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1 a product of

2 About Us Al-Shaymaa (Private) Limited is a subsidiary of Al-Shaymaa FZE, UAE, an investment group. What makes Al-Shaymaa (Private) Limited different is our nature of investment – investing in a vibrant Pakistan market with a clear-cut strategy of engaging technology and business, seeking business diversification and maintaining seamless integration. Al-Shaymaa provides a Fully Customized Vehicle Surveillance & Fleet Management Application, designed to fit specific needs of various Organizations, industries and individuals as well.

3 Our Mission “to dedicate our resources, energy, passion and commitment deploying innovative technologies for enhancing living standards through vital factors touching peoples’ lives, everyday; to rise above self and meet and exceed far beyond our clients expectations offering them the ‘3 STRENGHT’ concept – Strength of Technology, Strength of Service and Strength of Support, at an affordable price”

4 Areas of Expertise Total Fleet Management Solutions
Fleet management becomes more complex as distribution channels intertwine and routes multiply, accelerating the entire process of monitoring. But how good and effective is fleet management? Success for an enterprise depends on how excellent its fleet management is. Al-Shaymaa, after studying the dynamics of fleet management in the country brings a whole new dimension with the launch of its technologically advanced Fleet Management System.

5 Areas of Expertise Vehicle Tracking & Anti-Theft Solutions
Al-Shaymaa’s “GUARDIANS’ Vehicle Tracking & Anti-Theft Solutions offer DUAL protection: Vehicle Monitoring and Driver Protection. With instances of vehicle theft and carjacking on the rise, the system offers state-of-the art technology based vehicle surveillance solution.

6 Areas of Expertise Security & Surveillance
Security is of utmost concern in any given situation or location. Be it your home, office, factory or a strategic facility, only a complete and highly reliable foolproof surveillance system will do. Al-Shaymaa brings technology of the future for meeting the challenges and concerns of today, setting new benchmarks and making life and locations better and safer to live and be in.

7 Our Solution Realizing the huge gaps in today’s tracking industry Al-Shaymaa is bringing a state-of-the-art system with extensive features for Vehicle Surveillance &Fleet Management under the brand name of ‘GUARDIANS’. Unlike other players in the market, our device is not just an improvised tracking unit. On the contrary, it is an Anti-Jamming, GPS enabled completely programmable vehicle surveillance & fleet management system, having multiple lines of defenses for the vehicle. We have integrated this unit with the most modern infrastructure, programming it with a capability to provide real-time reports on the web, as well as directly to the owner’s mobile phone.

8 Our Product Our unit is the most sophisticated unit for real-time fleet management and vehicle security application. We use a GPS receiver and a cellular network modem (GSM/GPRS/EDGE) with a different twist. Our system monitors various vehicle sensors, and provides the customer with a vast variety of real-time tracking activities and other consolidated information about your entire fleet, allowing you to keep an eye on your vehicle & fleet wherever it goes. This system operates in more than 30 countries around the world and ensures compliance with the world class quality standards including eMark (E24 10R ), TUV-GS, FCC Part 15, UL 60950, CB Certification, CE certification and Vibration and Shock Tests.

9 International Certifications

10 Guardians USP Anti Jamming Anti Theft
Nationwide On-line Tracking Through Web Fully Customizable Solution Multiple Geo Fencing Backup & Recovery Build in GSM / GPS antenna GPRS enabled unit No more Non-Responding Unit Issue One unit supports 8-28v battery 6G Servers to Support Al-Shaymaa Unit

11 Serving Clients in Multiple Ways
Guardians as Anti Theft & Vehicle Tracking Solution

12 Guardians as Anti Theft & Vehicle Tracking Solution
Anti Jamming Device: For the first time in Pakistan, Al-Shaymaa is introducing an Intelligent device that detects and reacts to jamming activity. Sends alerts to Control Room and immobilizes the vehicle. Anti Theft: Encrypted owner recognition to create first line of defense and deter illegal entry. Nationwide On-line Tracking Through Web: Customers can track their Vehicles through a web interface anywhere anytime. Even for fleet, no need for Base Station, your computer connected to internet is your world to control and monitor your fleet when ever where ever you want. Remote Immobilization: (Activation via Control Room) The vehicle can be immobilized and activated with customer’s consent through control room.

13 Guardians as Anti Theft & Vehicle Tracking Solution
Gradual Stop: Safety Feature, Option to gradually stop the vehicle by sending pulses to the immobilizer or fuel pump and bringing vehicle to a halt, unlike Kill Engine command by other tracking companies. Battery Tempering Alerts: Customers receive alerts through SMS on their Cell Phones and via Control Room. 24/7 Nationwide Control Room Access: Round-the-clock access to the Control Room for any needed assistance. Garage Mode: During service / repair user can put the vehicle into Garage mode to avoid false alarms .

