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Ferndale School District 2013-14 Budget August 27 th, 2013.

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1 Ferndale School District 2013-14 Budget August 27 th, 2013

2 Enrollment

3 Staffing Summary

4 State Impacts Pupil Transportation In SY 2013-14, the Legislature provided an additional $42.8 Million. STARS is fully funded in SY 2014-15 with an additional $88.8 Million. State Funded Full-Day Kindergarten Increases percentage of kindergartners eligible from 22% to 43.75%. Increases funding by $49,687,802.

5 State Impacts Salaries, Fringe, and Health Benefits The 1.9% and 3.0% salary reductions are restored. Represents $179,727,533 in restored dollars across all programs. (This is not treated as a salary increase.) Cost of living adjustments and adjustments to National Board bonuses are suspended for the 2013-15 biennium (HB 2043). Fringe benefit rates are 18.68% for certificated staff and 20.95% for classified staff. Health benefit rate remains at $768 per month.

6 State Impacts High Poverty Class Size Reduction Districts will have to prove they are providing a class size of 20.85 for grades K-1 as condition of receipt of funds for the 2014-15 school year. All general education class sizes remain unchanged. ALE Program Funding Eliminates the 10% or 20% reduction in ALE funding based on program type. Funds all ALE enrollment based on the statewide running start rate. This represents a reduction of ALE revenue as compared to full funding. Statewide reduction approximately $800,000. No cap on non-resident enrollment.

7 State Impacts MSOC Increases MSOC allocations as follows: Program2012-132013-14Total Impact General Education$554.57$737.02$171,224,761 Vocational$1,354.26$1,399.30$3,133,606 Skills Center$1,203.98$1,244.25$246,789 Vocational MSOC allocations increased by inflation only. The BEA District Administrative Multiplier is reduced from 3.69% to 1.71% for vocational programs Vocational indirect percentage remains at 15 %.

8 State Impacts Transitional Bilingual For the 2013-14 school year additional funding is provided in the form of an additional 3.0 hours per week for students who have exited the program during the prior school year. Increases funding by $6,130,530. For the 2014-15 school year the funding includes students who have exited the program during the prior two school years. Learning Assistance Program Increases hours per week of additional instruction from 1.5156 to 2.3975. Increases statewide funding by $74,270,185.

9 State Impacts Programs Eliminated in the Budget Regional Ed Tech Support Centers Readiness to Learn Navigation 101 PASS Act Program

10 E2SHB 1134 –Tribal Education Compacts Tribal Education Compact Schools act as their own district. OSPI funds these schools directly based on the prototypical funding formula. Schools may not limit or restrict enrollment or school choice options, however they may prioritize enrollment of tribal members or siblings of existing students. CIS Staff mix will be calculated for each school, but schools do not have to follow the state salary schedule. Funds allocated to tribal compact schools shall remain in the levy base of the school district formerly providing funding through an inter-local agreement, until January 1, 2018. Reporting requirements include, but are not limited to, S-275, P-223, and CEDARS. OSPI must have rules out by January.

11 Revenue

12 Expenditures

13 Revenue & Expenditure Summary

14 Questions? “The future is not in the hands of fate but in ours.” - Jules Jusserand

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