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Lok Sabha Election, 2014 A Success Story from Bihar: Nalanda District AAP KI VOTE AAP KI TAAKAT.

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1 Lok Sabha Election, 2014 A Success Story from Bihar: Nalanda District AAP KI VOTE AAP KI TAAKAT


3 Background 3 Lok Sabha Elections, 2014, landmark shift in ECI approach with emphasis on participative elections. Nalanda : A paradox Earliest seat of wisdom and learning with international acclaim Only 1 out of every 3 eligible voters in the district exercised their franchise in the LS- 2009. One of the lowest VTR in the country 33% Female participation 29% Based on broad framework of ECI SVEEP strategy, customised and improvised at District level


5 Key Challenges 5 Stakeholder Analysis: (a) Urban apathy, (b) Rural apathy (c) Female apathy. − Lack of awareness about importance of voting − Lack of knowledge about electoral procedures − Unwelcoming booth ambience − Lack of enthusiasm in the youth − Migrant population − Curfew –Like situation on poll day SWOT analysis –Bleak past legacy of low voter turnout Conversion of the weaknesses into strength and threats into opportunities Adoption of multi-pronged long drawn strategy over two months


7 Multi Pronged Strategy 7


9 Public Communication Implementation Election logo “ Nalanda Votes ” with a quote “ Aap ki Vote Aap ki Taakat ” was designed and was used in all official letters as a means for public communication Effective use of mass media Strategic selection of locations such as railways stations, Bank, Post Office, Bus Stand, Market Centres, Rural Haats Use of Hoardings and wall paintings carrying slogans in local dialect used to encourage voters to exercise their right to vote. Date of Poll emphasised 9

10 Public Communication Implementation Door- to- Door movement of ‘Preraks’ of National Literacy Mission and civil society groups across rural & urban areas Special promotion activities on National Voters Day, Bihar Diwas, Women’s Day & festive occasions such as Holika Dahan State Icons invited for maximum impact Publicity through print & electronic media, local cable TV channels, radio stations and cinema halls 10

11 Public Communication Implementation Cartoons and posters for effective communication Regular Press Briefings and media interactions Leading by Example Casting of votes by all important district officials on the voting day helped in sending positive message to the public 11

12 Public Communication - Cartoons Implementation 12

13 Public Communication – Rallies, Door to Door Activities & Hoardings Implementation 13

14 Gender, Urban & Youth Participation Implementation International Women’s Day was leveraged to urge female voters to vote Women were mobilized from households in minority dominated areas Anganwadi Sewikas, Asha workers, Sakshar Bharat Preraks) participated in spreading awareness through rallies & street plays across urban & rural areas 14

15 Women, Urban & Youth Participation Implementation Women were involved and sensitized through house to house contacts, melas and street plays Special voter registration drives & issue of Election Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) were conducted for female voters. District Icon Head SVEEP Committee State Icon 15

16 Gender, Urban & Youth Participation Implementation Demonstrated power of vote through street plays, human chains, cycle races, processions etc. to overcome urban apathy Campaigns for shopkeepers/vendors through signing of ‘Sankalp Patras’ Awareness activities at places of heavy footfall including bus stands, railway stations etc. Special voter registration drives & issue of Election Photo Identity Cards (EPIC) for urban voters Active participation of girls as campus ambassadors. 16

17 Women, Urban & Youth Participation Implementation Various events were organised such as quiz, debates, singing competition, cycle race across colleges to spread the message of election & voting Interaction with Rural Voters at Schools, Rangoli Activity, etc. were undertaken to generate awareness Active participation of school girls : Private and Government 17

18 Voter Education & Awareness Implementation Nukkad-Natak at Chowk- Chaouraha/ Anganbari Centers were organized Special events were held such as forming human chains with candles, oath taking for ethical voting at public gatherings, cycle rallies etc. in order to motivate voters Cultural programmes & similar events were organised to spread the message of election as a festival 18

19 Voter Education & Awareness, contd. Implementation Awareness was spread through school going children to their parents/family for participation in the election through Sankalp Patras 19

20 Voter Facilitation Implementation Special Registration drives for left out voters 17 lakhs(85%) Photo Voter slips were distributed ahead of poll day through BLO 257 model polling stations Call centre to help voters in searching their names in voter list andidentifying their polling station. Multiple visits to polling booths with lowest VTR in LS 2009 Android based Basic Minimum Facility mapping 20

21 Voter Facilitation Implementation Polling booths were decorated with festoons & colored papers so as to create a festive mood and not a curfew like situation Provision of drinking water, sheds, toilets for women, ramp, first aid for physically disabled & old persons across all polling booths were made Proper law and order arrangements inside polling booths was ensured including management of queues & voter friendly environment 21

22 Training & Capacity Building Implementation Training of trainers was organized for presiding officers for a hassle free voting experience on polling day Trainings were imparted to all the booth level officers, sensitizing them on the important issues relating to roll revision Electors were trained about the NOTA facility in the ballot unit Self-help groups members were trained through meetings / training session for conducting awareness campaigns across communities in remote locations EVM demonstration and hands-on training was imparted particularly in the rural and remote areas 22

23 Technology & Social Media Implementation 23 Awareness activities were undertaken through social media platforms like facebook in order to proactively engage youth voters Polling date reminders and polling station details were sent through SMS Mobile based technologies like IVRS, Caller Tunes etc. were used for awareness creation Polling station locations search facility was provided through GIS/Google map District website was used to receive queries/complaints from voters

24 Collaboration Implementation Information and Public Relations Department, Education Department AIR, Doordarshan, local cable operators were made partners in this endeavour Self Help Groups: leveraging their reach Tie ups were made with anganwadi centers, railway stations, ATM counters, Sudha milk counters, banks buildings for IEC display 24

25 Monitoring & Evaluation Implementation Formation of District and block level SVEEP Core Committees Strict adherence to carefully drafted timelines Control chart with mobile numbers, name and designation of the relevant functionaries were prepared to ensure effective monitoring Multiple visits to poorest turnout booths on the lines of RI Regular video conferencing, meetings to ensure proper communication and progress evaluation of partners and field functionaries, Evaluation and documentation of every field reports/activities were undertaken at the requisite level 25

26 26 IMPACT

27 OUTCOMES 27 62% growth in no. of votes cast at polling stations −Significant increase in increase in Female voters - 79% −50% increase in Male voters Voters turnout improved from 33.1% in 2009 to 47.3% in 2014 −Significant improvement in Female voters turnout - from 29.1% in 2009 to 45.8% in 2014 −Male voters turnout improved from 36.5% in 2009 to 48.6% in 2014 13% growth in Registered voters

28 Thank you 28 Thank You THANK YOU

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