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NOAA Weather Radio Broadcast Message Handler

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1 NOAA Weather Radio Broadcast Message Handler
Project Gary Dayton Project Manager Office of Science and Technology National Weather Service

2 Objectives Impacts Replace legacy Console Replacement System (CRS)
15 years old (far beyond end of life) Hardware and software support difficult Leverage AWIPS II Hardware Baseline Software baseline O&M Tech refresh Impacts WFO Forecasters Minimal Same user interface and functionality as CRS Public None Same weather products

3 CRS Hardware (Legacy)

4 AWIPS II/BMH Hardware

5 BMH High Level Data Flow

6 BMH Architecture

7 BMH Progress Completed Functional Requirements Document
Completed Preliminary Design Review Completed Critical Design Review AWIPS II Software Development Initiated Digital Analog Converters Tested and Approved for Production

8 BMH Schedule Task Start Finish Functional Requirements Document
09/12/13 11/25/13 High level Design Document 12/17/13 04/09/14 Software Design Document 01/17/13 05/20/14 Preliminary Design Review 03/27/14 Critical Design Review 05/21/14 Software Development 05/05/14 12/19/14 Initial Software Demonstration 08/27/14 DAC Delivery 11/01/14 12/31/14 Final Software Demonstration 12/17/14 Software Integration Testing (SWIT) 12/22/14 02/19/15 Software Acceptance Testing (SAT) 03/10/15 03/15/15 Alpha Testing 03/16/15 04/28/15 Operational Test and Evaluation 04/20/15 07/24/15 Deployment Readiness Review 07/27/15 07/28/15 Deployment 08/05/15 09/16/15

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