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MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions Evidence-Based Contact Tracking E-BaCT Brian W. Guimond Steven Nardone.

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1 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions Evidence-Based Contact Tracking E-BaCT Brian W. Guimond Steven Nardone

2 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions Outline 2/15 The Objective: Generate the Tactical PictureThe Objective: Generate the Tactical Picture Current Technology: “The Legacy System”Current Technology: “The Legacy System” E-BaCT: A New ParadigmE-BaCT: A New Paradigm Experimental ResultsExperimental Results ConclusionsConclusions

3 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions Objective 3/15 Sensor Data Tactical Picture Transform Sensor Data into the Tactical Picture Azimuth Bearing RXRX Time RYRY

4 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 4/15 Contact Tracking via State Estimation Given a history of associated measurements (bearings) find the state (range, bearing course and speed) of each contact of interest. State Estimation Methods Extended Kalman Filter Monte Carlo Methods (Particle Filter) Manual Adaptive Target Evaluator (MATE) Associated Bearing Measurement History Contact Followers Current Technology

5 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 5/15 β t Contact Ownship Legacy Legacy System Process Contact Follower β(t i ) Associated Bearings State Estimate Estimate

6 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 6/15 Crossing Contacts Splitting/Merging Traces Intermittent Traces (Sphere Array Baffles) High Bearing-Rate Contacts Legacy System Challenges Solution: Manual Association

7 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 7/15 Evidence-Based Contact Tracking * The Paradigm Given a set of admissible solutions determine the aggregated evidence that supports or refutes each solution. The Design Process Design the Set of Admissible Solutions Identify/Extract Features Aggregate Features Extract Solution and Quality Measure * B. H. Maranda and J. A. Fawcett, ”Detection and localization of weak targets by space-time integration,” IEEE J 0f Ocean Eng., vol. 16, no. 2, pp. 189-194, April 1991.

8 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 8/15 Energy Signal Cells Bearing-Rate Speed Bearing Time Sensor Data Admissible Solutions Features Aggregated Features Solution Extraction Admissible Solution Illustrative E-BaCT Processor

9 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 9/15 Example 1 High Bearing-Rate Low SNR Contact Amplitude

10 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 10/15 Example 1: Towed Array Contact BTR Input DataGeoplot Contact Solution

11 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 11/15 E-BaCT Solutions Time (sec) Range History Bearing Rate History Bearing History Range (kyrds) Bearing (deg) Normalized Range Rate (%/min) Normalized Range Rate History Bearing Rate (deg/min)

12 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 12/15 Example 2: Towed Array Contact

13 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 13/15 Example 3: Multi-Contact BTR Input Data Tactical Picture Solution Validation

14 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 14/15 Summary Evidence-based contact tracking is new paradigm for developing the tactical picture from sensor data and heuristic information. Paradigm inherently associates data and information in time across a set of admissible solutions and thereby avoids the need for contact followers. A prototype combat control system has been developed for processing sphere and towed array data. Experimental designs have been extended to the wide aperture array and multisensor data processing.

15 MIKEL, Inc USW Solutions 15/15 Thank You for Your Attention Questions?

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