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TMS-SD Title How to Have a Great Mars Society Chapter.

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1 TMS-SD Title How to Have a Great Mars Society Chapter

2 In the Beginning … 2000MS Conference – Maggie Requests a San Diego Chapter 2001Feb 281st Meeting at IHOP Yahoo Group Formed April 122nd Meeting – (Yuri's Night) July 9TMS-SD Website Established July 20Comic-Con – Table & Panel Oct 1MDRS Mission Support Meeting Oct 24RHFSC/Mars Odyssey Insertion Nov 15 First Mars Movie Night Dec 5First Stars in the Park

3 Chapter Bonding and Membership Core Group Composition – 6 Co-founders, 8-10 regular members Facts of life: People move on — live with it Regular Meetings Agendas Consistent Meeting Location to Work In

4 Web Presence & Communications Website Yahoo Mailgroup Core Yahoo Mailgroup E-mail Addresses Weekly “This Week in San Diego” mailings AllSpace - space advocacy coordination Blogging Reliable Communications Flyers & Business Cards

5 Goal Oriented Outreach Activities gelled around Comic-Con 2001 – Display Table & Panel Find Something to Do with Whatever Skills You've Got in Your Area Group Projects: Just do Something - Anything! Display Board Gravity Bricks Mars Rovers: Lego & RC Rover

6 Goal Oriented Regular Events – General Meetings (Business) – Mars Movie Nights (Social) – Summer BBQs – Annual Banquet (with awards) Individual Projects & Delegation – Shannon's RST – Patrick’s MERover – Joel's Walking Robot

7 Summer Barbecue Meeting

8 Chapter Orientation Focus on: – Public Outreach – Analog Research & Participation Expanding to Technical & Construction – Gadgetry & Other Areas Appeal to a Variety of Potential Members Chapter Branding

9 Public Relations, Outreach & Education Think Tie-ins: – Space News and Event – Sci-Fi Conventions – Mars Week & Mayoral Proclamation – Yuri's Night World Space Party – Astronomy Tie-ins (Mars Oppositions) – Rover Landings, Orbital Insertions – Other Mars- & Space-related Events

10 Science Fiction Conventions

11 Mayoral Proclamation

12 Public Relations, Outreach & Education Locations: – Local Library Series – Host & Sponsor Lectures – Planetariums – Museums – Colleges/Universities

13 Public Relations, Outreach & Education Media: – Professional News Releases TV, Radio & Newspapers – Public Service Announcements – Publicity (free) – Community Calendars – Cable TV – Mayoral Proclamation – Podcasting

14 Local TV News



17 Public Relations, Outreach & Education Educational Outreach: – Project Astro – Sally Ride Science Festivals & TOYchallenge – Teacher Conferences – Classroom Visits – Model Rocket Launches – Make Your Presence Known at Many Events Be in the Public Eye – Where the Tourists Are

18 Public Relations, Outreach & Education Interactive & Hands-on Displays: – Gravity Comparison Bricks – Rovers & Models – Mars Globes – PowerPoint Presentations – Mars Surface Suits – Video Presentations

19 Mars Society Display Table

20 Display Board Details

21 Mars Exploration Rover Model

22 Technical Stuff MDRS/FMARS Crew Members MDRS/FMARS Mission Support Staff Off-season crews to MDRS Mars Exploration Rover Models Mars Suits for Outreach New Mars Vehicle Simulator Project

23 MDRS Mission Crewing

24 San Diego Members to MDRS San Diego Goes to Mars! Shannon Rupert-Robles Biologist MDRS Crews 4/14/21/36 FMARS Crew 9 Mars-OZ Expedition 2 Gerry Williams Filmmaker MDRS Crew 2 MDRS Maintenance Crew Jonathan Butler Biologist MDRS Crew 14 Dave Rankin Lawyer MDRS Maintenance Crew John Stone Electrical Engineer MDRS Maintenance Crew

25 Analog Mars Suits for Outreach

26 Mars Machine Lander Project

27 Field Trips for Crew-Building Annual JPL Open House SpaceShipOne & X-Prize Events Malin Space Science Systems Tour SpaceDev Tour Movies Lectures

28 Malin Space Science Systems MER-B Landing

29 SpaceShipOne Flight

30 Video Production at MDRS

31 TMS-SD’s Future Plans Getting Grants: – Incorporation / 501c3? – dba Mars San Diego – Insurance & Liability Coverage Kids-related activities: – 1-day Mars Camp University/College Involvement Mars Lander Simulator Space Science Affiliations

32 Think Interplanetar y, Act Locally

33 Presentation of TMS-SD a presentation of The Mars Society San Diego a presentation of The Mars Society San Diego

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