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Richard F. Allen Commissioner Bob Riley Governor

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1 Richard F. Allen Commissioner Bob Riley Governor “Reentry Initiatives in Alabama for Previously Incarcerated Persons (PIPS)” Presented by: Elana M. Parker, M.Ed., M.L.A.P. Reentry Coordinator/Public Health Liaison AL Dept. of Corrections / AL Dept. of Public Health

2 Goals of Reentry for PIPS:
Decrease the overall prison recidivism rates and overcrowding Promote public safety for the general community Reunite parents and children Decrease public health and social disparities within the offender populations Offer referral linkages to inmates and ex-offenders transitioning back into the community

3 2007 Initial Reentry Efforts
Institutional Assessments – Institutional Meetings with the Warden and Designated Staff Members Reentry Questionnaires and Assessments with Institutional Wardens, Work Release Wardens, Substance Abuse Counselors, Chaplains, Job Placement Officers, SRP Sergeants, Outside Volunteers and Inmates Collected data on currently existing pre release programs, transitional services, outside programs and reentry services

4 2007 Initial Reentry Efforts cont.
State Agency Assessments Met with 18 Federal and State Government Agencies Identified agency services, programs and eligibility criteria Interest and willingness to support reentry efforts Process for accessing services at regional offices Established Memorandums of Agreement Statewide roster of regional offices and contact persons

5 2007 Initial Reentry Efforts cont.
Community and Faith Based Organizations Met with a multitude of statewide community agencies and faith based groups Identified primary and secondary services offered Assessment of knowledge around correctional operations and in-prison programs Identified barriers and challenges between Corrections and the Community Brainstormed solutions for “Bridging the Gap”

6 Nontraditional PIP factors contributing to overcrowding
Preexisting felony warrants and/or misdemeanor detainers Parolees – unsatisfactory home and job plans No home plan submitted Technical Parole Violators Linkages to external community resources

7 Currently Existing Reentry Efforts within the Department
Supervised Reentry Program (SRP) Sponsors, Job Search Assistance and Social Services Institutional Pre Release Programs Monthly Classes Work Release Programs and Community Work Centers Limestone Pre Release Program (120 day program) Therapeutic Community Programs (behavior modification) Substance Abuse Programs Crime Bill, 8 Week SAP, Relapse Prevention and Aftercare Programs

8 Some Identified Needs of PIPS
Primary and Essential Needs: Food, Clothing, Shelter, Transportation, Release Documentation (prior to and after release) Secondary Needs: Reporting, Obtaining Personal Identification, Felony Identification Card, Drivers License, Job Assistance, Family Reintegration Tertiary Needs: Drug Treatment Services, Mental Health, Spiritual Mentoring, Therapeutic Counseling, Social Support

9 2008 Reentry Initiatives “What are we doing now?”

10 Reentry Program Implementation **Identified Staff**
Institutional Designee’s = 30 Major Institutions Work Release Centers and Community Work Centers Classification, Treatment, Chaplaincy and Support Staff Reentry Duties: Institutional Pre Release Program Halfway House and Agency Applications Transitional Case Management Linkages to State, Community and Faith Based Organizations

11 DOC Reentry Model Phase Description 1
Identification, Screening, Assessment and Orientation 2 Pre Release Program Implementation Client and Community Education Modules Transitional Case Management and Reentry Linkages 3 Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation

12 Identification, Screening, Assessment and Orientation
Reentry - Phase One Identification, Screening, Assessment and Orientation Target Group: Inmates who are within days of release (End of Sentence, Parole Candidates, Split Sentence Probationers and SRP Candidates) **Estimated releases monthly**

13 Reentry - Phase Two **Institutional Pre Release Programs**
Two Week Program – Monthly Mandatory participation for all inmates** Transitional Case Management Services Community Resource Referrals and Linkages NCIC Background Checks Assistance with Personal Identification Life Skills and Enrichment

14 Reentry - Phase Two **Institutional Pre Release Programs**
Reentry Modules Description Module 1: Addiction and Recovery Understanding the Relapse Process 12 Phases and Warning Signs of Relapse Post Acute Withdrawals Statewide Roster of AA/NA Meetings Twelve Step / Secular Sponsorship and Support Accessing Drug Treatment, Halfway Houses and Aftercare/Continuing Care, and IOP Services Module 2: Job, Career, Social and Character Building Skills Self Directed Job Search and Career Planning Communication Skills Financial Management Skills Module 3: Faith, Communication and Character Building and Social Skills Faith Based Resources and Community Linkages Spiritual Enrichment and Mentoring Communication and Relationship Skills

