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The Participant as an Individual: PHYSIQUE

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1 The Participant as an Individual: PHYSIQUE
GCSE PE Year 10 The Participant as an Individual: PHYSIQUE

2 AIMS: Consider the link between body type and somatotype.
Consider the three types of extreme somatotype that exists. Consider the most suitable body type for a role or position in a particular sport.

3 KEY TERMS!! BODY COMPOSITION: the percentage of body weight that is fat, muscle and bone. MUSCULATURE: the system or arrangement of muscles on a body. SOMATOTYPE: different body types based on shape, most commonly endomorph, mesomorph and ectomorph. TRUNK: the middle part of your body (midsection).


5 PHYSIQUE Physique is very closely linked to body type and is another one of those factors that an individual has very little control over – your basic physique is something you are born with which develops naturally. You may be able to influence your body composition and musculature but your height and general body shape are preordained.

6 BODY TYPES Your somatotype may well mean that your are particularly suited to a specific sport or some activities are more difficult, with less chance of success. The classification of extreme body types were first identified by Sheldon.

7 ENDOMORPH Wide hips and narrow shoulder (pear shaped)
A lot of fat on the body A lot of fat on the upper arms and thighs Quite slim wrists and ankles Find it difficult to run Seen in in Scrum players in Rugby

8 MESOMORPH Broad shoulders, narrow hips (wedge shaped) Large Head
Muscular body Strong forearms and thighs Very little body fat Excel in strength, agility and speed sports

9 ECTOMORPH Narrow shoulders and hips Thin face, high forehead
Thin narrow chest and abdomen Thin legs and arms Very little muscle or fat Succeed at endurance events and gymnastics



12 BODY TYPE AND SPORT In most sports it is possible to take part whatever your somatotype is. No account of height is made in the somatotype table!!! A tall ectomorph would be very suited to the high jump and a weightlifter would need to be predominantly a mesomorph. Most games players would not fit into any of the 3 extremes!!

13 TASK: In your books!!! Choose a sporting activity of your choice.
Decide if your sporting activity would attract a particular physique. Write down why that physique would be an advantage for your chosen sport.

14 Plenary and Review What are the 3 somatotypes?
How would you describe a Endomorph? How would you describe an Mesomorph? How would you describe an Ectomorph? What health risks do any of the 3 body types face?


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