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Grammar Translation Method presented by : Ashwag Ali Al- Ghamdi 3 rd year – B.

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1 Grammar Translation Method presented by : Ashwag Ali Al- Ghamdi 3 rd year – B

2 Introduction Latin and ancient Greek are known as dead languages,based on the fact that people no longer speak them for the purpose of interactive communication. Latin has been studied for centuries,with the prime objective of learning how to read classical Latin texts,understanding the fundamentals of grammar and translation, and gaining insights into some important foreign influences Latin has had on the development of other European languages. The method used to reach it overwhelmingly bore those objectives in mind, and came to be known appropriately ! as the classical method. it is now more commonly known in foreign language Teaching circles as the grammar Translation method.

3 objectives Most teachers who employ the grammar translation method to teach English ( for their students) give the most fundamental reasons : 1) give learners access to English literature. 2) develop their minds mentally through foreign language learning. 3) translation skills necessary to pass any one of variety of mandatory written testes required at High School or Tertiary level. 4) to prepare students for global communication by beginning with the key skills of reading and grammar.

4 key features The key features of the Grammar Translation Method are as follows : 1) Classes are taught in the mother tongue, with little active use of the target language.

5 2) Grammar provides the rules for putting words together, and instructions often focuses on the form and inflection of words. ( link these words together to make a appropriate sentence )

6 3) reading of difficult classical texts is begun early. Tongue Twister What does a tongue twister do ? It makes your tongue twist in your mouth. then,you can't say the words right. One well- known illustration is (( peter, piper picked a peck of picked peppers )). Another hard one is (( Peggy Babcock )) Try to say that name four times very fast. How did you do ? Some tongue twisters tell stories. Others are just words put together. Most tongue twisters use words that that have the same initial sound. This makes them hard to say fast. Peter Piper and picked all start with the p sound. Try to say this tongue twisters as fast as you can three times. You will see how the tongue twisters got their name. She sells the seashells by the seashore. The seashells that she sells are seashells I'm sure.

7 What does each underlined word in the text mean ? a. A tongue mother means : Kind of candy Something hard to say Name of a game b. Illustration means : Example Writer Letters c. Initial means : Beginning Ending ( questions Middle ( Answer these

8 4) often the only drills are exercises in translating disconnected sentences from the target language into the mother tongue. * Write two pieces of each problem. Use should / shouldnt : I have two exams tomorrow I'm gaining weight. I cant stop eating. I'm over 60 kilos now

9 Typical Techniques Techniques and principles in language teaching provides a descriptions that associated with the grammar translation method: (1) Translation of a literary Passage.( translating target language to native language ) (2) Reading comprehension Questions.( finding information in a passage, making inferences and relating to personal experience ) (3) Antonyms / Synonyms.( finding antonyms and synonyms for words or sets of words ) (4) Cognates.( learning spelling / sound patterns that correspond between L1 and the target language ) (5) Deductive application of rule.( understanding grammars rules and their exceptions, then applying them to new examples ) (6) Fill in the blanks.(filling in gaps in sentences with new words or items of particular grammar type ) (7) Memorization.( memorizing vocabulary lists,grammatical rules and grammatical paradigm ) (8) Use words in sentences..( students create sentences to illustrate they know the meaning and use of new words ) (9) Composition.( students write about a topic using the target language )

10 Summary 1) Introduction 2) Objectives 3) Key Features 4) Typical Techniques

11 Special Thanks thank you for listening and I hope you enjoyed it

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