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Chapter 15 Page 103,109-114 Worksheets.

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1 Chapter 15 Page 103, Worksheets

2 Page 103 Time Line Activity 15
Asia And Africa The Plague is carried to Alexandria Egypt The Plague Moves to Libya and Damascus The Plague reaches Makkah The Plague erupts in China 1345 1346 1347 1348 1349 1351 1353 1355 Europe The Plague Appears in Caffa The Plague appears in Sicily The Plague reaches Pisa The Plague spreads through France & Germany The Plague Reaches Eastern Europe

3 Page 109-110 World Literature Reading 15
1. Why did the husband tell his wife to take the pot off the fire? He wanted to teach her that he was in charge of the family and that no matter how silly his commands were, she had to obey them. 2. What 3 places did the husband want his wife to put the pot? 1st he told her to take it off the fire. Next he told her to put it behind the door. Last, he wanted her to put it on top of the hen-roost.

4 Page 109-110 World Literature Reading 15
3. What did the wife do when her husband said the pot was exactly where he wanted it? She poured the stew on his head and said that now the stew was where she wanted it. 4. Critical Thinking Explain the moral of the story. The Moral of the story is that a husband should not make unreasonable requests to his wife, because if he does, she may turn against him.


6 Page 111-112 Primary Source Reading 15
1. What things, according to Saint Francis, bring true gladness? Patience and not being disturbed by suffering bring true Gladness. 2. What is Saint Francis condition when he knocks on the gate? When Saint Francis Knocks at the gate, He is cold, covered in ice, and bloody.

7 Page 111-112 Primary Source Reading 15
3. Who refuses to let Saint Francis in? A Friar refuses to let Saint Francis in. 4. Critical Thinking What conclusion can you draw about Saint Francis from his definition of perfect gladness? We should reflect on the simplicity of his answer and the simplicity his life. Great things do not bring happiness – only simple patience and peace can do that.


9 Page 113 Take-Home Review Activity 15
1. Under the Feudal System, the land was worked by _________________ C. Serfs.

10 Page 114 Take-Home Review Activity 15
C.E. 800 Feudalism begins in Europe 1050 Most people in Western Europe are Catholic 1095 Pope Urban calls the first Crusade 1100 Flanders and Italy exchange goods 1200 Guilds are widespread in Europe 1215 King John forced to sign the Magna Carta 1240 Mongols swept into the Kievan Rus 1346 The Black Death arrives in Europe

11 Page 114 Take-Home Review Activity 15
1. Did the Pope Urban call the first Crusade before or after Feudalism began? After. The first crusade was called in 1095 C.E. and feudalism began in 800 C.E.. 2. Were guilds widespread when feudalism began? No. Feudalism began in 800 C.E. and guild became widespread in 1200 C.E.. 3.In what year did Europe’s economy and society begin to change due to the plague? In 1346

12 Page 114 Take-Home Review Activity 15
4. Did Flanders and Italy begin to exchange goods due to King John signing the Magna Carta? Explain. No. King John signed the Magna Carta in 1215, long after Flanders and Italy were exchanging goods in 1100. 5. How many years passed between the time Mongols swept into Kievan Rus and the arrival of the Black Death in Europe? 106 Years ( =106)


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