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IDEA Program NIH Notices and Updates ePDS Search Capabilities FY 14 Research Statistics Miscellaneous.

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2 IDEA Program NIH Notices and Updates ePDS Search Capabilities FY 14 Research Statistics Miscellaneous

3 NOT-OD-15-001 – Department of Health & Human Services (HHS), including NIH, is operating under a Continuing Resolution (CR) – Consistent with NIH practices during previous CRs of FY 2006-2014 Will issue non-competing awards at lower levels (generally up to 90%) Upward adjustments will be considered after FY2015 appropriations are enacted

4 NOT-OD-15-002 – Webinars About NIH Application Submission and Review For new NIH grant applicants, mentors, and others who may want insight from NIH to better navigate the NIH submission & review processes Presentations by 5 CSR/NIH Experts All Webinars will run from 2:00 to 4:00 pm EST, including a 30-minute Q&A period

5 NOT-OD-15-002 (continued) Webinar FocusDate Academic Research Enhancement Awards (R15)November 4, 2014 Fellowship AwardsNovember 5, 2014 Small Business Grants (SBIR/STTR)November 7, 2014 Research Project Grants (R01)November 10, 2014

6 NOT-OD-15-002 (continued) How to Participate in the Webinar: – Go to to register for the Webinar you wish to join by Tuesday, October 28. You will not need to download special software. You will just need a reliable Internet connection and – Submit questions for the Q&A session before or during the Webinar by sending them to the moderator at – Go to on the day/time your Webinar is scheduled. Click on the link that will be provided there to view your – View archived copies of each Webinar via the Webinar webpage. The recordings should be posted within a week after broadcast. Webinar webpage

7 NOT-OD-15-004 – Reminder of requirements to report inventions in a timely manner – MUSC’s Foundation for Research Development (FRD) manages ALL intellectual property (IP) matters for MUSC Faculty, Staff and Students (e.g. invention reporting, patent applications, copyrighted works, etc.)FRD – Record of Invention (ROI) and Copyright Disclosure forms Record of Invention (ROI) and Copyright Disclosure forms – Submit completed disclosures to: – Questions about when/how to submit disclosures may be directed to the FRD Associate Director, Jesse Goodwin, PhD (, 876-2412)

8 NOT-OD-15-005 – Use of NEW Inclusion Management System Required as of October 17, 2014 – Required by the NIH Policy on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Clinical Research NIH Policy on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Clinical ResearchNIH Policy on the Inclusion of Women and Minorities in Clinical Research – The existing system was retired for grantee use in non- competing progress reports in July 2014retired for grantee use – Additional guidance: http:// http:// – Electronic form instead of paper

9 NOT-OD-15-005 (continued) Key Changes for October 17, 2014, and beyond: (1) Inclusion enrollment report forms received with competing application submissions will automatically populate the IMS. (2) NIH grantees completing their RPPR (Research Progress Performance Report) will be prompted in Item G.4.b to access and update inclusion records directly in IMS. (3) Grantees will be able to access their inclusion enrollment data through the IMS, found through the eRA Commons Status page, and can review or update their inclusion data as needed. (4) NIH will migrate ongoing enrollment information from the previous data system to the IMS. Because the report format has been adjusted, grantees will be prompted to update Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment data in the IMS format at the time of the RPPR. They are encouraged to update Planned Enrollment data as well.

10 Finding Awarded Proposals – Two New Ways to Search Coeus Award Number UDAK account – project & year – Located on the left-hand menu bar under the Awarded Proposals section New Advanced Search – Find proposals using a combination of fields PI, Agency, Funding Status, Deadline Date, etc.


12 When copying an ePDS – Check the departments of the proposal personnel to make sure they haven’t moved Routing Groups – Changes made to personnel after the routing has been assigned will need to be changed manually Before routing, manually remove any departments of deleted personnel

13 Changes to Proposal Routing – Be proactive if there are personnel changes in your department that will affect research administration – Complete the appropriate form(s) to remove old and/or add new employees Award Notifications – We will route the award notices to whomever you assign to a department or unit Forms are on our web page – oposal_preparation/forms.html oposal_preparation/forms.html

14 MUSC received 1,070 awards – Down 6.1% or 69 awards from FY13 Awards totaled $217.9M – Down 6.3% or $14.6M from FY13 MUSC submitted 1,825 proposals – UP 13.8% or 221 proposals from FY13 – Represented just over $365 million in funding


16 FEDERAL – Down 11.7%, from $130.1M to $114.9M FEDERAL Flow-Down – UP 29.6%, from $22.4M to $29.1M FOUNDATION – Down 10.6%, from $16.4M to $14.7M STATE – Down 25%, from $7.9M to $5.9M CORPORATE – Down 5.1%, from $55.4M to $52.5M

17 Percentages of total funding by source – Federal = 55.9% – Corporate =23.8% – Federal Flow Down = 9.7% – Foundation = 7.1% – State = 3.4% – Other = 0.1%



20 ORSP Quick Reference Card – Introduces ORSP – Examples of how ORSP can assist – General ORSP (web page & main phone #) – MOST IMPORTANT: Contact Information ORSP personnel listed by area served – Let us know if you need more Questions/Comments? PLEASE complete a survey & THANK YOU

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