15 Institutional Pre Release Program cont.
Reentry Modules Description Module 4: Health Education Screenings and Community Referrals Medical Discharge Summary Sheet County Health Departments Mental Health Clinics and Rural Health Clinics Federally Qualified Health Center Module 5: Family Reintegration and Support Connecting Families to Services Family Resource Centers / Parenting Assistance Line Reentry Aftercare Group Module 6: Law Enforcement Process Release ID Card and C80-Release Papers Exit / Release Packet - Parole Papers, Bus Ticket, ID Verification, Clothing Background Checks and Verbal Dissemination of Information

16 Phase 3 **Quality Assurance and Program Evaluation**
Process, Outcome and Impact Monitoring Institutional Services Community Tracking Assessment of Field Services Long Term Reporting

17 Collaborative Partnerships for Prisoner Reentry

18 Collaborative Partnerships for Prisoner Reentry
Agency Service Provided Alabama Dept. of Economic and Community Affairs Faith Based Resources – Home and Job Assistance Workforce Development Initiatives AL Dept. of Public Health Preventative Health Education Information, Birth Certificates, and Referral Linkages to County Health Departments, Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers AL Dept. of Post Secondary Education Adult Literacy and GED Programs AL Dept. of Public Safety Drivers Licenses and Personal Identification Cards and Reinstatements Social Security Administration Social Security Card, Pre Existing Benefits and Entitlement Programs

19 Collaborative Partnerships for Prisoner Reentry
Agency Service Provided AL Board of Pardons and Parole Institutional Pre Release Programs, monitoring, supervision and community linkages AL Dept. of Human Resources Locating noncustodial parents Child Support Payments and Child Welfare Programs Termination of Parental Rights Reentry Video for New Arrivals AL Dept. of Rehabilitation Services Social Services and Job Placement Assistance for Persons with Disabilities (Ages with a primary medical or mental health diagnosis) AL Dept. of Corrections Pre Release Planning, Transitional Services, Drug Treatment, Mental Health Services and Supervised Reentry Program

20 Collaborative Partnerships for Prisoner Reentry
Agencies Medicaid Department of Senior Services Department of Veterans Affairs Department of Children’s Affairs Department of Industrial Relations

21 Collaborative Partnerships for Prisoner Reentry
**Department of Mental Health/Mental Retardation** Statewide Transitional Programs Certified vs. Non-certified Halfway Houses Residential Rehabilitation Programs and Group Homes Substance Abuse and Mental Health Facilities

22 Community and Faith Based Partnerships for Prisoner Reentry
Aletheia House The Dannon Project The Village Good News From Above Elijah House West Park Recover Center Renaissance House Assistance in Recovery Prison Fellowship Ministries Crossover Ministry Dauphin Way Lodge The Foundry His Place The Lovelady Center Rapha House The Bridge The Neighborhood House/BUILD Serenity Care The Center of Hope House of Hope The Promises The WINNERS Aid to Inmate Moms Discovery Outreach New Life Center for Women Newbirth Outreach Ministries Faith Rescue Mission The Firehouse Shelter The HAVEN The Fellowship Houses (3) New Beginnings Foundation Salvation Army Emma’s Harvest Home Path To Success Dothan Rescue Mission Center for Extended Families

23 Community Awareness and Public Information
Governors Task Force Mtg.’s Community Advisory Board Mtg.’s Interagency Reentry Video Tapings Interdepartmental Media Releases Web Site and Departmental Newsletters Statewide Conferences Departmental Cross Trainings and Staff Meetings Word of Mouth Family Call In’s Inmate Grapevine

24 Upcoming Initiatives “Discharge Planning A-Z” Training – Sponsored by: NMAC – March 27, 2008 State Agency and Community Resource Training April 3, 10, 17, 2008 Halfway Houses and Transitional Programs – Panel Discussion – April 17, 2008 Reentry and Transitional Services for Work Release Centers – April 24, 2008

25 Upcoming Initiatives cont.
Monthly Reentry Newsletter – Institutional Staff and Inmates Reentry Link on Department Web Site Proposed Reentry Staff Positions Quarterly Meeting Updates Pilot Project – Reentry Referrals Program Implementation and Kick Off – May ‘08

26 Questions and Answers My Contact Information: Elana M. Parker, M.Ed., M.L.A.P Reentry Coordinator/Public Health Liaison Alabama Department of Corrections and Alabama Department of Public Health Office #: (334)

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