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3 Cars moved by Katrina!

4 1. What is the earliest age that you can receive a Learners License in the state of Alabama? 15

5 2. Questions on the Learners License come from what three areas? Alabama traffic laws Road signs Rules of safe driving

6 3. List the 9 possible maneuvers on the road test. Right and left turns Signaling Use of marked and unmarked traffic lanes Backing the vehicle Observance of traffic signs and signals Making a quick stop General control of the vehicle Observation Three point turn (except in Baldwin County!)

7 4. When your license expires, how long do you have to renew it? 60 days

8 5. What is a CDL and list the three classes. Commercial Drivers License 1.A 2.B 3.C

9 6. Define cancellation Canceling a persons license when they were not entitled to receive it

10 7. Define revocation A license may be revoked and the driver may apply for a new license after a certain period of time.

11 8. Define suspension A license may be suspended or put on hold for a certain period of time.

12 9. List the point system for determining a suspended license ALL POINTS ARE FOR A 2 YEAR PERIOD pts 60 days pts 90 days pts120 days pts180 days 24 or more pts360 days

13 10. List the points for : 1.Speeding in excess of 85 MPH - 5 pts 2.Passing a stopped school bus - 5 pts 3.Running a stop sign - 3 pts

14 11. You should signal 100 feet before making a turn.

15 12. You should always turn into the lane closest to you!

16 13. Describe how you should handle a curve as a driver. Slow down Avoid the brakes, if possible Accelerate slightly when rounding the curve

17 14. What is the following distance for a motorcycle? 2 SECONDS!!

18 15. Describe the 3 parking on a hill situations. 1.Down a hill with a curb – wheels toward curb 2.Up a hill with a curb – wheels away from the curb 3.Up a hill without a curb – wheels toward the curb

19 16. When should a bicyclist signal for a turn? They should signal for all turns!!

20 17. Ninety percent of all highway crashes are the result of driver error!

21 18. Each year, what percentage of all fatal crashes involve alcohol? 50%

22 19. What are BAC and DUI? BAC Blood Alcohol Content DUI Driving Under the Influence (any mind altering substance)

23 20. An adults BAC would have to be.08% or more to be considered DUI.

24 21. A person operating a commercial vehicle must not have a BAC of.04% or more.

25 22. A person who is under the age of 21 is considered DUI when their BAC is.02%.

26 23. What is the Implied Consent Law? A persons signature on their drivers license gives their consent to be tested for drugs and alcohol while on the highway.

27 24. What is the rule for determining a safe following distance? The 2 second rule!

28 25. What makes up Total Stopping Distance? Driver reaction Plus Braking distance

29 26. List three examples of regulatory signs.

30 27. List three examples of warning signs.

31 28. List three examples of information signs.

32 29. What is the difference between a solid centerline and a broken centerline? On a solid centerline you cant pass; on a broken line you pass when it is safe!

33 30. List the 6 Statutory speed limits mph in an Urban district 2.35 mph unpaved road 3.45 mph county paved road (unless posted) 4.55 mph in other locations 5.65 mph where posted 6.70 mph where posted on interstate

34 31. Who has the right in an uncontrolled intersection? The person on the right

35 32. At a flashing red light you must…

36 32. At a flashing yellow light you must…


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