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Kiwanis Risk Management May 15, 2014 YOU ARE COVERED Kiwanis International has a program of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance for Kiwanians. 1.

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1 Kiwanis Risk Management May 15, 2014 YOU ARE COVERED Kiwanis International has a program of Comprehensive General Liability Insurance for Kiwanians. 1

2 Kiwanis Risk Management All insured's are automatically covered, and no action on your part is required. Club Resource Insurance Guide is available Review of Guide 2

3 Named insured 3 Kiwanis International and its owned, controlled, subsidiary or affiliated organizations now or hereafter constituted including; Kiwanis ClubsKiwanis Districts Kiwanis DivisionsKiwanis Club Foundations Kiwanis District FoundationsKiwanis International Foundation Kiwanis Societies* Key Leader Kiwanis Club Endowment Funds*Key Clubs Circle K ClubsBuilders Clubs Aktion ClubsK Kids Key Club Alumni Association Circle K International Alumni Association Additional Insureds: Club Members Volunteers *Applicable to Canada

4 The program 4 Commercial General Liability – (Bodily Injury, Personal Injury & Advertising Injury and Property Damage) Each Occurrence LimitUS$2,000,000 General AggregateUS$2,000,000* *NOTE : General Aggregate applies per District! Products/Completed OperationsUS$2,000,000 Personal/Advertising InjuryUS$2,000,000 Non-Owned & Hired Auto LiabilityUS$1,000,000 Subject to Policy AggregateUS$3,000,000 Fire Damage (Any One Fire)US$500,000 Sexual Misconduct Liability (Each Victim/Aggregate Limit)US$2,000,000 Medical Payments: 3 rd Party/Members/VolunteersUS$5,000

5 The program 5 Commercial Excess Liability – Excess of Underlying Primary Insurance: Each Occurrence LimitUS$34,000,000 Policy Aggregate LimitUS$34,000,000* *NOTE : Limits apply per District! Self-Insured RetentionUS$10,000 Includes: Premises/Operations, Products/Completed Operations, Independent Contractors Liability, Non-Owned & Hired Auto Liability Care, custody, and control of vehicles in parking lot fundraisers is covered. Note however, that valet parking is excluded!

6 Kiwanis Risk Management LIMIT OF LIABILITY $2 million combined single limit per occurrence of bodily injury and property damage regardless of the number of insured's under the policy. 6

7 Liquor 7 Liquor Liability Coverage Applies to sale of alcohol when: Cost of beverage is included in ticket price of the event. Tickets are sold that can be exchanged for a drink at the bar. Have sign stating US$4.00 “donation” per drink. Cash bar Note: Limits do not apply per district! Coverage would not apply if the local jurisdiction requires a liquor license/permit and none is in force!

8 Aircraft/balloons/parachutes/ultra lights Motorized racing/stunting events Bungee and Velcro jumping Watercraft: Owned/non-owned OVER 50’ Asbestos & lead related liability Pending & prior litigation Medical payments for athletic participants Policy exclusions 8

9 Care, custody & control – property Pollution liability Employment practices liability Cross suits exclusion Professional liability exclusion Terrorism exclusion Policy exclusions 9


11 Kiwanis Risk Management Directors and officers liability insurance HOW TO REPORT A LIABILITY CLAIM Sample Hold-Harmless Agreements 11

12 Optional Coverages 12 Director’s and Officer’s Liability Insurance Current Program

13 Directors & Officers 13 Covers directors, officers, employees, staff, members, committee chairs, volunteers Covers employment related matters (EPL) Full prior acts coverage Pays defense in addition to Policy Limits Insurer has “duty to defend” vs. indemnify Defense costs paid on current basis

14 Directors & Officers 14 Includes “Entity” Coverage Non-cancelable by the insurer (except non-pay) Foundations covered at no additional cost $1,000,000 limit with $0 retentions $800-1,200 on average annual premium Application required- New Only 2 year policy with annual installments

15 What does it cover? 15 Failure to act Mismanagement of funds Conflict of interest Bad faith Acting beyond authority granted in bylaws Failure to enforce bylaws

16 Canadian Coverage 16 Directors & Officers coverage is available in Canada. Premium must be paid in Canadian dollars, and limits and deductibles will apply in Canadian dollars. For program details contact: Rhodes & Williams Limited 1050 Morrison Drive, 3rd Floor Ottawa Ontario K2H 8K7 CANADA +1-888-391-8379, ext. 249

17 Kiwanis Risk Management Keep an eye toward safety to avoid accidents and reduce liability. Some activities inherently involve some risk, while with others, the risks aren’t as obvious. If you are the safety coordinator for a club or district, there’s a lot to know about risk management: what is covered by insurance and what is excluded, what activities beg a waiver, and how to report a claim if an accident does occur. Use these tools to educate yourself and other club leadership on how to financially protect your club and physically protect members and participants. 17

18 Safety Coordinator Needed? 18

19 A Safety Coordinator in every club A District Risk Manager in each District Be involved, not just sponsoring! Minimize high hazard activities! Use the Club Insurance Resource Guide! General Liability Issues 19

20 Kiwanis Risk Management As a district we are doing reasonable well 1 in 50 clubs have made a claim in our district 20

21 Losses 21 CLAIMS FREQUENCY BY TYPE 11/88 TO 05/13

22 Losses 22 CLAIMS COST BY TYPE 11/88 TO 5/13

23 Losses 23 LIABILITY LOSSES – FREQUENCY 11/1/88 TO 11/1/2013 (As of 5/13)

24 DON’T offer others coverage under the Kiwanis Insurance Program!!! Protect the program as if it were your own business or personal Insurance! When in doubt, Call Hylant at (800) 678-0361 General Liability Issues 24

25 What does it cover? 25 Employment practices liability Sexual harassment Unfair employment practices Wrongful termination Discrimination Violation of state/provincial and federal laws (antitrust, Internal Revenue Code, EEOC)

26 Where to find information? 26 Member Resources/Club Leader Tools Risk Management (link, right hand side of the page)

27 Risk Manager for EC&C  Bron Vasic –  613 809 0358  QUESTIONS 27

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