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Messin with Monomials Hey whatz a monomial???.

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1 Messin with Monomials Hey whatz a monomial???

2 Monomials defined A number like 6, 10, or 958(called a constant or a constant monomial) A variable like x, y, or z A product ( that means multiply) of a number and one or more variables

3 Polynomials Definition: the sum of monomials Special names:
Binomial: is the sum of two terms xy + 3x Trinomial: is the sum of three terms a + ab + 6

4 Some examples of Monomials
Like Terms 7xyz, 9xyz, and ½xyz 6x, 5x, and 102x Unlike Terms 9x and 4 y 3ab, 3 bc, and 8 abc

5 Adding Monomials is Magic!!!
When monomials have exactly the same variables including the same exponents they are called LIKE TERMS LIKE TERMS can be added by adding their coefficients

6 Monomials Added Notice that the coefficients are added but the variable and the exponent remain the same.

7 More Monomials Added Be sure to compare variables and exponents before adding coefficients They must be exactly the same If they are not LEAVE THEM ALONE

8 Degree Of a variable This just means the number of times the variable occurs as a factor in the monomial The x is of degree 2 Of a monomial This means the sum of the degrees of the variables The degree of is = 7

9 Note The degree of any non zero constant monomial such as 12 is 0

10 The Degree of a Polynomial
Is the greatest of the degrees of its terms after it has been simplified.

11 Monomials Multiplied To multiply these monomials Rearrange

12 Rule for Multiplying Monomials
It’s easy. Just remember to ADD the Exponents

13 Monomial Raised to a Power
This means to repeatedly multiply the monomial So Means

14 Rule for Raising Monomials to a Power
It’s easy. Just remember to Multiply the Exponents

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