesday, Feb. 5, 2008 David Avera Staff Software Engineer

26 .NET Deployment Options
10 Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

27 .NET Deployment Entire applications Business objects (NVOs)
.NET Windows Forms applications .NET Smart Client applications .NET Web Forms applications Business objects (NVOs) .NET Assemblies .NET Web Services Key components PB2CS – PowerBuilder .NET compiler .NET Framework SDK

28 PowerBuilder .NET Deployment
PowerScript Source C# translation .NET EXE or Assembly CSC deploy PBDs (DataWindow Objects) Syntax errors save/build Unsupported features PB2CS PowerBuilder System Library For .NET (managed code) DataWindow Engine Database Interfaces (unmanaged code) Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

29 PowerBuilder 11 Overview Web Service DataWindow
Nov. 20, 2008 Jim O’Neil Systems Consultant .NET Assemblies ISUG Techcast archives (presented Nov. 13, 2007) Jim O’Neil Systems Consultant .NET Windows Forms And Interoperability Dec. 4, 2007 Jim O’Neil Systems Consultant PowerBuilder 11 .NET Deployment Web Casts Web Service DataWindow Feb. 5, 2008 David Avera Staff Software Engineer .NET Web Forms Dec. 11, 2007 David Fish Engineering Evangelist .NET Web Services Jan. 29, 2008 David Fish Engineering Evangelist .NET Smart Client Jan. 15, 2008 John Strano Technology Evangelist

30 SySAM License Management
10 Sybase Analyst Event August 2003

31 Sybase Software Asset Management (SySAM)
Implemented using Macrovision© FLEXnet software licensing compliance management system Monitor license usage Report on usage metrics Automate software delivery PowerBuilder’s implementation Stand-alone seat: license tied to specific hardware Served or unserved licensing Unserved: license resides locally Served: license server validates on each access Alternative use license: product may be installed on second machine for non-concurrent use by licensee

32 Software Product Download Center (SPDC)
URL: Contact on order has user id and password to login

33 SPDC – Product Entitlements
Select desired product

34 SPDC – Product Page

35 SPDC – License Generation
Alternative Use Information Return generated license Generate new license

36 SPDC – License Generation
Step 1: License usage N.B., Alternative Use License is for use by primary license holder only, for non-concurrent use on a second machine

37 SPDC – License Generation
Step 2: License model N.B., Served license is required for installations that will support remote access such as through Terminal Services

38 SPDC – License Generation
Step 3: Number of Machines to License (unserved) or License Quantity (served)

39 SPDC – License Generation
Step 4: Host machine identification Node Host ID Ethernet address (card must be enabled to validate license) Disk serial number (preface with DISK_SERIAL_NUM=) Host Name: machine name (Served only) Port number and failover servers, if desired

40 SPDC – License Generation
Step 5: Save license

41 SPDC – License Generation
Step 6: Apply to product

42 Upcoming PowerBuilder events
ISUG “Leveraging PowerBuilder in the .NET World” Day-long, hands-on training event Multiple cities in North America through December Visit for details Sybase web casts Windows Forms and .NET Interoperability (Dec 4th) Web Forms (Dec 11th) Smart Client (Jan 15th) Web Services Deployment (Jan 29th) Web Services DataWindow (Feb 5th) Visit to sign-up!!

43 Q&A

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