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QA Requirements 2014-2015 Presenter Name | Anne Tuccillo.

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1 QA Requirements Presenter Name | Anne Tuccillo

2 Training Objectives 1 QA Verification Findings 2 Institutional Verification 3 Review QA Requirements 2 2

3 IA Tool Changes IA Tool Deployment Schedule July 1, 2014 Data Request functionality August 10, 2014 Analysis of Data and Report functionality WebFOCUS Upgrade Report Assistant and Graph Assistant no longer available WebFOCUS 508 Compliant 3

4 QA Verification Findings QA schools identified six efficient criteria 98 percent of records selected had an EFC change 2010 Random sample data Selected by CPS 49 percent experienced a change to EFC Selected by School 56 percent experienced a change to EFC 4

5 Analysis Institutional Verification Selected by CPS Not Selected by CPS 5

6 Verification Criteria Know what your Verification criteria are and assign alphabetic codes (A-Z) to each verification criteria Work with IT support to automate the process of identifying the codes each record met OR Manually assign the code to each record 6

7 Uploading Records 7

8 Prepare Flat File of Verified Records 1.SSN 2.First two letters of the last name (CAPS) 3.Initial transaction 4.Paid on transaction 5.Include the “Y” since each record met your criteria 6.Include the Verification Code(s) the record met MA0105YAC LA0204YA EV0106YCDE Field Length: Up to 56 characters 8

9 Verify records that meet institutional criteria January – July Submit surveyJune Prepare flat file of verified recordsJune - December Upload flat fileJuly - December Analyze dataOctober - December Revise and prepare for implementation of verification criteria November - December Timeline for IA Tool Requirements 9

10 Timeline for FSA Assessments January - June, Continue completion of assessments or activities. Keep copies of all Action Plans in QA file. March – June, Establish Teams to begin completion of the assessments or activities for the award year June, Report on the QA Annual Survey which assessments or activities you will complete for July, 2014– June, Complete Assessments for , and any Action Plans 10

11 What Have We Learned Today? 1 Result of QA Verification Findings 2 The focus is on Institutional Verification 3 QA Requirements 11 20

12 QA Regional Representatives Regions 1, 2, and 5 – Holly Langer-Evans – (617) Regions 3, 4, 6 & 7 – Anne Tuccillo – (202) Regions 8, 9, and 10 – Michael Cagle – (206)

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