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UNSCR 1325 & ITS IMPLEMENTATION IN ALBANIA Presented By: Ratela Asllani ATA, Albania.

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1 UNSCR 1325 & ITS IMPLEMENTATION IN ALBANIA Presented By: Ratela Asllani ATA, Albania

2 Contents The Mechanism of Implementation Gender Composition in the Institutions Perceptions & Tools of Implementation Successful Examples Conclusion

3 1. The Mechanism of Implementation The main responsible institution/authority for the law implementations & the national programs for gender equality is the Ministry of Labor, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities. National Council on Gender Equality (CMD no 3, date 08.01.2009, Composed by the Minister, 9 D/Minister & 3 representatives of Civil Society) National Strategy for the Gender Equality & Domestic Violence (for its implementation are appointed civil servants in each ministry)

4 1. The Mechanism of Implementation In the Security Areas : Ministry of Interior Ministry of Defense In the Decision-Making: Parliament Executive (Local & Central Power) Judiciary Institutions

5 1. The Mechanism of Implementation MOI Albania: Annual Action Plan for Police Forces aim to support all legislation regarding Gender Equality. MOD Albania: a coordinating position for Gender Equality Issues & Equal Chances Drafting the Strategy for the Management of Human Resources, particularly based on the commitments for non-discrimination and indicates that 15 % of the military personnel of the AF should be women Defense Directive 2012

6 2. Gender Composition in Institutions

7 Gender Composition of the Albanian Parliament LegislaturesNo of MPNo of Women MP XV 1997 - 200115511 XVI 2001 - 20051408 XVII 2005 - 200914010 XVIII 2009 - to date14023 Compiled with data from: the Albanian Parliament, OSCE Needs assessment mission report, April 2009

8 Gender Composition of the Albanian Judiciary Court LevelNo. of Sitting Judges No. of Female Judges% of total Constitutional Court 9111.1 High Court 17635.3 Courts of Appeal 571933.3 District Courts 28111239.3 TOTAL 36413837.9 Source: MOJ; OAJB.2008

9 Women Participation in AF GradeWomen Officers in AF% Female Colonel10.8 Ltc Colonel4212.4 Major549 Captain24 7.1 1 st Lieutenant9012.3 Sub Lieutenant11635.6 Total33513.42 Source: MOD,2012

10 Women in AF and MOD

11 Women Participation in Police GradeWomen Officers in State Police Deputy General Director of Police 1 Leader10 Prime Commissar48 Commissar 50 Lieutenant Commissar137 Prime Inspector 109 Inspector106 Lieutenant Inspector7 Civil personnel371 Total877 or 9.07% Source: General Directorate of the Albanian State Police, 2010

12 3. Perception & Tools for Implementation

13 Perception for Women in Security Forces /Albania Source: Research Report Surveying Public Opinion and Attitudes Regarding Women in Police2010


15 Campaign for Women Recruitment in Police Forces

16 4. Successful Cases

17 Women in Decision-Making

18 Women in Security Forces

19 ANILA HOXHA Deputy General Director of Albanian State Police, 2012 SUZANA JAHOLLARI 1 st Women Colonel, 2009 REZARTA HOXHAJ 1 st Women in Police Special Unit, RENEA 2012

20 5. Conclusion Strengthening the institutional capacities for UNSCR 1325 implementation Adoption of National Action Plan, which is a strategic document for fulfilling the obligations, set by this resolution. (In process) Raising the awareness for involvement of women in decision-making and security forces Removal of prejudices in society for women capabilities

21 Objectives of MOD, 2012 Recruitment of women in AF up to 15 % of the AF on the basis of the competitive criteria Abandon the traditional positions of women Equal distribution on rank between women and men in AF, particularly, for the major ranks like: Major, Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel and General.

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