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Financials 8.9 Upgrade and Projects/Customer Contracts Implementation Update August 15, 2006.

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1 Financials 8.9 Upgrade and Projects/Customer Contracts Implementation Update August 15, 2006

2 1 Agenda I.Introductions/Opening Remarks II.Upgrade Benefits and Objectives III.Timelines IV.Training and Financial Reporting V.Module-by-Module Discussions VI.Project Costing/Customer Contracts Implementation Overviews VII.Questions

3 2 Upgrade Objectives Maintain support from Oracle. State must be on a more current version of PeopleSoft to maintain software support Replace state modifications with new delivered functionality Enhance existing modules Improve business processes with new functionality

4 3 Upgrade Benefits: Budget Process Improvement Three changes to prevent a multitude of budget errors Prevent purchase order quantity and amount errors Eliminate double encumbrances associated with collision of online and batch budget checking Improve monthly PO close process by eliminating the ability to override match exceptions

5 4 Upgrade Timeline

6 5 Financials Upgrade Training and Financial Reporting

7 6 Upgrade: Web Learning Assistant WLAs are now complete in one document –You no longer have to click a link to see the page being described Not all WLAs were updated –Major WLAs were revised –Revisions were given a Copyright date of 2006 Job Aids can be found on the Core-CT website –The Job Aids page in the WLA will link to them

8 7 Upgrade Training Participants Delta Presentations –Mini-training sessions (2-4 hours in length) –Module-specific –Changes in 8.9 –Designed for current “hands on” users Superuser Training for Purchasing –Limited attendees –Attendees are expected to provide agency-specific training Web-based Training –Presentations –Module-specific exercises

9 8 Upgrade Training Overview Attendees must currently use Core-CT Training materials have been customized to the business processes Registration will begin in September –New Registration Tool Training will begin in October

10 9 Upgrade: Delta Presentations Detailed walkthroughs of the changes the user can expect to see Medium size group presentation –Allows for agency specific discussion –Functional experts available for Q&A period

11 10 Upgrade: Delta Presentations One presentation for each module except Purchasing –Accounts Payable –Billing/Accounts Receivable –General Ledger –Asset Management –Inventory Purchasing will have four Delta presentations –Requisitioning –Purchase Orders –Receiving –Vendor Contracts

12 11 Upgrade Training Simulations Step-by-step walkthroughs Uses a sample agency to demonstrate a procedure Users can work through the simulation from their own computer and can repeat multiple times Can be online or downloaded

13 12 Upgrade Production Labs Assists users with production data entry questions and issues Will be held after the upgrade is implemented Functional and training staff will be available Held at 101 East River Drive Registration will be required

14 13 Upgrade: Purchasing-Specific Training Online User Training –High level introduction to the following: Requisitioning Purchase Order processing Receiving Super-User Classroom Training –Small group computer-based training –Super-Users will be contacted directly with specific training dates Super-Users will be responsible for agency-specific training Core-CT follow-up with Super-Users

15 14 Business Process Impacts: Financials Queries Private queries will NOT be brought forward. Staff will be notified to take screen shots of their query criteria and recreate the queries in the 8.9 environment after go-live. Public queries will not be brought forward unless they are business critical and: 1.The Core-CT team is notified in writing that the query is essential to the performance of their job. 2.The notification explains why the information must come from the Production environment 3.The person who claims the query is essential must be willing to come to Core-CT to test the query in the 8.9 environment 4.If the public query was created after 1-27-06, agencies must be willing to recreate the queries in 8.9 development EPM is the official reporting database. Agencies should monitor their employees and the use of queries in Production.

16 15 Business Process Impacts: Financials Queries Recommended Query naming convention: Format: CT_AGENCY ACRONYM_DESCRIPTOR— Example: CT_OSC_YE … These are Comptroller’s queries that will be named to indicate that it is a year-end query. Example: CT_APA_PAYMENT_CO … This is an Auditor’s query named to indicate it is used to audit payment compliance. The description column should include a 30 character description of the query.

