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Ghost Hauntings Elizabeth Hyde.

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1 Ghost Hauntings Elizabeth Hyde

2 Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Haunting Locations Waverly Hills Sanatorium Alcatraz

3 Waverly Hills Sanatorium
Opened in 1926 as a treatment hospital for tuberculosis. “Tuberculosis was an epidemic that was killed roughly 63,000 people.” Doctors believed rest and plenty of fresh air and sunshine was the best way to treat this disease. Waverly closed in 1961 after a cure was developed. Waverly Photos by Elizabeth Hyde Waverly Pictures by Elizabeth Hyde

4 Room 502 There are more stories besides patients dying from tuberculosis. “In 1932, a nurse at the facility by the name of Mary Hillenberg got pregnant out of wedlock by a doctor in the hospital. She was later found hanging from a noose in room 502 on the fifth floor.” Waverly Photos by Elizabeth Hyde

5 The man in the white coat
Rumor has it that “The man in the white coat” walks around the halls near the surgery room. “This man contracted the disease. Surgery was performed where several ribs were removed so his lungs could heal. Unfortunately, he died during surgery.” Since his death he has been seen many times. The Halls of Waverly Waverly Photos by Elizabeth Hyde

6 Timmy’s Red Ball “Timmy was a boy who died at Waverly. When he was alive he would always bounce his red ball in the hallways.” After his death many people, including security personnel, have reported “seeing a red ball rolling down the hallway.” Waverly Photos by Elizabeth Hyde

7 The Infamous Tunnel Standing At The Top Standing At The Bottom This is the chute where dead bodies were thrown. This was the easiest and most discrete way to dispose of the bodies (since there was a death almost every hour). Waverly Photos by Elizabeth Hyde

8 This Sanatorium is located off Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky
Patients Rooms Waverly is now a very popular haunted house Patients were placed outside their rooms for the sunlight This Sanatorium is located off Dixie Highway in Louisville, Kentucky Tours are available Waverly Photos by Elizabeth Hyde

9 Alcatraz Alcatraz Prison is located in San Francisco Bay.
It was used by the army for defense but was quickly turned into a detention center. When people were arrested during the Civil War they were housed in Alcatraz Penitentiary.

10 Maximum Security Penitentiary
The Federal Bureau of Prisons obtained the prison in 1934. “The former military detention center became America’s first maximum security penitentiary. It was specifically designed to house the most horrendous prisoners that other federal prisons could not detain.” Its isolated location made it ideal for the exile of hardened criminals.

11 Inside Alcatraz “Alcatraz is very active with literally hundreds of paranormal happenings occurring every night. From screams to slamming of doors. Some say you can still hear the sound of Al Capone`s banjo at night.” They also report hearing the sound of feet running through the corridors.

12 Cell 14D Cell 14D was used as a punishment cell. It was very cold all the time. In 1940 an inmate was placed in cell 14D and immediately started to scream. Going on and on about something with glowing eyes was attacking him. When morning came the inmate was found dead in his cell with a horrified look on his face.

13 So who wants to take an overnight tour at either Waverly Hills Sanatorium or Alcatraz?

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