14 Guardians as Anti Theft & Vehicle Tracking Solution
Nation Wide Response & Recovery: Exclusive contract for Police Squads in Collaboration with National Police Foundation directly reporting to Al-Shaymaa. These Squads are strategically placed on all exits of the cities and within cities for patrolling, resulting in quick response time. On Call Location: Just make a Simple Call to our Control Room 24/7/365 and we would let you know position of your Vehicle (for GSM enable areas) . Low Battery Power Warning (Battery Tempering Alerts): Warning transmission whenever the vehicle's main power goes below a predefined threshold. Customers receive alerts through SMS on their Cell Phones and via Control Room. Emergency / Panic Button: Hidden button(s) to generate red alert in the control room in case of emergency / panic.

15 Serving Clients in Multiple Ways
Guardians as Fleet Management Tool

16 Guardians as Fleet Management Tool
On-Demand Nationwide Tracking Through SMS: Send simple SMS through your mobile phone to get location, speed, ignition and door status of the vehicle, whenever, where ever. Driver Identification: Through driver identification key pad system, only authorized drivers would be able to drive the vehicle. Multiple Geo Fencing Parameters: Define your own fence, depending upon your own requirement. All your geo fencing requirements can be integrated through our multiple geo fencing ability. Area Violation alerts via Control Room through SMS. Thus giving a freedom to monitor each of your vehicle’s route precisely.

17 Guardians as Fleet Management Tool
Over Speeding Alert (Via Web Track): Customer can set speeding limit and receive alerts for over speeding. Idle Access Alerts (Via Web Track): Alerts are generated if vehicle has been idling for a longer than normal duration. Vehicle Report (Via Web Track): Customer would have an option to get report even for single vehicle. e.g. everyday at any given time interval.

18 Guardians as Fleet Management Tool
Harsh Breaking (Via Web Track): Get an alert when ever the vehicle stops abnormally. Two Way Voice Communication (Optional): Remain in contact with your Driver through our control room. (Additional Charges may Apply) Terrain Calculator: For the First Time in Pakistan Al-Shaymaa offers Altimeter Calculations for Fleet Owners. This feature lets you know the terrain of travel e.g mountain or straight road travelled.

19 Serving Clients in Multiple Ways
Guardians – An Extra Edge Through Advanced Technology

20 Guardians – An Extra Edge Through Advanced Technology
GPRS Based Technology: Guardians work on GPRS based technology in order to communicate with the Control Center, unlike other companies where SMS technology is used to communicate with the Control Server, thus increasing efficiency. Build in GSM & GPS antenna: No more outer attached GSM & GPS antenna. We would like to welcome you to a new generation of tacking system where the GSM and GPS antenna is build in. No More Non-Responding (NR) Issues: The failure rate is less than .001%, ensured and tested throughout the world, GPRS & GPS ensuring No More NR Issues.

21 Guardians – An Extra Edge Through Advanced Technology
Build in 8-28v support: Al-Shaymaa device has a build in capability to support all ranges of battery voltage, unlike other companies where they need an improvised solution for 24v battery operated vehicles. HP 6 Generation Servers: In order to provide best possible support to Al-Shaymaa Customers, latest HP 6 Generation servers have been installed in the Network Operating Center (NOC), thus making it the most advance NOC available for any tracking industry business. Nationwide & International Mirror Imaging for Disaster Recovery & Management: A fool proof disaster Recovery & Management plan has been implement so that we can proudly claim that Al-Shaymaa can provide it’s customer complete data from the date the unit installation was done.

22 Guardians – Benefits Corporate Benefits
Reduction in wear & tear costs associated with speeding, reckless driving, late servicing etc. Reduction in fuel and labor costs associated with unproductive driving and personal business being carried out on company time Up to ----% reduction in insurance premiums Ability to verify the accuracy of time cards Improved ability to assist lost drivers Improved ability to resolve customer disputes related to arrival time, service duration Improved vehicle security Less communication costs

23 Guardians – Benefits Personal Benefits Improved personal security
Improved vehicle security Ability to monitor speeding/ reckless driving of teenagers Up to ----% reduction in insurance premiums Improved convenience

24 Standard Features Anti Jamming Anti Theft
Nationwide Online Tracking through Web Remote Immobilization Gradual Stop (Safety Feature) Geo- fencing Battery Tampering Alerts Emergency/Panic Button Over-speeding Alert (Via Web Track) Idle Access Alert (Via Web Track)

25 Standard Features Car Report (Via Web Track) Garage Mode Watch
24/7 Nationwide Control Room Access Medical Emergency Response Nationwide Response & Recovery

26 Insurance Packages



29 Insurance Commission Packages


31 Corporate Clients


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