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Geography & Early People of Greece

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1 Geography & Early People of Greece

2 Geography Peninsula in Southern Europe Greece is located on the Balkan
Land covered with mountains(Pindus Range)    cover ¾ of Greek mainland protected and isolated limited contact between communities effect: Greece never unites w/ one govt.

3 Geography natural harbors no place more than 50 miles from the coast
effect: many make living from the seas

4 Geography some fertile land mild climate (not hot like Egypt)
effect: some farming(barley wheat grapes and olives), but Greeks will look for more land and will set up colonies people raised sheep and goats mild climate (not hot like Egypt) effect: people spend time outside and socialize

5 Minoans lived on Crete, traded in Mediterranean
          region between 2500 and 1500 BC British archaeologist Arthur Evans (1893) Believed to have come from western Asia…not actually Greek Legend of King Minos

6 Minoans known for labyrinth palace at Knossos
frescoes show scenes of Minoan life and religion Relates to story of Theseus and the Minotar

7 The Throne Room in the Palace of Knossos

8 Frescoes tell of the Minoan’s attachment to the sea

9 Minoan fresco

10 Frescoes tell about the sport of bull leaping
The Bull Chamber at the Palace of Knossos where a bull leaping fresco was found

11 Minoan fresco

12 Really???

13 Minoan fresco

14 Decline of Civilization
Minoan trade dominated eastern Mediterranean until about 1380 BC Something happened, maybe a volcanic eruption or other natural disaster Culture was further weakened by Mycenaean attacks and influences between 1400 and 1100 BC

15 Mycenaeans perhaps came from central Asia
intermarried w/ natives on mainland set up kingdoms around hilltop fortresses Mask of legendary King Agamemnon

16 Mycenaeans adopted Minoan customs
said to have fought in legendary Trojan War Heinrich Schliemann – German archaeologist who discovered Troy The Lion’s Gate

17 Trojan Horse

18 Dorians invaded Greece from the north
Mycenaeans weakened by infighting Dorians easily won using iron weapons

19 Dorians Dorian period known as a “dark age”
refugees fled to Ionia (west coast of Asia Minor) Ionians gradually come back, reintroduce culture

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