17 16 Upgrade: Module-by-Module Discussion Purchasing/E-Procurement, Catalog Management, Inventory –Joann Bellamo General Ledger, Billing/Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Asset Management –Donalynn Black

18 17 Upgrade: Purchasing Highlights New look Purchase Orders Vendor Contracts Receiving has a new name “Receipts” No longer using the RFQ module Better integration between modules

19 18 Upgrade: E-Procurement Three-step requisitioning process Buyer Center a single location that allows users to create E-Procurement and Purchasing transactions Enhanced workflow approval process –Approve, Deny, Push Back –New graphic display

20 19 Upgrade: E-Procurement Create Requisition

21 20 Upgrade: E-Procurement Analyze Procurement

22 21 Upgrade: E-Procurement Analyze Procurement

23 22 Upgrade: E-Procurement Workflow Approvals

24 23 Upgrade: Purchase Order

25 24 Upgrade: Vendor Contracts

26 25 Upgrade: Agency-Specific Contract

27 26 Upgrade: Inventory Direct Processing –Can expedite your transaction Auto Processing –Enhanced search capability

28 27 Upgrade: Inventory Direct Processing

29 28 Upgrade: Inventory Auto Processing Reserve Materials

30 29 Upgrade: Future Functionality Exploration E-Procurement Market Place or Direct Connect Inventory “Pegging”

31 30 Upgrade: Module-by-Module Discussion Purchasing/E-Procurement, Catalog Management, Inventory –Joann Bellamo General Ledger, Billing/Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable, Asset Management –Donalynn Black

32 31 Upgrade: Process Changes Project chartfields will appear for easier entry Enhanced search capabilities Improved analysis tools Easier navigation for AP, AR, AM & GL The capability to override matching will no longer be available in AP Budget checking enhancement to eliminate double encumbrance issue New Asset Type in AM that will default from the Profile ID

33 32 Upgrade: Accounts Receivable/Billing Highlights Ability to reprint bills with additional options New navigation in Accounts Receivable Review aging report online and link to details Ability to review an item in AR and link directly to the bill Enhanced search capabilities in Billing and AR

34 33 Upgrade: Accounts Receivable Ability to Review and Link

35 34 Upgrade: Accounts Receivable Ability to Review and Link

36 35 Upgrade: Accounts Receivable Ability to Review and Link

37 36 Upgrade: Accounts Receivable Ability to Review and Link

38 37 Upgrade: Accounts Payable Highlights Two new voucher summary and error pages for quick review Review Match Exceptions at a glance Ability to customize inquiries online for payments, vouchers and vendors Ability to chart results, i.e., bar charts Better synchronization between the PO and voucher

39 38 Ugrade: Accounts Payable Summary of Data and the Ability to Link

40 39 Upgrade: Accounts Payable Quick Error Identification

41 40 Accounts Payable: Inquiry and Drill Down AP users can save common inquiries The drill-down functionality to get detailed information is simplified Links make it easier to go back and forth from a list to details

42 41 Upgrade: General Ledger Highlights Budget Exceptions are easily displayed and can now be reviewed on new pages Processing status of a transaction is now searchable Ability to chart budgets, i.e., bar charts Ledger Summary has been redesigned

43 42 Upgrade: General Ledger Budget Details Includes Ability to Chart

44 43 Upgrade: General Ledger Summary Ledger Includes Journal ID and Date

45 44 Upgrade: Asset Management Highlights Enhanced Search capability allowing searches by: –Employee ID –Custodian –Asset Type –Manufacturer ID or Name –Model –VIN –Hazardous Asset Ability to retire/dispose of multiple assets simultaneously Ability to identify hazardous assets and track their location and status

46 45 Projects and Contracts Implementation Timeline

47 46 Project Costing Overview Analyzes the costs of a project, by activity, through budgets and integration with other modules –Expenditures –Pre-Encumbrances –Encumbrances –Other Transactions (Payroll, GL, Equipment Usage, etc.) Establishes a link to the Contracts Module for automating billing transactions Establishes a framework for designing, planning, and building assets Provides limited project management functionality –Phases –Statuses –Team Members

48 47 Customer Contracts Overview Integrates with Projects to allow automated billing of costs incurred on a project May capture grant information for tracking purposes Option exists to set up recurring billing and track funds received by state on lease and rental agreements

49 48 Current Schedule for PC/CA Agencies that are currently working with Core-CT to implement Project Costing and Contracts are Transportation, Public Works, Environmental Protection and Information Technology The go-live for these agencies is scheduled for July 2007 Due to high level of commitment from agencies and extensive work with Core-CT, other agencies that are interested in using the Project Costing and Customer Contract modules will be added in the future Agencies that use Project Costing will need to coordinate both Financial and HRMS changes that will take place in their agencies due to the implementation of Project Costing

50 49 Questions Questions?

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