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Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors’ Meeting May 15, 2014.

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1 Craig J. Nichols, Secretary Purchasing Directors’ Meeting May 15, 2014

2 Agenda Introductions & Welcome Comments – Kelley Scott MFMP – Kasey Bickley Professional Development and Governance – Veronica McCrackin Bureau Chiefs - New Contracts, Renewals, and Upcoming Solicitations Hot Topics – All 2

3 MFMP Utilization Update Agencies continue to improve their utilization of MFMP, especially in the eQuote metric. Catalog Utilization –Our first catalog focus group meeting occurred April 17. We are consolidating the feedback and will share the action items at the next PD meeting. eQuote Utilization –The eQuote utilization focus group meetings, both in-person and conference calls, have been scheduled for the remainder of this fiscal year. Our first in-person meeting was held on April 22 and our first conference call was held on May 15. Our next in-person meeting will take place on June 5. –CR 205 (Add Solicitation Email to VIP) was implemented at the end of April. 3

4 Commodity Code Standardization CR 155 (Commodity Code Standardization) is still in progress and on schedule for implementation at the end of the fiscal year. Final workflows were due back from agency system administrators on April 7. The final list of UNSPSC codes and mapping from current FLID to UNSPSC has been posted to the DMS website.DMS website UAT is scheduled for the last two weeks in May. 4

5 Commodity Code Standardization The MFMP team will be converting: –Requisitions that are marked with a delay purchase until date of July 1 –Line item and punchout catalogs (conversion is more than 50% complete!) –Open agency contracts –Vendor commodity code associations in VIP and Sourcing DMS IT will convert open VBS advertisements. As part of the commodity code standardization project, approval flow rules associated with commodity codes are being updated based on agency input. 5

6 Commodity Code Standardization UNSPSC training will be provided for agency customers via webinars. –Topics will include: impacts of the commodity code conversion, changes to the system, and reporting. –One webinar will be offered in advance of CR 155 implementation and two webinars will be offered in July following implementation. –Visit the MFMP U website to register for the webinars. A job aid will also be posted to MFMP U before July 1 including tips for: –Locating commodity codes –Order processing in MFMP –Reporting using the new commodity code set 6

7 Commodity Code Standardization A variety of communications will be distributed to MFMP liaisons starting later this month. Updates will also be communicated using the Newsfeed in the MFMP Buyer and Sourcing applications. Vendor customers will be provided online training covering how to select UNSPSC commodity codes. This will be available on MFMP U by July 1. Targeted email communications will also be sent to state term contract vendors and vendors who have opted to participate in Sourcing and/or VBS. 7

8 MFMP Year-End Downtime VBS will be down beginning at 6:00 pm on June 30 and will remain down until the morning of July 2 to convert open VBS advertisements. MFMP applications will be down beginning July 1 for up to one week to accommodate year-end processing and commodity code conversion activities. Information on exact downtimes will be distributed to MFMP liaisons by the end of May. 8

9 Professional Development Project Management Professional® (PMP) phone survey was conducted in April. PMP certification course scheduled for June 2-5. PMP Professional Development Unit (PDUs) email will be sent this week. This will help us determine who needs PDUs to maintain their PMP certifications. 9

10 Governance Legislative Update/Enrolled Bill HB 953 Relating to State Contracting (Identical Bill SB914) – Enrolled Bill – Amends section 287.057, F.S. – Agencies must consider a vendor’s prior relevant experience as an evaluation criteria in request for proposals and invitations to negotiate. 10

11 Services and Special Projects Bureau Solicitations PCard –Preparing for negotiations phase Upcoming Solicitations Rental Vehicles –Customer survey launched May 7 –Customer focus group scheduled for May 21 –Industry meeting scheduled for May 29 Security Officer Services –New solicitation under development –Customer survey launched in December 2013 Postal Mail Services –RFP will launch in late May or early June 11

12 Services and Special Projects Bureau Updates Custodial Services –ACS under development in collaboration with Division of Real Estate Development and Management –Anticipate ACS taking effect after all vendors are in place Equipment Maintenance Management Services (477-860-08-1) –Contract was extended for six months and now ends October 15, 2014 Temporary Employment Staffing Services (991-460-07-1) –Six month extension to current contract in process –Extended contract expires November 17 –Negotiating a pilot project for temporary administrative and staffing using an alternate contract source Online Legal Database Services (991-150-09-1) –Current contract expires August 17 –Next action recommendation being developed –Customer survey to be sent out later this month 12

13 Goods Bureau Solicitations Natural Gas –ITB issued April 14 –Anticipate Intent to Award in June Carpet –ITN scheduled to launch in late May 13

14 Goods Bureau Updates Medical & Dental Supplies (475-000-11-1) – Punchout catalog for Binson’s is active – Anticipate four additional punchout catalogs within the next month Tools (445-001-11-1) – Fastenal punchout catalog is in final testing Educational /Institutional Furniture (420-420-10-1) renewed through May 2017 Live Capture Fingerprint Equipment (680-370-07-1) – Expires May 28 – Products available through GSA Schedule 70 14

15 IT/Telecom Bureau Solicitations Commercial Off-the-Shelf Software ITB (#19-252-035-M) –Launched February 4, 2014 –Anticipated start date: TBD –Formal protest –Current ACS expired April 30. GSA Schedule 70 can be used to purchase software until a new STC can be put in place. Network Infrastructure ITB (#15-250-000-X) –Launched February 11, 2014 –Anticipated start date: TBD –Formal protest Telephony Equipment and Services (#20-730-000-S) –Will replace SUNCOM Telephony Equipment Premises Services (STEPS) –Current Division of Telecommunications contract (730-000-09-1) will be extended through March 1, 2015 15

16 Hot Topics Open Discussion 16

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